Spiritual Word Names For Girls

Hello readers! In previous articles we've talked about virtue names for girls and virtue names for boys. Today we're talking about names with a similar theme. Spiritual word names are names that are words in English with spiritual undertones. Virtue names fall under this category but are more specific. If you're still confused about what I mean, it's ok. Keep reading and you'll catch on.

*Note: I'm not including flower or plant names, musical names, animal names or precious stone names, although some of them could certainly be considered spiritual word names. I'll save those for a future article. I'm also not including virtue names because I've already written about them.

Spiritual Word Names For Girls

In the Top 1000

  • Trinity
    • #108
The word trinity isn't found in the Bible but it's the word we use to explain God being Father, Son, and Holy Spirit but still one. Trinity has a melodious sound and makes a sweet name for a little girl.
  • Heaven
    • #327
Who doesn't dream of heaven? It's a beautiful name with beautiful meaning and sound but maybe a little much for a little girl to carry. Or maybe not. It all depends on your naming style.

  • Journey
    • #334 
Every one of us on a Christian journey. Journey as a name has an appealing sound and is rising in popularity. I think it would make a cute and meaningful name for a little girl.
  • Haven
    • #372
Haven is a beautiful name for a little girl with a pleasant feel. God is our protector, our safe haven so the name Haven brings a strong since of security.

  • Ember
    • #558
Ember is a cute name that's been gaining popularity. Embers are the end of a fire but they can be stirred up again into flame, much like our faith. Ember conjures up a picture of hope in my mind. 

  • River
    • #588
Water and rivers have played a big role in Bible. The Jordan river was probably the most important river in the Bible. It's where John the Baptist baptized his followers and Jesus himself. When speaking to the woman at the well, Jesus said, 'Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them."'. River is often used as a boys name but personally, I prefer it for girls.

Other Spiritual Word Names

  • Answer
Answer might seem strange as a name but I think it might be a great choice for baby-namers looking for an "off the beaten path" name. As Christians we seek our answers to life's questions from God so Answer gives off a calming, trusting vibe to me. Annie is a more familiar nickname that could be used for Answer.
  • Bliss
Bliss is a sweet, joyful name! Many parents consider adding a new child to their family a blissful moment so I can see why it would be fitting and appealing. As Christians we look forward to the bliss of heaven. It also has a cute, short-but-sweet sound.
  • Remember
Remember might not sound very name-like to some but it's one of my favorite word names. Many times in the Bible God calls his people to remember the wonderful things he's done for them in the past. Remembering God's goodness brings us hope. As far as Remember as a name, Mem and Ember make great nicknames.

        • Prayer
Prayer is an important spiritual discipline and it puts us in communication with God. Many people pray to have children and pray constantly for those children so I can see why the name Prayer might appeal to parents. Prayer has a lovely sound that fits in with many of today's trends (one syllable, ends in er). If Heaven can gain popularity, I think Prayer could too.

  • Promise
Promise is a less-common spiritual word name that I've actually heard used--- for both boys and girls (here in the United States too!). Personally, I think it sounds more like a girls name and a lovely one at that! What a beautiful reminder to have a name that refers to the abundance of reassuring promises our Lord has made to us!

  • Blessing
Blessing is another uncommon spiritual word name that I think could gain popularity. If names like Heaven and Nevaeh (heaven backwards) can be popular, so could blessing. Blessing has an appealing, happy sound and all children are blessings, which makes this name very fitting.

  • Sojourner 
Sojourner isn't a work we often use in English today but it's meaning is still powerful: visitor or someone on a journey. We are all sojourners or pilgrims here on earth. Related name Journey is in the top 1000 so I think Sojourner could gain some popularity or at least some recognition, especially since it's a name with more history.

When it comes to less commonly used word names, many people just love 'em or hate 'em. Personally, I really like most word names bu don't they don't always mesh well with my last name. Some have an affinity for uncommon word names but aren't bold enough to use them in the first name spot. What's great about these names is most of them work great in the middle name spot. 

 Are there an spiritual word names for girls that you would add to this list? Which were your favorites? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please let me know in the comments!

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