Most Popular Boys Names By the Letter 2013

Hello everyone! When parents look at the popularity of a name, they usually only consider how popular it is in the overall ranking, not where it is in terms of popularity for its initial. While I don't think popularity should stop you from using a name that you love, it is something worth considering. Last week we talked about the most popular girls names for every letter of the alphabet and now it's time for the boys list! Each of these names is the most used name for the letter it starts with in 2013 (still the most recent list).

Well, there you have the most popular boys names by the letter for 2013! My favorites on this list are Alexander, Benjamin, Ethan, Gabriel, Samuel, and Isaac. There are a lot of great biblical boys names on this list! I hope you enjoyed these and may God bless you!

Which of these is your favorite? Are there any that surprised you? Let me know in comments!

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