Uncommon Vintage Classic Names For Girls

Hello everyone! I'm excited about sharing this list with you today! Many times when people are searching for an uncommon name, they think their only choice is to make something up or use a unique spelling. The beautiful girls names I'm going to share with you today are lovely, classic, and classy but all outside of the top 1000. If you choose one of these names for you daughter, she will not be one of many or have to attach her last initial to her name at school. She'll have a name that's familiar but also stands out. I hope you enjoy!

Meaning: beautiful rose
Origin: Latin

I was shocked to find out that Rosalind was not in the top 1000! Rose is #224 and Rosalie is #348 but Rosalind has been off the top 1000 list for quite awhile. Rosalind is a gorgeous, distinguished, classic name for a little girl with a really cute and accessible nickname Rosie. If you want to venture away from the obvious nicknames, Roe and Lindi would also be adorable.

Meaning: farmer
Origin: English

Georgiana is long and flowy as quite a few popular girls names are like Isabella and Arianna. Georgiana is the name that Jane Austen used for the little sister of Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. You could use the boyish nickname Georgie or the more feminine Gia,  Giana, or Ana.

Meaning: lily
Origin: Hebrew

Susannah is a beautiful classic Bible name that not many people are using these days. Susannah is my favorite spelling but none of the other spellings such Susanna or Suzanna aren't being used either. Susanna is the spelling used in many versions of the Bible and the mention of Susanna is in Luke 8:3 She was a follower of Jesus. If Sue and Susie aren't your style, Anna, Sanna, and Zanna all fit. I even think Sadie might work as a nickname for Susannah.

Meaning: Pearl
Origin: Greek

I find May to be an incredibly sweet name and I'd love to see it used more. Maya is super popular (#72) but despite its similarities to May, it has a completely different feel. Longer form Margaret has a similar old-lady chic and is #181. If you're looking for a cute, uncommon one-syllable name, May would be a lovely choice.

Meaning: Flower
Origin: Latin

Flora is a gorgeous classic name with a lovely meaning. I just picture a little girl in a field of flowers when I hear this name. Flora has a balance between clunky cute and beautifully feminine.

Meaning: beautiful
Origin: French

Belle is a beautiful classic that I've talked about before. Even with Bella itself at #58, and Isabella (a former #1) currently at #4, the less-frilly Belle is not in the top 1000. The Disney association is strong with this name but I think Belle is one of the most likable princesses.

Meaning: estate ruler
Origin: German

Henrietta is definitely clunky cool and deserves some more attention. Charlotte has become wildly popular and so has Penelope, so why not Henrietta? Some really cute nicknames would be Hattie, Hettie, Henny, Henna, Rett, Retta. Ettie, or Etta.

Meaning: merciful
Origin: Latin

Clementine is a lovely old-fashioned name that has also fallen from popularity. Even when it was in the top 1000, it mostly stayed in the lower half. Clementine has such a lovely sound and a beautiful meaning. Clem, Clemmy, Tina, and Mennie/Minnie would be great nicknames.

Meaning: renowned warrior
Origin: German

Louisa is a super-sweet name that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves in decades. It would fit in well with other names with Lu beginnings like Lucy and Luna, which are both fairly popular today. In my opinion, there are a lack of usable nicknames with Louisa. Lou, Lulu, and Wheezy really aren't my style but Louisa is lovely on it's own.

Meaning: Grace from bitterness
Origin: Hebrew

Annemarie is a beautiful feminine name that had a relatively short run on the top 1000 list, falling off the list in 1987. Annemarie used to be my top girl name. If you like the names Anne and Marie but they're too plain for you by themselves, Annemare makes a classic but underused choice. Anne, Annie, Marie, Amie, and even Nemmy would work as nicknames!

Meaning: maiden
Origin: Celtic

Imogen is a lovely name that was created due to a misprint of the name Innogen. In England and Wales it has gained a fair amount of popularity.  It's pronunciation is disputed. Outside of the US, it's almost always pronounced Emm-ah-jen but in the United States, it can sometimes be pronounced Eye-ma-jean or Emm-ah-jean. It can even be spelled Imogene but many are not fond of this spelling/pronunciation. Immy, Gen, and Idgie are adorable nicknames!

Meaning: greatest
Origin: Latin

Max, Maxwell, and Maximilian are all in the top 500 for boys but Maxine is nowhere to be found on the girls list. Maxine has been outside of the top 1000 since 1997. If you're looking for a girl's name with a boyish nickname, Maxine with the nickname Max might be fore you.

Meaning: resolute protector
Origin: German

Wilhelmina is a gorgeous old-fashioned name that would fit right in with today's trendy of long, feminine names. Wilhelmina sounds very princessy but like a warrior princess who could hold her own in battle. Willie, Willa, Willow, Mina and Mia would be lovely nicknames. 

Meaning: gift of God
Origin: Greek

Even with brother name Theodore climbing the charts, Theodora is still outside the top 1000. However, despite the fact that it's low on the actual charts, it is popular in certain naming circles. If Dora is still too cartoon-ish for you, you could always go with Teddy or Thea for a nickname.

Meaning: wise protector
Origin: Spanish

Ramona is a mysterious, vibrant name that certainly deserves a second look. Ramona has been off the charts for going on three decades now and it never reached the top 100, so I don't see it becoming ulta-popular anytime soon. Ramona would make a perfect choice for namers looking for something familiar but under the radar, and with lots of personality. Beverly Cleary used the name Ramona for the title character in several of her children's novels which kids today might still recognize. Ramona is a vivacious little sister but I'd still consider it a positive association (maybe because I relate to her so much!). Mona is a distinguished nickname option and Rae is a cute, spunky alternative.  You could even get the nickname Romy from Ramona if that's more your style.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed these uncommon classic names for girls! My favorites from this list are Annemarie, Susannah, and Rosalind. Thanks for reading and God bless!

Which names were your favorites from this list? Are there any you would add? Let me know in comments!

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  1. This is so interesting! First that your header is my husband and mine scripture for our wedding. It is inscribed on our rings. I also just found a beautiful sign with the scripture a Hobby Lobby to hang over our bed. Then it is interesting to see that my name (which I never liked!) is a vintage classic name! I am a vintage junkie! So cool. I love all the old names you've mentioned and wish I knew about them when I named my girls. I do love their names though. Great post!!

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I love the name Annemarie so much! It used to be my top name. I think I like it so much because my first name starts with A and my middle name is Marie. I also like how the meanings 'grace' (Ann) and 'bitterness' (Marie) kind of balance each other out, like God brings his grace into our bitterness. I think that's so cool that you chose a scripture for your wedding and inscribed it on your rings! My husband and I like a lot of the "Beloved" scriptures in Song of Solomon and that's why I called my blog Beloved. I had "My Beloved, My Friend" inscribed on his ring based on SoS 5:16. Thanks for stopping by! God bless!

  2. I love the names May and Belle. Both are beautiful, yet simple. Also, Belle is one of my favorite Disney princesses!

    1. Absolutely! I can't believe that more people haven't taken notice of those two names! Belle is one of my favorite princesses too. I'd love to have a library like hers, lol!

  3. As a nickname for Louisa I'd like to add Isa, which I think is lovely.

    1. You're so right! Isa is lovely! I'll have to go back and add it!

  4. What a great list and great names, my husbands grandmothers name was Clementime and I think it is beautiful. Thank you for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  5. Such a great post, I love names especially different ones. Imogen would have to be my favorite on the list. All four of my kids names have e's, o's, and n's in their names, so Imogen is a name I could use! Plus, I like the meaning.

    1. How cool! Imogen tends to be a favorite in the naming community.

  6. What lovely names you have featured! I love the information you shared with each one as well! I found you via So Much at Home. We also have a link up on Mondays ~ The Art of Home-Making Mondays if you are interested. Have a lovely week :)

  7. I like Susanna, Wilhelmina, and Clementine the best.

  8. I like Susanna, Wilhelmina, and Clementine the best.

  9. What a neat idea for a post! Thank you so much for sharing over at "Tuesday Talk"~


  10. I love the beautiful meaning of some of these!

  11. I love the Fried Green Tomatoes Idgie nn. Georgiana is lovely with Gigi nn. I like vintage names with cute nn.

  12. What dazzling names you have highlighted! I cherish the data you imparted to every one too! I discovered you by means of Such a great amount at Home. We likewise have a connection up on Mondays ~ The Craft of Home-Production Mondays in the event that you are intrigued. Have a stunning week..!
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