20 Amazing Unique Girls Names Outside the Top 1000

Hello everyone! I spend a lot of time of time in naming communities online and many, many people are searching for a unique name. With our American culture placing a high value on individualism, it's no surprise that many parents are searching for a name that stands out. People's standards for a unique name differ. For some people, a unique name means one they've never heard before. For others, unique means choosing a name that they've never seen on another person. For some, they base the decision off of the SSA's yearly top 1000 baby names list, which is what we're going today. Some people don't want a name that anyone has ever used before in the history of the whole world so they make one up or change the spelling of a more common name. All of the names on this list are names that are not commonly used in the United States but they are still legitimate names with meaning, which is my favorite way to do unique names.

Here we go....


Meaning: "I am with God"
Origin: Hebrew

I recently read about this name via a blog hop that I joined in on and oh my goodness, it is gorgeous! It can be pronounced like Leah or Lye-uh. It makes a stunning alternative to the very popular Leah and it has a much better meaning! Beautiful sound, beautiful look, beautiful meaning, beautiful name!


Meaning: love
Origin: Cornish

Kerenza is a beautiful Cornish name with a lovely meaning and a snappy sound. I'm surprised it's not more popular. I've featured it in two previous articles: Valentine's Names and Calendar Names. Keri, Ren, Renzi, or Renza would all be cute nicknames.


Meaning: One who acts as an anchor
Origin: Scottish

Wow, what an awesome find! What a strong meaning! It might be especially appropriate for the daughter of a sailor. Akira has a modern, trendy feel but it's still a solid name and not over-used. It could be an alternative to Aaliyah (#36).


Meaning: elm
Origin: Cornish

Elowen is another lilting Cornish name. It's absolutely beautiful but not too many people have caught on to it yet. You could get the very popular nickname Ellie from Elowen or the less common option Wendy but Elowen is just stunning on its own.


Meaning: Saxon

Origin: Dutch

While this lovely Dutch name's meaning might leave something to be desired for your average person, if you have Saxon heritage it might be a good way to pay tribute. If the somewhat brazen nickname Sassy isn't your style, Kia would also be a great choice. Kia, by the way, would be a beautiful stand-alone name and is also not in the top 1000.


Meaning: from Elysium
Origin: Latin

With Alicia, Alyssa, and Elissa all being pretty popular, I'm surprised Elysia hasn't caught on. Elysia would make a good alternative to these more common names and it also has its own uniquely beautiful sound. You could get the nickname Ely or Ellie from Elysia or the more distinct Lys.


Meaning: Princess
Origin: Hebrew

Zaira (pronounced ZY-ruh or ZARE-uh) is a modern looking and sounding variation of the timeless classic Sarah. Sarah is at #48, Sara at #154, and Zara at #482 but Zaira is not in the top 1000. I particularly like the ZY-ruh pronunciation. If Sadie is a nickname for Sarah, Zadie or Zaidee could be a nickname for Zaira.


Meaning: "life" 
Origin: Scandinavian

With many names containing the component "viv" becoming popular (Vivienne, Vivian, Viviana, Viveca is still a bit undiscovered. It fits in well with current naming trends but you'd be unlikely to meet another Viveca on the playground. Viv and Vivi/Vivy are adorable nicknames!


Meaning: new victory
Origin: Scandinavian 

Signy doesn't fit into my normal preferred style of names but its meaning and sound really appeal to me for some reason. Given Sydney's popularity, I think Signy would be a nice alternative that still fits right in.


Meaning: Christian
Origin: Dutch

Karsten is totally cute! It has a trendy sound but it's not popular at all. It would make a lovely alternative to Kristen, Christine, Karsyn, Carter, Karly, etc. Karsten would be well-received but not over-used.


Meaning: sweet speaking
Origin: Greek

Eulalie (Yoo-LAY-lee) has an enchanting sound and a lovely meaning. Other forms of Eulalie are Eulala and Eulalia. Eula (YOO-luh) and Lalie (LAY-lee) are gorgeous nicknames, though I might change the spelling on the nickname Lalie to something like Laylie to make it easier to understand.


Meaning: "Lord, have mercy"
Origin: Greek

Kyrielle (Kee-ree-ELL) is a shortening of the phrase "Kyrie eleison", meaning "Lord have mercy". As a noun, a kyrielle is a French form of poetry that originally focused on praising God. Kyrie or Elle would make gorgeous nicknames.


Meaning: region offering peace and contentment

Origin: Greek

Arcadia is a beautiful, sophisticated sounding name with a lovely meaning. There are also great potetial nicknames for Arcadia such as Cady, Ari, Aria, or Dia.


Meaning: light of God
Origin: Hebrew

What a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning! It also has the added advantage of the fashionable nickname Ellie. Lia or Ora might also be nickname options.


Meaning: most beautiful
Origin: Greek

Callisto is a gorgeous Greek name with a 'most beautiful' meaning! I like the spunky 'o' ending, which is becoming more popular for girls (i.e. Harlow, Margo, Marlowe, Monroe) but Callista is another form of this name. Callie is a lovely nickname option, along with Lis.


Meaning: glade by the lake
Origin: English

This name of Robin Hood's hometown makes a pretty name for a little girl. Loxley has a very trendy sound but it's still not in the top 1000. Loxley combines two very popular trends: double 'l' like Layla and Lily and the super snazzy letter 'x'.


Meaning: with healing power
Origin: Greek

This name has a very classical feel but has not been widely used. It also has an added bonus of having a gorgeous meaning. (Whenever posed with the question "What super power would you choose if you could?", I always say healing power, hands down.) You could use the classical sounding Thea as a nickname or the more modern sounding Ali/Aly.


Meaning: leaping waters
Origin: Irish

Tallulah is a celebrity name (Tallulah Bankhead) and a celebrity baby name (Tallulah Willis) so plenty of people have heard of Tallulah but it has yet to catch on. Tallulah has the fashionable double 'l' sound without starting with L. I prefer the nickname Tally to Lu or Lula or Lulu.


Meaning: glory
Origin: Greek

Clio is adorable, short and sweet Greek name. While many would associate the Cleo spelling with Cleopatra, Clio is meant to stand alone and I really love the cool and unexpected (though rising in popularity) 'o' ending. Clio does come from Greek myth and she was the muse  of history and heroic poetry.


Meaning: marvelous
Origin: French

Mirabelle sounds old-fashioned and familiar but given the popularity of other Bella names, it still feels usable today. "Marvelous" is a fantastic meaning, too. I think the nickname many modern parents would gravitate towards would be Bella but I'd prefer Belle. Mira is also a gorgeous option!

Well, there you have it! Twenty amazing, unique girls names! If you're looking for a name that's beautiful and unique but still has meaning, I hope you've been inspired by these 20! My favorite names from this list are Liya, Kerenza, Kyrielle, Callisto.... Actually I really, really like a lot of these names! Thanks for reading and God bless!

What are your favorite names from this list? What other uncommon baby names do you like? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Stopping by from the Katherine's Corner blog hop. Very cool post! I am always on the lookout for interesting names for the characters of my books. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Writing is how I came to love names! Naming characters is a great way to use names that I love but can't use for my own kids for one reason or another.

  2. This is cool! Our daughter is "Alatheia" (Uh-LAY-thee-uh) the greek word for truth as in the phrase, "I am the way, the truth, and the life". It's a lovely name and easy to shorten to Allie.

    1. Wow! How beautiful! I've never heard of Alatheia before!

  3. Another great post and these names are all beautiful. Thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  4. Wow.. You have shared mind blowing hindu baby names. Thanks for sharing the wonderful collection of baby names. Keep updating your blog. Hindu Baby Boy Names


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