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Hello readers! I'm back with another post about some awesome names! Today's theme is tree names and there are some truly beautiful ones on this list. There's no doubt that trees are some of God's most magnificent creation. Trees in all their various forms bring such beauty and color to the world! I did go ahead and separate them into gender categories based on which gender I picture the name on but with nature names, you can't definitively assign a gender to them. It's really up to you which gender you prefer these on.  I hope you enjoy these terrific tree names!


Laurel, #873

I guess I'm going to start off with my favorite. Laurel is an absolutely stunning name and a fresh take (or maybe an older take) on Laura. It feels much more modern than either Laura or Lauren. Wreaths of laurel leaves were given as a symbol of victory in ancient Greece.


Maple is an interesting and uncommon name that's been used by a few celebrities. Maple trees shine with brilliant colors in the fall but I have mixed feelings about Maple as a name. It sounds cute, but maybe too sweet. Mae would be a lovely nickname. It might be a cute way to honor Canada or someone from Canada as a maple leaf is featured on the Canadian flag. A fun fact about maple tree is that they can live for up to 300 years under the right conditions.

Holly, #449

This cute little tree
name saw her most popular days decades ago here in the States but still remains fairly well used. Holly wreaths are a common Christmas decoration so Holly feels very Christmas-y to me---- not to mention the fact that it rhymes with jolly. Holly leaves and berries have been important to many cultures around the world throughout history. Native Americans preserved holly berries and used them as decorative buttons. The Romans used it to celebrate Saturnalia. Christians the sharp leaves to represent the crown of thorns that Christ wore on the cross.

Hazel, #157

Just a few short short years ago Hazel seemed like a stale old-lady name but now it's easy to picture an adorable baby Hazel. Hazels are a genus of trees, not one specific tree. The fruit of these trees are called hazelnuts or filberts. Hazelnuts are the state nut of Oregon (I didn't know there was such a thing as a state nut.) If you're looking for something less popular, you should cross Hazel off your list. It's already gotten pretty popular and I can see it continuing to skyrocket. I can see it in the top 100 or even the top 50 very soon!

Olive, #291

Olive is another tree name that has recently become popular. Given Olivia's mega-popularity, having Olive ride on it's coattails isn't too surprising. Olive is cute, especially with Liv or Livy as potential nicknames. Olive trees and branches play an important role in the Bible. Traditionally, olive branches are said to mean peace. Olive leaves have powerful medicinal properties.


Now here's an uncommon tree name for you. Acacia comes from a Greek word meaning "thorny". The Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament is made from acacia wood. I think Acacia would fit the unique sound that some parents are looking for. Caci (pronounced like Casey) would be an adorable nickname.

Aspen, #487

Aspen is a charming little tree name that is becoming more and more trendy. The leaves of an aspen are heart shaped and quiver even in the slightest breeze. A grove of quaking aspens in Utah is the largest known living thing on Earth. Nearly 50,000 stems protrude from a single root system. The entire organism covers over 100 acres and weighs 6,000 tons! In addition to being a tree name, Aspen is the name of a chic ski resort in Colorado.

Willow, #155

Just two places above Hazel in 2013, there's Willow. Just like Hazel, the once hipster Willow is moving up the charts very quickly thanks in part to its celebrity usage. Not only that, but many "Will" names besides the ever-popular William are on the rise. As a tree, willows are unique and recognizable. Willow bark is sometimes used as a pain reliever.

Juniper, #648

Juniper is another hipster tree name that's rising in the ranks very quickly. It fits well with naming trends and although it is different, it sounds like the formerly mega-popular Jennifer. June and Junie are adorable nicknames. Juniper trees are mentioned in the Bible a few times as well and it has traditionally symbolized purity, Christ (another crown of thorns association), and eternity.


Sequoia is a name for a bold baby namer. It's different for sure but it's beautiful in sound and in the image of the California redwoods that it conjures up. The General Sherman tree in Sequoia National Park in California is 52,500+ cubic feet in volume. That makes it the largest tree on earth. The name Sequoia comes from the Cherokee language and can mean sparrow. Quoi might be a cute nickname...

Rowan, #295(b) and #426 (g)

Rowan is an up-and-coming unisex nature name. Rowan for a boy is #295 but Rowan for girls is #426. I think I prefer Rowan for a girl so I moved it over to the girls side of my list. However, for most nature names you can't definitely assign a gender to them so it's just what you prefer. There is a lady in the naming community and one of the Name Sisters named Rebe and she has a little daughter named Rowan. Rebe has actually made a tree names video so I'd encourage you to check it out! The meaning of Rowan has to do with red so it would be especially fitting for a little red-head baby. Rowan trees grow well in high altitudes and are often found growing in the highlands of Scotland.


Cypress is not used commonly as a name so really, it could be either masculine or feminine and like I've said before, it's hard to assign a nature name definitively to either gender. The full name Cypress sounds feminine to me but the possible nickname Cy sounds masculine. Cypress is a family of trees and not one specific tree and they normal grow in northern temperate climates. Old growth bald cypress heartwood is prized in the timber industry for its strength. There's also a country called Cyprus (spelled differently) and a handful of cities named Cypress across the US.


Myrtle is definitely an "old-lady" name and it hasn't been popular in decades. However, old lady names are coming back into fashion so maybe it's Myrtle's turn? Myrtle is a family of plants but the myrtles I'm most familiar with are the beautiful flowering crepe myrtles that are common in central Texas where I'm from. Myrtle trees can symbolize prosperity.



Tree word names are much less common for boys than for girls but I think that Oak is one of the most usable options. Oaks are a symbol of strength and endurance. They're also mentioned in the Bible. I really like the phrase "oaks of righteousness" used in Isaiah 61:3. An almost unheard of variation of Oak that I particularly like is Oaken.


Cedar is a tree word name with the popular -er sounding ending. Cedars have been very important to the nation of Lebanon since Bible times and have been used in ship building since ancient times as well. The cedars of Lebanon are mentioned often in the Old Testament. One verse says: "The righteous will flourish like a palm tree, they will grow like a cedar of Lebanon..."


Ash is another very viable tree word name choice. Ash is normally short for Asher or Ashton (both of which are in the top 1000) but if you leave off the second syllable, it becomes awesomely fresh nature name. Ash trees have a wide root system that makes them strong.


Hawthorn and alternate spelling Hawthorne are a longer and more daring choices than the short and sweet Oak or Ash. It has a trendy sound but I'm not sure it will actually rise much in popularity. It does come with the fierce nickname of "Hawk", though. Hawthorn trees grow in many different places around the world and some believe that the crown of thorns that Jesus wore on the cross might have actually been Hawthorn. Hawthorn berries, leaves, and flowers have many medicinal uses, especially having to do with heart health.


Alder could be another amazing nature name alternative to the very trendy Asher. Alder is the name are a genus of flowering plans in the birch family. Alder trees tend to grow near water. If you're looking for a name that's cool but probably won't rise in popularity, Alder might be a good choice.


Linden is another name for the tilia genus but Lyndon is the more famous spelling for a name. Linden was also popular in the earlier decades of the 20th century. Linden looks lighter than its counterpart Lyndon and has less of a political history. As far as a history in nature, linden trees in Europe have been known to live for centuries. Linden trees provide great shade and produces fragrant flower that attract bees.


Although Forest is a tree or a type of tree, I thought it fit in well with this list. The spelling of the English word Forest is not in the top 1000 but it's alternate spelling Forrest is currently at #841. Double 'r' Forrest is set to rise quickly so maybe Forest will rise along with it. A fun fact about forests is that more animals live in forests than anywhere else in the world.


Along the same lines as Forest, there's Grove. Grove has a hip one-syllable vibe and stylish 've' sounding ending. Similar sounding Grover was #20 in the top 1000 in the late 1800's so parents might be giving it another look here soon. If you're looking for a cool-sounding nature and to stay ahead of naming trends, Grove might be for you. I know I mentioned this when I wrote about Aspen but it's such a cool fact that it's worth repeating: A grove of quaking aspens known as Pando (Latin for 'I spread') is the largest know living thing on earth. The entire grove is one organism! How cool is that! To me, that makes the nature connections of the name Grove really awesome and deep.

There's a list of tree word names for you! Some of my favorite names are on this list! Researching some facts about these different trees really made me marvel at God's creation. Trees are wonderful naming inspiration My favorites from this list are Laurel, Sequoia, Willow, Oak (and Oaken), Ash, Linden and Grove. Thanks for reading and may God bless you!

Which tree names are your favorites? Did I miss any good ones? Let me know in the comments below!

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