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Hello everyone! I'm excited to share with you the start of a new name series I'm going to be doing over the coming weeks. This series is about what longer names could be used to get to certain nicknames. I'm doing this series because I know many people fall in love with a nickname but would like a longer name to go with it.  There are really two schools of thought on this dilemma. The first school of thought would say to just use the nickname if it's what you love. The other would say that children need the option of a more formal name, especially as they grow into adults. I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle. I think certain nickanmes are fine as given names but if you want a longer name, that's not a bad idea either. So for this series, I'm going going to put together a long list of options and go into more detail about the nickname itself and my five favorite longer name options. I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!

Today we're talking about the very popular nickname Ellie! There are an abundance of ways to get to Ellie and most of them are absolutely gorgeous names! Basically, I picked names that either began or ended with the 'el' sound. I'm not saying Ellie is my favorite nickname for all of these names, I'm just saying I think it works for all of them. You could also get the other very popular nicknames Elle and Ella from most of these names.

Ellie, #74
Origin: English
Meaning: Bright Shining One

As you can see, Ellie is very popular all on its own! I think Ellie is simple, sweet, and totally usable without a longer form. In fact, if you name your daughter Ellie and she wants a more serious sounding name as an adult, she could even shorten Ellie to Elle.


Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is my light

Eliora is a stunning Hebrew name with a fantastic meaning. Eliora is long and frilly but with the cute nickname Ellie, it becomes much easier to see on a little girl. Elliana and Eliana are pretty but they are both very popular, so if you are searching for a distinctive alternative, give Eliora a try. I really think this name is just gorgeous and it's probably my favorite on this list. It is not in the top 1000.


Origin: Cornish
Meaning: Elm

Elowen is a name that most everyone in the naming community seems to love and it's easy to see why! It's breathtaking! It has a lovely sound, a nature meaning, and (of course) the beautiful nickname Ellie! Elowen is also not in the top 1000.

Origin: English
Meaning: Island of Elder Trees

Ellery is a little bit different than some of the other names on this list. It's a unisex name and it's spunky sound is very close to the nickname Ellie. Ellery also has a nature meaning which is very appealing to many parents out there. Ellery is not in the top 1000, either. People are really missing out on some great Ellie options!


Origin: Latin
Meaning: From Elysium

Elysia is a name from Greek mythology. It's the paradise that heroes go after they die. I think it has a lovely sound (but maybe I'm biased because it sounds so similar to my own name). Elysia has the kind of princessy sound that many parents are loving but Ellie gives you a cute, understated nickname. You guessed it. Elysia is not in the top 1000 either.


Origin: Italian
Meaning: Little Flower

So Fiorella ends with an 'el' sound instead of begining with it like so many of these other options but I think names that end in '-elle' or '-ella' are really great options for more formal names for Ellie. I think Fiorella is just darling and the meaning "little flower" makes it even more endearing! Fiorella would also be a great choice if you like 

Here's the big list of Ellie options!

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Well, there you have it! I hope one of these options appealed to you or gave you some inspiation! I'm sure there are a lot of other great choices out there! Like I said, this article is part of a new series and coming up soon I'll be publishing an article about how to get to a popular boys nickname. It will probably be either Max or Ben but I'm not sure yet. Thanks for reading and God bless!

Which Ellie option is your favorite? Do you prefer Ellie on its own or as apart of longer name? Which nicknames would you like to see as a part of this series?

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  1. Ellison is my favorite - so much so that I don't think I would want to shorten it! Such a fun series. Thank you for sharing at Waiting on...Wednesday!

    Holly @ www.iwillservewhileiwait.blogspot.com


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