Fifteen Fantastic Flower Names For Girls

Hello everyone and happy spring! Spring means many things but one of the most beautiful things about spring are the gorgeous flowers that pop up all around. Where I live, the sides of the highways will soon be covered with bluebonnets and indian paintbrushes, so many that you can hardly see the green grass! Bluebonnet and Indian Paintbrush don't make good names for people but there are plenty of lovely flower names that would be great choices to bestow on a daughter. I'm going to be focusing on some of the more popular choices for flower names and some of my favorites, so there should be a good mix of common and uncommon. Let's get started!

  • Violet, #69
Violet is a gorgeous flower name that's on the rise! It fell out of fashion for a time but it has made a stunning comeback, and rightfully so! It's one of my favorite flower and color names. It was on my list for a time (being my favorite color and all) but I don't think my last name goes well with any color name. I was excited to learn that a family member named their daughter Violet earlier this year!

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  • Lily, #27
Lily is an adorable and sweet flower name with an image of tender innocence, so it's no wonder that it is the most popular flower name choice today. One source pointed out that Lily is a very popular choice for those naming fictional characters as well as real live people. I think Lily's popularity is here to stay, both as a given name and as a nickname for Lillian (#26) and Liliana. The tragically underused Susannah means "lily" in Hebrew.

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  • Rose, #224
Rose is probably the first name that comes to mind when you think of a flower name. It's certainly not the most popular one these days but it's still very well used. Rosa, Rosalie, and Rosemary are also fairly popular. No one tracks middle name usage but Rose is one you tend to hear a lot. The absolutely stunning Rosalind (meaning beautiful rose) is not in the top 1000.

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  • Amaryllis
Amaryllis is a beautiful, uncommon flower name with a different sound than many name today. Since they are often given as a gift at Christmas, I included Amaryllis in my winter names article. Amaryllis could have several nickname options such as Ami, Mary, Rylla, or Lis and the Greek roots of Amaryllis mean "to sparkle".

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  • Daisy, #198
Daisy is a old-fashioned flower name that has become popular again, though not quite as popular as it was a century ago. Daisy brings up images of innocence and sweet simplicity, making it a lovely choice for a baby girl. Daisy was originally used as a nickname for Margaret but eventually became popular in it's own right. Like Rose and Lily, there are long lists of fictional characters bearing this name in addition to its usage among real people.

  • Azalea, #631
Azalea is a tantalizing newcomer to the flower name scene and it is rising fast! Azalea just entered the USA's top 1000 list in 2012 and it is already at #631! Azalea is admittedly a very lovely name with an intriguing and beautiful sound but it's recent  popularity might be due to a few celebrities who bear this name. It will be interesting to see how the name Azalea fares in upcoming top 1000 lists.

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  • Magnolia, #981
The gorgeous, elaborate blooms of the Magnolia seem to truly match the sound of this name, which is just dripping with southern charm. Magnolia is currently at #981 but before the 2013 listings, it had not been seen since 1940. I see Magnolia rising for sure but certainly not as quick as Azalea. Maggie and Noli make adorable and accessible nicknames. 
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  • Bryony
Bryony is a super cool sounding obscure flower name choice with a very strange looking flower to go with it. The root meaning of the name Bryony is "to sprout". If you're looking for an awesome flower name that's not too frilly or one that people are unlikely to have heard of, Bryony might be perfect for you!

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  • Camellia
Camellia is a lovely gem of a flower name and not at all popular. I had never heard of a Camellia flower before now and gasped when I saw how gorgeous it was! In the language of flowers, Camellia denotes admiration and perfection. This name is also related to Camille and Camilla, both of which are fairly popular right now. Nicknames for Camellia could be Cam, Cami, Mel, Melly, Millie, or Lia.

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  • Lilac
Lilac is a stunning flower/color name that packs a punch with it's surprising hard 'c' sound at the end. Lily and Lila are both very popular as are other names with the double 'l' sound such as Layla and Lola. If you're looking for an under-the-radar name that still fits in well with today's trends, Lilac might be the name for you!

  • Calla
Image result for calla lilyIf lilies are your favorite flower but you're hesitant about choosing the most common flower name, consider choosing Calla instead. Calla comes from the Greek word for beautiful and has a lovely, lilting sound. Calla is currently outside of the top 1000 but Callie, Cali, Kallie and Kali are all fairly popular. I love Calla's sound, meaning and the beauty of the calla lily, which earned the name Calla a place on my own top 10 list. 

    Image result for senna plant
  • Senna
Senna is a fresh new flower name with a very cute sound. It's short, sweet, and snappy. Unfortunately, it does sound similar to sinner and senna is sometimes used as an ingredient in "dieter's teas", but if you can get past those drawbacks, Senna has a lot of potential! It also reminds of Cinna, one of my favorite characters from the Hunger Games.

  • Lavender
Image result for lavenderLavender is a beautiful and sweet-smelling flower name that is so tragically underused! I can't believe that this gem of a name is not in the top 1000, especially with Violet so popular! Purple is my favorite color and I use lavender oil every single day for its healing properties. If there's one remedy I don't want to be without, it's lavender!  Lavender has big positive associations for me but I've decided that color names don't fit well with my last name. This is a name I'd love to see someone else use! Lavender has also been used by some illustrious authors for characters in their books. I'm not sure how I feel about the nickname Lav but maybe Endi, Vendi or just using the name whole would be best.

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  • Primrose
Primrose is such a lovely, different sounding name with a sophisticated air. It's gained notoriety because of the Hunger Games (Two Hunger Games references in one blog! It's like I liked that book or something...) but it's not in the top 1000. It means "first rose". I didn't realize what a primrose looked like but one of the wildflowers I grew up calling a "buttercup" is also called a "showy primrose". I had a lot of fun picking this kind of flower as kid because when you smelled it, it would leave yellow pollen on your nose, which is why we called it a buttercup. So now Primrose has two really sweet associations for me but it's not one I'd use because it doesn't go well with my last name. Prim and Rose or Rosie are adorable nicknames.

  • Marigold
Marigold is a whimsical, colorful flower name that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. It has been chosen by several children's book authors for fictional characters as well as Winston Churchill for his fourth daughter. Mari and Goldie are both wonderful nicknames.

Well, there you have it! Flower names tend to be favorite choices for girls names and my favorites among flower names are Calla, Violet, Lavender, Camellia, and Primrose. Aren't we so blessed that God shares his creativity with us through the beauty of flowers! Thanks for reading and may God bless you! Go out and enjoy the flowers!

Texas bluebonnets

What are your favorite flower names? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Lillies and lilacs are my favorite flowers. I have never heard of the flower Bryony ... but I'm in love with the name now! (Found you through the Mommy Moments link up!)

  2. Thank you for sharing these great names, I especially like Calla, they all sound so beautiful. Thanks for linking up at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. I've always loved flower names for girls !!! When I worked at school there were these two sisters who had the names Magnolia (Maggie) and Lilith (Lilly). I thought that their names were so pretty. And the girls were just as pretty as the flowers !!! Blessings.


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