Virtue Names For Girls: Old Favorites and Fresh New Choices

Hello readers! I hope you've enjoyed some of the recent posts about Bible names, such as this one.  Today I'm writing about another one of my favorite categories of names: virtue names. There are several virtue names that are currently in the top 1000 but there are also some different choices out there for those looking for a more unique name. Virtue names fall under the broader category of "word names", names that by themselves are words in English. Specifically, virtue names are words that express a quality or value to aspire to. Virtue names are a great way to be in touch with the meaning of your name and they fit well in the first or middle name spot!

Virtue Names For Girls

In the top 1000

  • Grace
    • #22
Grace is a perennially popular virtue name with good reason. Who doesn't want (and need) grace in their life?  In addition to it's obviously beautiful meaning, Grace has a beautiful sound. Gracie is also in the top 1000 as is Gracelyn. I think Grace by itself simply perfect the way it is.

  • Serenity
    • #53
Serenity is a gorgeous flowing name that has made great gains in popularity since entering the top 1000 in 1997. I can see why Serenity is such an appealing name. Other than it's lovely sound, serenity is something that most parents (and people in general) are looking for in their lives.

  • Faith
    • #89
Faith is another long-enduring virtue name. It's short, sweet and meaningful. The only downside is there aren't many potential nicknames. Although, some might see that as a plus.

  • Harmony
    • #201
Some might consider Harmony mostly a musical name but since Harmony also refers to peace, it's also a virtue name. Harmony made steady gains in popularity, reaching its peak in 2012. In 2013 it went down about five points. I think Harmony is such a sweet, lovely virtue name that is worthy of more consideration.

  • Hope
    •  #233
Hope has never been as popular a name as Grace or Faith but has always had a fairly high place in the top 1000. It reached its peak in popularity in the late 90's and early 2000's and is now going down in the charts. Hope is a lovely choice for any girl and it's a quality that's vital to a Christian's life.

  • Sage
    • #457
Sage isn't always a name you'd normally think of when coming up with virtue names but someone who is sage is wise. Wisdom itself has gotten some attention as a name recently but I don't care for Wisdom as a name for boys or girls. Sophia, the number one name on the list, is a Greek word that means wisdom but since it's not an English word, it's not included on the list. If you're looking for an English word having to with wisdom, Sage is a great choice.

  • Joy
    • #475
Joy is such an adorable name! It's light and fun but it still ages well. It feels like it can fit a little girl and an older woman equally well. Joy is also an important part of a Christian's walk as well so I think it makes a great name for a little girl who will surely bring joy to the world.

  • Liberty
    • #531
Liberty is an old-fashioned word but it's one we still use here in America. Liberty feels like a patriotic name but true liberty is found only in Christ. Liberty with the nickname Libby is so lovely!

  • Felicity
    • #577
Felicity is a word that's not commonly used in our modern vocabulary but it's a synonym joy.  If you're looking for a slightly less common but equally joyful name, Felicity might be a good choice for you! Lissy is an adorable nickname for Felicity and other options include Flick and Fee.

  • Mercy
    • #854
I think Mercy is a very much underrated virtue name. Mercy has a beautiful sound and it's also an essential part of the Christian life. If you're looking for a great virtue name, be sure to consider Mercy. Also, Mercy would make a great counterpart to a sister named Grace.

  • Patience
    • #891
Patience has been used as a name for centuries. Maybe that's because it's something people have struggled with since the beginning of time. I think if you ask people what virtue they struggle with the most, many of them would say patience, making Patience kind of a weighty name for a child or even an adult. It might be a hard name to pull off.

  • Temperance
    • #892
Temperance is a virtue name that's only recently made the top 1000. This is an interesting choice for a virtue name. Many people mistakenly think it means abstaining from alcohol but the actual meaning of Temperance is moderation and it doesn't have to refer to alcohol. I find it intriguing that people have chosen this name for their daughters as it's not a value that our society is particularly fond of, whether it refers to alcohol or something else. As a name, Temperance seems a little clunky.

  • Charity
    • #995
Charity is a beautiful name that's falling out of fashion. Charity is the word that the King James Version uses in 1 Corinthians 13 and other passages for agape love, the love that God loves us with. Usually in our modern English when we talk about charity, we're referring to helping the poor. Helping the poor is a good thing to do but it doesn't necessarily encompass the entire idea of what charity (agape love) is. I think the main downside to this name would be the possibility of being called a "Charity case" or something to that effect.

Not in the top 1000

  • Peace
Peace as a name might sound strange but if you think about it, it's important Christian virtue (a fruit of the Spirit even) with a very comforting sound. It's short, sweet, and more straightforward than the popular Serenity. It might have a hippy-ish vibe but I think Peace could be a great choice for a little girl.

  • Honor 
Honor is a noble name for a little girl with a very chic sound. It's important for Christians to act honorably as well as to honor the Lord and others. I would love to meet a little girl named Honor! Honey would be a super-sweet nickname!

  • Fidelity
Fidelity is not a word that we use very often in our vocabulary today but fidelity means faithfulness. Fidelity to the Lord is an important quality for any Christian. If it fits your style, Dell would make a cute nickname.

  • Verity
Verity is another word that we don't use as much but it means truthfulness, another important quality in a Christian's life. Vera is a great name on its own but it would also make a cute nickname for Verity.

  • Humility
Humility is somewhat of a forgotten virtue in modern times, traded in for the modern "virtue" of pride. To some humility might seem negative but in regards to Christian virtues, humility is one of the highest. You need humility to experience many of the other virtues. As an American history reference, a passenger on the Mayflower was named Humility.

  • Jubilee
Jubilee is another word name that means joy or joyful celebration. The year of Jubilee in the Bible was a very special event that that happened every fifty years. Jubilee (joy) is an important Christian virtue to hold on to!

  • Truth
Truth is another important quality for a Christian life. I think Truth has potential as a name given its similar sound to Ruth. True would be a cute nickname.

  • True
True is a short-but-sweet name that I think could work for either a boy or a girl as either a nickname or a stand-alone name.

  • Honesty
To go along with Truth and True, there's Honesty. Honesty is an important virtue and has a lovely sound. This is another name you could use the nickname Honey for.

  • Sincerity
I'm not as fond of Sincerity as a name but Sincere is on the boys top 1000 list in the 600's so I thought I would include it. I believe that sincerity is an important quality for a Christian life but I'm not very fond of the sound.

  • Amity
Amity isn't a word that's used very often anymore but it means friendship or peaceful harmony. Amity has such a pleasant sound and makes me think of beautiful Christian fellowship.

  • Virtue
Well, I thought I would conclude with the all encompassing name Virtue. A dictionary definition of virtue is behavior showing high moral standards. That's a lofty calling to be sure! Virtue has a unique sound and could make a good choice for the bold baby-namer.
That's my list of virtue names for girls! God bless you and thanks for reading!

Which ones did you like? Did you use any of these names for one of your daughters? Are there any other virtue names you think should be on this list? Let me know in the comments!

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*Editor's Note: This article was originally published in 2014 so the popularity rankings are from the 2013 SSA top 1000 list. This article was edited in 2015 to add pictures.

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