Most Popular Girls Names By the Letter in 2013

Hello everyone! As we enter into 2015, I thought I would share some more reflections from the 2013 top 100 list, which is still the most recent. The top 1000 list for 2014 will come out sometime around March of 2015. The names featured today are the most popular girls names for each letter, which is more difficult than it sounds. I even had to search beyond the top 1000 to find that Unique is the most popular U name for girls (not Uma, not Ursula... Unique). Some of these names are predictable, some are surprising! I hope you enjoy!

There you have the most popular girls name for each letter of the alphabet in 2013! I'll have fun doing this again in a few months! I wonder what changes there will be to this list next The only guess I have is that I think Abigail might overtake Ava for the A spot. My favorite names on this list are Ximena, Yaretzi (one I'd never seen before but love the meaning of), and Sophia. I hope you enjoyed the list and maybe learned something new! God bless!

What are your favorite names from this list? Let me know in the comments!

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