Virtue Names For Boys: Do They Really Exist?

Hello readers! In a previous article, we talked about virtue names for girls. There are some great picks out there for girls, but what about for boys? Obviously, virtue and high moral character are not just things that should be valued in girls but in our society very few virtue names are used for boys. Other naming cultures are different from ours in that respect. Last summer, my husband Michael and I had the privilege of visiting Lesotho where I met both a boy and a girl with the name Mercy. When they gave us names in their native language according to their custom, the name they chose for Michael was Tsepo, which means Hope. I know a boy named Hope, Faith, or Mercy would sound strange in our culture but are there any virtue names that could work for a modern American boy? In my opinion, there are a few usable choices so let's discuss them.

Virtue Names For Boys 

In the top 1000:

  • Justice
    • #475
The first of the two virtue names on the boys top 100 list is Justice. Justice is an important and strong virtue but as a name, I prefer the spelling Justus, which is found as a name in the Bible.

  • Sincere 
    • #617
Another virtue name in the top 1000 for 2013 is Sincere. Sincerity is an important virtue to be sure but I'm not a fan of the way Sincere sounds, especially since there don't seem to be any potential

  • Sage
    • #736
Sage is the final virtue name in the top 1000 for boys. Being sage or wise is an important virtue but Sage and its alternate spellings are much more common on girls these days.

Not in the top 1000

  • Noble
Noble is an upstanding name with a great sound. There are names similar Noble (such as Nolan) which are fairly popular and familiar so maybe Noble wouldn't shock the neighbors. I think Noble would make a great name for a little boy!

  • Brave
Brave is a short and sweet one-syllable name with a strong meaning and a super cool sound. What little boy wouldn't like to be called Brave? 

  • Bravery
Bravery is a longer version that sounds similar to the popular name Avery. While I don't see Bravery in the top 1000 anytime soon, I think it's totally usable. Brave or Bray could be cool nicknames for Bravery.

  • Courage
Along the same lines as Brave and Bravery, there's Courage. Courage is a name for the brave baby-namer (pun intended). Cory could be a great nickname for Courage.

  • Loyal
To be loyal to Christ is an important part of Christianity and I think Loyal is a option for a boy's name. Royal is on the top 1000 list so maybe Loyal is not too far out there.

  • Clement
Clement is one of my virtue names and it's also a Bible name. We don't often use the word clement very much but it means merciful. Mercy is such an important virtue and Clement has an awesome rustic sound that I think it would make a wonderful choice. Clem is a delightful nickname for Clement.

  • True
True is an awesome name for a little boy! It can be a nickname for Truett or Truman or it can stand on its own.

  • Strong
Strong is a well-used word so to some it doesn't sound like a name. I think it's kind of cool and edgy and I like the sound. I want my sons (and daughters) to be strong, especially spiritually strong. I think although as a name, Strong is very different, a little boy would appreciate having it as a name.

  • Revere
Revere is a cool virtue name that has had an important place in American history. To revere someone is to have great respect for them. Rev or Revy might be cute nicknames for Revere.

  • Valor
Valor is an old fashioned word for bravery with a very cool sound. The way it looks on paper doesn't appeal to me, though. Val could be a nickname for Valor but it's more common to see a girl called Val, short for Valerie.

  • Freedom
Freedom seems like more of a patriotic name to some but freedom in Christ is the most important kind of freedom. Freedom is a word we use often so to many it will sound too much like a word and not enough like a name but I still think it's a usable choice.

What about you? Do you like any virtue names for boys? Did you use one for your little boy? I'd be very interested to know if any of you used one of these names or if you know anyone with these names!  Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear from you!

Editor's note: This article was originally published in 2014, using the numbers from the 2013 SSA top 1000 list. It was edited in t 2015 to add pictures.

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