Awesome But Underused Boys Names From the Old Testament

Hello readers! Recently I've been writing about baby names from the Bible, specifically ones in the SSA's top 1000 list.These are all great names but there are some other amazing finds in the Bible that are often overlooked. That's why today's article is about biblical boys names outside of the top 1000. There are countless names that meet that criteria so I'm just going to share with you some of my favorites. So whether you are blessed with the opportunity to bestow a name and looking for one that's "off the beaten path" or you're just curious, here's an article I hope you'll enjoy!

Awesome But Underused Boys Names from the Old Testament:

  • Othniel
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "lion of God"
    • Biblical reference: Judges 3:7-11 and others
This is an awesome sounding name with an even better meaning! Othniel was the first Judge of Israel and a worthy namesake. Nickname possibilities would be Ottie, Otto, or Niel.

  • Ehud
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "unity"
    • Biblical reference: Judges 3:12-31 and others
Ehud was another Judge who saved Israel. His story is kind of gory but I still think it's a great name. I love the meaning of "unity". Possible nicknames include Ed, Eddie, or Hud.
  • Boaz
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "strength"
    • Biblical reference: Ruth 2-4 and others
Boaz is one of the best men in the Bible, a type of Christ as the kinsman redeemer. The meaning is great as well and it comes with the cute nickname Bo.

  • Eliakim
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "God will raise up"
    • Biblical reference: Isaiah 22:20 and others
There was more than one biblical man who possessed this usual but awesome name. It's long and maybe a bit confusing but I still think it's usable, especially with the more familiar nickname Eli.

  • Eliab
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "God is my father" 
    • Biblical reference: Numbers 7:24 and others
I think this is a short-but-sweet has a great sound and meaning. There's more than one Eliab in the Bible and Eli is a potential nickname. 

  • Micaiah
    • Language: Hebrew
    • Meaning: "who is like the Lord?"
    • Biblical reference: 1 Kings 22:8-28 and others
Micaiah is one of my favorite names and related to the name Michael. The meaning is great and there are some great potential nicknames (Mike, Micah, Cai). The story of Micaiah the prophet in 1 Kings 22 is absolutely fantastic! I love his bold answer that he will say what the Lord tells him to say!

  • Phinehas
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning:"oracle"
    • Biblical reference: Numbers 25:11 and others
Phinehas was the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron and he was passionate for God. Phinehas also comes with the attractive nickname Fin/Finn/Phin.

  • Elihu
    • Language: Hebrew
    • Meaning: "God is the Lord"
    • Biblical reference: Job 32:6 and others
This name is worth reviving. It was a great sound and meaning. The Elihu in the book of Job was a man who was young but wise.

  • Hosea
    • Language: Hebrew
    • Meaning: "salvation"
    • Biblical reference: book of Hosea
Hosea is a dedicated prophet of the Lord who set a wonderful example of redeeming love. Hosea is uncommon but similar sounding Jose is so it might not be too difficult for people understand.
  • Benaiah
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "son of the Lord"
    • Biblical reference: 1 Chronicles 11:22 and others
Benaiah was one of David's mighty men who preformed great exploits. Although Benaiah might sound unfamiliar, it comes with the familiar nickname Ben. 

  • Amram
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "exalted nation"
    • Biblical reference: Numbers 26:59 and others
Amram was the father of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. Similar sounding Abram and Abraham are in the top 1000 so Amram isn't too far out there. Ram would make a strong-sounding nickname.

  • Eleazar
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "God helps"
    • Biblical reference: Numbers 3:32 and others
Eleazar was the son of Aaron who became high priest after him. Another biblical spelling is Eliezer. They're used seperately in scripture. Nickname Elie (pronounced like Ellie) might seem out of place on a boy since it's so popular for girls but Eli is also an option.

  • Reuel
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "friend of God"
    • Biblical reference: Exodus 2:20 and others
Can you really ask for a better meaning than 'friend of God'? There's more than one Reuel in the Bible but the most notable one is Moses's father-in-law (also known as Jethro). Reuel has a cool sound and Reu is an attractive nickname.

  • Elkanah
    • Language: Hebrew
    • Meaning: "God has created"
    • Biblical reference: 1 Samuel 1:1 and others
Elkanah is a fantastic choice. In the Bible he was a faithful man and the father of the prophet Samuel. The meaning that "God has created" is an important truth that makes an appropriate meaning for any child. Eli is a possible nickname as well as the more daring choices of Elk or Elkan.
  • Obed
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "servant" or "worshiper"
    • Biblical reference: Ruth 4:22 and others.
Obed was the son of Ruth and Boaz and the grandfather of King David. The meaning is great and Obed has a different but appealing sound! Obie is a cute possible nickname.
  • Zadok
    • Language:Hebrew
    • Meaning: "righteous"
    • Biblical reference: 1 Chronicles 12:28 and others
 Zadok is a cool and edgy name with an appealing sound and a great meaning. Zadok was a priest in the early period of Israel's kingdom.  Zadok is great on it's own but Zak is a possible nickname.

Biblical boys names have a solid foothold in the American naming culture. These particular names haven't reached the pinnacle of popularity yet but maybe they'll be getting some of the attention they deserve soon! There are always people looking for naming ideas beyond the norm.

Which names do you like? Do you have any Bible favorites that you think are underused? Did you use an unusual Bible name? Is there one that you love but can't picture using?  Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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