20 Bold Uncommon Boys Names

Hello all! I hope that you all enjoyed the Amazing Unique Girls Names that I shared with you. Today I'm going to share with you some Bold Uncommon Boys names which are also not in the top 1000. It's pretty common in our culture to search for a name that will highlight a child's individuality and I hope these suit your purposes!

As I shared last time, my favorite name for girls (Abigail) is currently in the top 10. Well, my favorite name for boys is not in the top 1000 (I didn't share it on this list, though). I like many names outside the top 1000 for boys but most of the ones that I like most are biblical. I've made a list of biblical boys names that are not in the top 1000 but I hope you also enjoy the names I'm going to share with you today!

Meaning: helper and defender of mankind
Origin: Scottish

Alexander has been popular for centuries but this Scottish form is still under the radar. It can be spelled in a variety of ways. McAllister is a family name for me. Alistair is a cool alternative to Alexander, even though it does lack the diverse nickname options. Al or maybe even Alic/Alec would work.

Meaning: "little, fierce"
Origin: Irish

Similar sounding (but of Scottish origin) Lachlan has very recently come into the top 1000, even though it's been extremely popular in other countries for years. Lorcan has yet to be discovered. However, it does have a bit of literary credit. While Lorcan is not mentioned in the Harry Potter books, in the many after-the-fact tidbits that J.K. Rowling has shared, she said the Luna Lovegood (one of my very favorite characters whose name is getting very popular, btw) would have twin sons named Lorcan and Lysander. With it's endearing sound and ardent meaning, I think Lorcan has a lot of potential. Lorcan is also mentioned on my Incredible Irish Baby Names

Meaning: born fourth
Origin: Latin
Quade has a familiar sound because of the popular Cade and Jade, but with the snappy Q beginning. Quade would make an especially great choice for a fourth child.

Meaning: eternal ruler
Origin: Norse
While Eric has enjoyed popularity in the past, Aric has never made it more than halfway up the popularity charts and it hasn't been in the top 1000 since 2001. Aric has a familiar sound but is still distinctive and unique.

Meaning: citizen of Rome
Origin: Latin

Tarquin definitely sounds unique but in today's culture of unusual names, I think it's very usable. I think Tarquin is especially cool because it has ancient Latin roots but a very modern sound. Quin is an awesome nickname that makes Tarquin even more usable.

Meaning: peace
Origin: Latin
Pax is another ancient Latin name that I think translates very well into today's naming culture. It's the name I picked for my younger dog but don't let that fool you! It's certainly usable for a human (I just like how it sounded with my last name). Despite it being a celebrity baby name. Pax is still outside the top 1000. It's the only one of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's boys' names that hasn't caught on yet (Maddox and Knox are both top 400).  Paxton on the other hand, is surprisingly popular at #262.  Personally, I prefer Pax. It's short, sweet, and snappy!

Meaning: Of the nations army
Origin: Teutonic
With names like Sawyer, Taylor, and Tyler being very popular these days, Thayer would fit right as a nice, fresh alternative. With it's meaning "of the nation's army", it might might a fitting choice for the son of a soldier.

Meaning: good man
Origin: Latin from Greek
Evander is a cool sounding name with a fantastic meaning. Shorter Evan has been popular for decades. Everett is gaining in popularity and so are Xander and Zander, but Evander is still off the radar. I've recently added this to my own list because of it's awesome sound, great meaning and because it comes from the same Greek root as my grandfather's name!

Meaning: crown
Origin: Hindi
Here's another name that despite it's celebrity and historical usage and fantastic meaning, has not gained any widespread popularity in the United States, only appearing on the top 1000 list twice in the last 100 years. In my opinion, Taj and alternate spelling Tahj, are the epitome of cool.

Meaning: wise army
Origin: German
Rayner is a strong name with a strong meaning. It's unique but still understandable. Other benefits include the fashionable -er ending and the cute nickname Ray.

Meaning: man, variant of Andrew
Origin: Scottish
I'm sure exactly what it is about Kendrew's sound that I find so endearing, but I think it's very charming. If Kendrick and Andrew are too common for your tastes, you might try Kendrew.

Meaning: hunter
Origin: Greek
Theron is a strong, rugged name with a strong, rugged meaning. The -n ending is very stylish these days (think Aiden, Carson, Declan) and Theron comes across as an ultra-cool, yet classical uncommon name.

Meaning: life
Origin: Hungarian
Are you looking for a sensational, zippy name with a trendy sound and a solid meaning? Give Zolton a try. It might look made up and almost Sci-Fi, but it's a legitimate name of Hungarian origins. 

Meaning: illustrious and mighty
Origin: Irish
Wow. If you're looking for a name with a solid meaning, "illustrious and mighty" is definitely a winner! Roark or related Ruark, are awesome, spunky Irish names for those who are looking for something a little bit different.

Meaning: red-haired warrior
Origin: Irish

I think Clancy has a cool, mysterious sound. I picture it on a dark-haired child, though, not a red-headed one. I can see Clancy crossing over to the girls side but as of right now, it's fair game for either gender. Clancy is also mentioned in my Incredible Irish Baby Names article.

Meaning: place with thatching
Origin: English

Although Thackeray rhymes with the very popular Zachary, it's a completely different name from with different origin. Thack wouldn't make a good nickname but Ray or Thatch might be an option. I think Thackeray's main draw back is that it could sound like Zachary with a lisp.

Meaning: dry wood meadow
Origin: English from Norse

I'm very surprised that Truett has not gained more popularity. It's quite endearing on a young child, especially with the nickname True, but it does age well. Similar sounding Truman is in the 900 range of popularity.

Meaning: one living beside a small stream
Origin: English

Beck is a short but sweet name with English origin. "One living beside a small stream" is a long meaning for a four letter name! The longer version Beckett is in the 200 range but if you're looking for an uncommon one-syllable name, Beck would make an awesome choice.

Meaning: colt herder
Origin: English

Colter is another name that I was surprised not to find on the top 1000 list. Colton is in the top 100 and Colt is in the 300 range, but Colter isn't listed. Coulter is another version and it's the name of a prominent street in my hometown. If you're looking for a cool, trendy name that not everyone is using, Colter is a great option!

Meaning: from Navarre
Origin: Spanish
Navarro is a Spanish surname that I think could work really well as first name. It means from Navarre, which is a region in northern Spain. Jose Navarro played an important role in Texas history as one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence. 

Well, there you have it! I hope you got some great ideas from this list of twenty bold, uncommon boys names! Off of this list, my favorites are Alistair, Pax, Evander, and Tahj. Thanks for reading and God bless!

Which names were your favorites? What other boys names do you like that are outside the top 1000? Let me know in comments!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this interesting post with us at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  2. Added Quade to my list. That is adorable for our forth. I knew a Zoltan, brother Shawndor. I believe they were Hungarian. Thackeray is so cute, but to many letters and not enough nn. Reminds me of Thackeray Binx from Hocus Pocus.


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