20 J's:Thoughts On The Duggar Names

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
Duggar names are in the news today with the announcement of Jill and Derick Dillard's baby so I thought I'd stop and talk about  all the many names in this family! What a privilege to get to name so many children! I'd have to have as many children as Jim Bob and Michelle to use all the names I love!

Let's get started! We have a lot of name to go!

Joshua James Duggar

  • Joshua, "the Lord saves"
  • James, "supplanter"  
 Joshua was a mega-popular name all throughout the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s (it's now in a fairly rapid decline) and James is a solid classic, especially as a middle name. I like that they used Jim Bob (James Robert)'s name in the middle name spot. I like when a child's name has a family connection without using junior so that the name retains some individuality. I also really like the overall meaning of this name. If you were to work first and middle names into a sentence (which I always do when thinking about name combos) it would mean something like "God saves sinners". James means supplanter which is an old-fashioned way to say liar or trickster (obviously a sin). This is a good example of how to pair a name with a less desirable meaning (like James) with a name that compliments it well (like Joshua).

Jana Marie Duggar

  • Jana, "God is gracious"
  • Marie, "bitterness"
Jana, a feminine form of John is a beautiful name that has never been overly popular. It's one of my favorite Duggar names. Marie is a pretty common middle name (it's my middle name too) but they might have chosen it to honor Jim Bob's mother Mary. Even if that's not why, it's a nice connection. Naming twins feminine and masculine versions of the same name would be considered too "matchy" by some but I think Jana and John are just different enough to make it work. Johnna and John or Johnette and John would certainly be too "matchy". Just like Joshua James, Jana Marie is a nice balance of a name with a more negative meaning and a name with a positive meaning. A full meaning
 sentence for Jana Marie could be "God brings grace into our bitterness".

John-David Duggar
  • John,  "God is gracious"
  • David,  "beloved"
John-David, who usually goes by both names, is a powerful combo of biblical namesakes. I've always liked the name John, despite it's ultra-popularity throughout the centuries and I especially as a "double-barrel name". The Duggars have two other children with hyphenated names: Joy-Anna and Jordyn-Grace. Only Jordyn-Grace also has a middle name. 

Jill Michelle (Duggar) Dillard

  • Jill, "youthful"
  • Michelle, "who is like God?"
Jill is a short and sweet name that was very popular from the 1950s until the 1980s. It is no longer in the top 1000, although Jillian and Julia, names Jill can be short for, are popular today. I like that they chose to use Michelle as a middle name. It's pretty common for fathers to pass on their names but it's not quite as common or mothers to pass on their names. 

Jessa Lauren (Duggar) Seewald

  • Jessa, "wealthy" 
  • Lauren, "laurel tree"
I think Jessa might be my favorite Duggar name. Jessa is a short form of Jessica that has only been in the top 1000 one time. Laurel trees, from which we get the name Lauren, are representative of victory. If you were to make a full meaning sentence for Jessa Lauren it would be something like "rich victory".

Jinger Nicole Duggar

  • Jinger, "ginger"
  • Nicole, "victorious army"
Jinger is probably the Duggar nae that has attracted the most negative attention. I don't know why, with all the possible J names out there, they would choose a word name that's typically spelled with a G, but I guess that's what appealed to them. Nicole is a pretty common middle name for girls, right up there with Marie, at least in the 80s and 90s. I'm not sure about today because the SSA doesn't track middle names (I wish they did!). 

Joseph Garrett Duggar

  • Joseph, "May the Lord add"
  • Garrett, "spear strength"
Joseph is a strong, solid biblical name that's enjoyed a good amount of popularity over the decades. As a first name, Garrett was most popular in the 90s but is trending downward today (still in the top 300, though). Joseph is a name that is commonly shortened to Joe or Joey but I think Joseph Duggar just sticks to Joseph, possibly because all the best nicknames for Joseph (Joe, Joey, Joss) are all also nicknames for Josiah, the next boy in the Duggar line up. Update: I came across a picture on their official facebook referring to Joseph as Joe so I guess they do occasionally shorten his name.

Josiah Matthew Duggar

  • Josiah, "the Lord heals"
  • Matthew, "Gift of God"
Josiah is a name on the rise! It was in 200-300 range when Josiah Duggar was born in the mid-90s. Josiah Matthew also has an awesome overall name sentence: "God's gift of healing".  These two strong biblical names with powerful biblical namesakes make a great pairing!

Joy-Anna Duggar
  • Joy, "joy"
  • Anna, "grace"
Joy-Anna is a cute, fun double name. Like I said before, the Duggar have used three double names total: John-David, Joy-Anna, and Jordyn-Grace.  From what I remember from the show, Joy-Anna sometimes goes by Joy. Joy is a lovely virtue name that has never made the top 100 and is currently in the 400-500 range. Joy-Anna means "the joy of grace".

Jedidiah Robert Duggar
  • Jedidiah, "beloved of the Lord"
  • Robert, "bright fame"
Jedidiah has one of the best meanings of all the names in the Bible, "beloved of the Lord", made even better by the fact that it was a name that God himself picked out! God chose this name for the son of David and Bathsheba, a son that David called Solomon. Jedidiah has been in the 800-900 range since 2010. Robert is a steady classic that still enjoys quite a bit of popularity as a first name but probably even more as a middle name. It is, of course, Jim Bob's middle name. On the show, I think he is sometimes called Jed, which I think is interesting because the Duggars don't use nicknames as much as you might expect. 

Jeremiah Robert Duggar
  • Jeremiah, "exalted by the Lord"
  • Robert, "bright fame"
Now, admittedly, twins named Jedidiah and Jeremiah are really matchy, especially with the same middle name. Some people are adamantly against matchy twin names but some people would prefer matchy twin names. I guess the Duggars must be the type that prefer matchy names (which seems obvious with their J theme...).  Jeremiah is a name that has had its ups and downs in the charts but it has been consistently popular for decades.  It's the name of a biblical prophet with a powerful story and a powerful meaning.

Jason Michael Duggar
  • Jason, "to heal"
  • Michael, "who is like God?"
Jason feels like an 80s name to me but it is still well used today (this Jason was born in 2000). Believe it or not, Jason is a biblical name. He's mentioned in the book of Acts. Michael, of course, was the #1 boys first name for decades and decades. It is also the male form of Michelle. I really love using a form of a name on the opposite gender to honor a person (like using Michael to honor Michelle or vice versa). The overall meaning for Jason Michael, "Who heals like God?", is absolutely wonderful!

James Andrew Duggar
  • James, "supplanter"
  • Andrew, "man, manly"
James and Andrew are both strong, biblical classics. James is Jim Bob's first name and Joshua's middle name but I really do like James in the first name spot. It's very common but it's a classic and so very handsome! I]think Andrew is a very handsome classic as well.

Justin Samuel Duggar
  • Justin, "just"
  • Samuel, "God has heard"
Justin is another name that was really popular in the 80s and 90s but it is still well used today. Justin is the first time the Duggars did not choose a Bible name for one of their boys. The overall meaning for Justin Samuel is "the just God has heard".

Jackson Levi Duggar
  • Jackson, "son of John (God is gracious)"
  • Levi, "attached"
I remember watching the show when Michelle was pregnant with Jackson. I think back then it was just a TV special called "14 Kids and Pregnant Again". I remember hearing them discuss names and at one point they had settled on Judah Benjamin, I think. I was kind of disappointed that they didn't go with that name because it is so wonderful! However, I do think Jackson really does fit little Jackson Duggar. Levi is a wonderful biblical name that is getting popular but I understand why: it's awesome!

Johannah Faith Duggar
  • Johannah, "God is gracious"
  • Faith, "faith" 
I think Johannah is my other favorite Duggar girl name. It's gorgeous! Johannah (pronounced Jo- Hannah, not Jo-Anna) has never been in the top 1000, although Joanna is currently #342. They often call Johannah "Hannie", which is surprising because they don't often use nicknames and they went with a non-J nickname. I would choose the nickname Jo for Johannah but Jo/Joe can also be nickname for Joseph or Josiah, two of her older brothers' names. Faith, of course, is a lovely virtue name. It's not surprising at all that the Duggars would choose Faith. What is surprising is that the Duggars didn't use more virtue names (they used Faith and Grace).

Jennifer Danielle Duggar
  • Jennifer, "white wave"
  • Danielle, "God is my judge"
Jennifer is another name that sounds like the 70s and 80s to me but it is still in the top 200 today. I don't recall if they call her Jenny or not...Danielle is a lovely feminine French form of a biblical male's name similar to Michelle.

Jordyn-Grace Makiya Duggar
  • Jordyn, "descending or flowing downward"
  • Grace, "grace"
  • Makiya, "who is like God?"
Like I mentioned, Jordyn-Grace is the only one of the Duggar children with a double name and also a middle name. If I'm remembering correctly, she mostly goes by Jordyn. Jordyn is the most popular spelling of Jordan for girls but the Jordan spelling is popular for both boys and girls as well. Makiya is probably the most intriguing of the Duggar names. I'm not positive about its roots or meaning but I think it might be related to the biblical male's name Micaiah, meaning "who is like God?". Micaiah is related to the names Michael and Michelle. If that is the correct origin and meaning, the overall meaning for Jordyn-Grace Makiya means "who is like God with grace flowing downwards", which is truly beautiful.

Josie Brooklyn Duggar
  • Josie,  "may God add"
  • Brooklyn, "stream, waterfall"
Josie is a cute and beautiful diminutive of the classic Josephine. I think this name really fits little Josie! Brooklyn is a trendy American place name with disputed meaning. The meaning I associate with it is "stream, waterfall" because Brook means stream and -lyn means waterfall. If you put the meaning for Josie Brooklyn together it is, "May God add streams and waterfalls" and you could think of that as like streams and waterfalls of blessings. He certainly did add streams and waterfalls of blessings to little Josie Duggar as she had a rocky start in life but is now a vivacious little girl!

Jubilee Shalom Duggar
  • Jubilee, "joy"
  • Shalom, "peace"
I also wanted to talk about this lovely name that the Duggars chose for their youngest daughter who passed away before birth. I think the name Jubilee Shalom is a name of joyful anticipation of a reunion in heaven, a reminder that their daughter is at peace with the Lord and possibly a prayer for peace in the difficult days of mourning, I think it's a beautiful fitting name to honor this precious child. 

This is an old picture of the family but it's labeled for reuse.

So there's a long list of 20 Duggar names for you! Like I said, it would be such a privilege to name so many children! Personally, I've admired the Duggar family for a very long time. Their example of faith and conviction are inspiring to me! They also met the difficult challenge of a letter theme with so many children! I think my favorite Duggar boy name is Josiah Matthew and my favorite Duggar girls names (I couldn't choose just one) are Jessa Lauren and Johannah Faith. Thanks for reading and God bless!

Which Duggar names are your favorites? What are some other great J names that they could have used? Let me know in comments!

*Disclaimer about the comments: I know that there are plenty of people out there who vehemently dislike the Duggar family and make a point to share that on any article about them. I will not tolerate that here. You can take any rudeness about this family, their religion, and their lifestyle elsewhere. I will delete it.

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  1. I love that you put the meanings intro sentences! It makes the names more "meaningful", if you will. :) With all the work I do with multiples, I joke that it's God preparing me for identical quad boys... so just in case I already have their names picked out! And they're all J's! Jude, Jack, Jett, and Jace! :) thanks for posting, it was an interesting read!

  2. Jennifer is my Favorit name😄 because it's mine. But I really like Jinger. This wa a fun read.

  3. I'm with you - Jessa is probably my favorite name. Thank you for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday! Hope to have you back again this week!

    Holly @ www.iwillservewhileiwait.blogspot.com

  4. What do you think Ben and Jessa will name their little one?£

  5. What do you think Ben and Jessa will name their little one?


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