Spiritual Word Names for Boys

Hello readers! We've talked about virtue names for girls, virtue names for boys, and spiritual word names for girls. Today, we're going to talk about spiritual word names for boys. Like I've said before, when it comes to uncommon or unfamiliar word names, most people either love 'em or hate 'em. Personally, I love 'em but I know they're not everyone's style. If you're looking for a name that can easily be connected to its meaning, this list might be for you.
Note: I'm not including any more virtue names, animal names, plant names, musical names, occupational names (except for King and Royal) or gem names. I'll address them in other articles.

Spiritual Word Names for Boys

In the Top 1000

  • Christian
    • #35
This is probably the most obvious spiritual name on the list. Although it wasn't the first thing they were called, Christian means Christ-follower. It's definitely a solid name and it's been popular for decades.
  • Victor
    • #142
Victor is another name that has been popular for a long time, so long in fact that it feels pretty dated to me. Not everyone shares that sentiment, though, given its place on the popularity chart. The reason Victor is on this list is because Christ is a victor---- conquering death (does "he arose a victor from the dark domain" sound familiar?) and we are all victorious through him.
  • King
    • #193
Using King as a first name is pretty too the point and may be off-putting to those who see it as arrogant. However, if you look at it as a tribute to Christ our king, it starts to have more appeal. It could be mistaken simply for a title, though when listing a full name (i.e. King Simon Miller). 
  • River
    • #372
Since it's arrival on the top 1000 list, River has always been much more popular for boys than for girls. Personally, I like it as a girls name. I don't like switching the gender of names but since River is a land-form, neither gender can make a definitive claim on it, in my opinion. The reason it's included on this list is because there are many important rivers in the Bible, most importantly the river of the water of life (Revelation 22:1).
  • Deacon
    • #441
Our English word Deacon comes from the Greek word diakonos, meaning "servant". In the church, deacons are those who take on a service role. Deacon has a great meaning and it fits in well with modern trends.

  • Blaze
    • #716
Blaze with this spelling can be an alternate spelling for Blaise, which means "stutter" but it can also be a word name meaning "fiercely burning fire". I love the imagery of our faith being like an intense fire! Blaze is a super cool name (hot?) name!

  • Clay
    • #722
In Isaiah 64:8, Isaiah describes God as a potter and people as clay. God created each of us and molds us into something useful, just like a potter would mold clay, Clay is a wonderful spiritual name that references the fact we are created and shaped by God.

  • Royal
    • #899
God is king over all creation! Since he is a king and we are his children, we can confidently say that we are royalty! Royal is a strong, regal name with a lot of potential.

Other Spiritual Word Names

  • Wrestling
I know Wrestling might not appeal to all. In fact, I'm not so sure it's modern-day usable but it's an old puritan name that I find interesting. It's in reference to when Jacob wrestled an angel in Genesis 32. If you like the idea behind this name but can't imagine naming you child Wrestling, there's always the new name that God gave to Jacob: Israel, meaning "wrestles with God".
  • Ransom
This is an uncommon spiritual word name but I actually do know a boy named Ransom. Ransom is a powerful reminder that God ransomed us and brought us back into relationship with him. It has an appealing and on-trend sound so I can see it rising in the ranks.
  • Saint
Saint has a great sound and a great meaning! It might a little bit to big of a meaning to place on a child given it's connotation of perfection and holier-than-thou. In reality, we are all saints who are being made perfect (mature) and holy (set-apart) by God.

That's my list of spiritual word names for boys! God bless and thanks for reading!

Which names did you like? Are there any you would add? Let me know in the comments!

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