Awesome but Underused Girls Names In the Bible

Hello readers!  There are plenty of uncommon Biblical name choices for boys, but finding uncommon choices for girls is harder. There are less women mentioned by name in the Bible and most of the fantastic biblical girl's names are widely used. I dug and searched and was able to come up with what I think are 15 usable choices that are not in the top 1000 for 2013.

Awesome but Underused Girls Names In the Bible

    Language: Hebrew 
    Meaning: "lily" 
    Biblical reference: Luke 8:2,3

    Susanna is a very familiar name so it might come as a surprise that it's not in the top 1000. If you're looking for a name that's not "out there" but not overused, Susanna might be a good fit. Normally, I like to stick to the spelling found in the Bible but for this name, the spelling Susannah is my favorite. The Biblical Susanna was one of the women who helped to support Jesus during his earthly ministry.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "inheritance"
    Biblical reference: 2 Kings 15:33, 2 Chronicles 27:1
    Jerusha isn't entirely unheard of but it's not heard often. The Jerusha in the Bible was the mother of Jotham, on of the kings of Judah. There's not much else known about her. Rue could be a cute nickname for Jerusha.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "abundant"
    Biblical reference: 1 Samuel 14:49
    Merab is the name of Saul's older daughter. Beyond that, not much is known about her other than her tragedy as a mother (her sons were executed to pay a debt to a group of people her father had wronged). The sadness of Merab's life might make one reluctant to use this name but I think it's still usable. I like its pleasant sound and meaning.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "incense"
    Biblical reference: Genesis 25:1
    This beautiful name belonged to the woman Abraham married after Sarah died. Keturah has a lovely sound and begins with the attractive letter K. I can see it gaining popularity in the future. Ketty is one possible nickname for Keturah.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "bird"
    Biblical reference: Exodus 2:21 and others
    Zipporah is truly an underused gem. In the Bible she was the wife of Moses and the daughter of Jethro. Zipporah is an energetic-sounding name with a sweet meaning. I think Zippy is an adorable nickname but if that's not your style, there's Z or Zia.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "brother of pleasentness" or "pleasent"
    Biblical reference: 1 Samuel 14:50, 1 Samuel 25:43
    There were two women named Ahinoam in the Bible. One was the wife of Saul and the other was one of David's wives. The brother aspect to the meaning surprised me but it is a female's name in the Bible. I really like the sound of Ahinoam and the implication of 'pleasant' is appealing as well. Noa would make a sweet nickname.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "cassia tree"
    Biblical reference: Job 42:14

    This is another name that I could see rising in popularity. The K beginning, the "iah" ending, and the z in the middle give this name a powerfully trendy sound. If you're looking for a name with a fashionable sound that's not made up and actually has some history behind it, Keziah could be for you. Keziah was one of Job's esteemed daughters.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "pledged to God"
    Biblical reference: Exodus 6:23
    Elisheba is a related name to Elizabeth but occurs separately from it in the Bible. Elisheba is Aaron's wife. An alternative spelling is Elisheva. With Elisheba you still get the attractive nicknames Ellie or Elisha without the top-ten-popularity of Elizabeth.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "rest" or possibly "movement"
    Biblical reference: Numbers 26:33, 27:1, 36:11 and others
    Now if you've read my previous naming posts, you know that I'm not a fan of gender-bending biblical guys names to make them into girls names. The reason I approve of Noah on a girl is because there is a female Noah in the Bible. She and her sisters boldly asked Moses that they be given their father's inheritance since he died with no sons. The Lord agreed with them and made a new law that a man's daughters could inherit if he didn't have sons. If you're looking for a cool name for your daughter that can be for a boy or a girl, try Noah. Just keep in mind that Noah is #1 on the boys list right now.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "delight"
    Biblical reference: 1 Kings 15:21, Numbers 26:33, 27:1, 36:11 and others

    Tirzah is a biblical place name but is also a woman's name. Tirzah was one of Noah's sisters who petitioned to be given their father's inheritance. Tirzah is  pretty and exotic and "delight" is a wonderful meaning for a girl's name.

    Language: Greek
    Meaning: disputed. possibly: "gentle", "girl", or "dominant woman"
    Biblical reference: Acts 17:34
    Damaris was a woman who heard the apostle Paul speak to the crowd about God in Athens and believed. This underused beauty is an attractive choice with an appealing sound. Mari would make a cute nickname for Damaris.

    Language: Greek
    Meaning: rose
    Biblical reference: Acts

    This gorgeous but underused name belonged to a servant girl in the home of Mary the mother of Mark. Rhoda has an attractive sound and "rose" is an absolutely beautiful meaning. Rhoda is a familiar name but not widely used today so it still makes quite the impression.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "The Lord is glory"
    Biblical reference: Exodus 6:20, Numbers 26:59
    Jochebed was the mother of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam. The name Jochebed may sound a little clunky but I think it's still useable. The meaning "the Lord is glory" is a fantastic meaning and Jochebed is a great example of strength as a mother. If you'd prefer a softer-sounding version, there's alternate spelling Yoheved. Jo would make an adorable nickname for Jochebed.

    Language: Hebrew
    Meaning: "mountain goat"
    Biblical reference: Judges 4:17-5:24
    The biblical Jael was a woman of strength and courage so to me this name conveys strength and courage. A drawback to using Jael for your little girl is although she did a mighty thing for the Lord, it was pretty gory. Another drawback is if you pronounce this name with just one syllable, it sounds like "jail". Two-syllable "jay-EL" sounds much prettier. Even keeping those things in mind, Jael could still be usable if it's your style.

                                                                     Language: Hebrew
                                                          Meaning: "My father is the dew"

                                           Biblical reference: 2 Samuel 3:4, 1 Chronicles 3:3

    Are you looking for a similar name to the lovely but incredibly popular Abigail? Abital might be what you're looking  for. Like Abigail, the biblical Abital was one of David's wives. Abital has an interesting meaning of "my father is the dew". I could see this being an appealing meaning for someone who really enjoys the rain. With Abital, you get the cute nickname Abi or Abby without the ultra-popularity of Abigail. Another cute nickname would be Tally.

    An uncommon biblical girls name can be hard to find! Some of these might have seemed "out there" to you but I hope some of them had an appeal. If you did like one of the less familiar names, I hope you use it if you get a chance! I'd love to see some more variety in the biblical girls names that are being used!

    Thanks so much for reading! If you missed my other underused name blogs, you can find the one about boys names from the OT here, and the one about boys names in the NT here. For the biblical boys names in the top 1000, you can click here. For the girls names in the top 1000, you can click here.

    Do any of the names on this list appeal to you? Did you use one for your daughter? What biblical names would you like to see get more attention? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. I love these names! Visiting from Great Ideas Thursday.

    2. I have 12 children and I just realized that all the names I've chosen to name my children have some kind of Hebrew relation....Hmmm

    3. I love names and meaning, so as soon as I saw your post on Faith Filled Fridays, I had to come visit! These are all lovely choices, and I love the nicknames you picked out too. My youngest is named Noemi, which is the Latin form of Naomi meaning my delight, and pleasant.


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