Name Crush Monday: Magdalena

Hi everyone! It's time for Name Crush Monday again! Since I shared with you a boys name last week, I want to share with you a very lovely girls name. I hope you enjoy!

Origin: Greek
Meaning: "ancient" or "tower"
Ranked #976 in 2014

I've recently fallen in love with the name Magdalena again. Sometimes there are similar M names that I think I like better but in the end I think I like Magdalena the best. Magdalena is a gorgeous, flowing biblical place name that found its way back on to the top 1000 list in 2014 after six years off. The name Magdalena is found in Spanish (and possibly other) translations of the Bible. In English it is usualy translated Magdalene. Magdalena/Magdalene is in reference to Mary Magdalene who was from the city of Magdala, a place that scripture records that Jesus visited once (Matthew 15:39, KJV). Mary Magdalene is first mentioned in Luke 8:2, as one of Jesus's female disciples. She was also at the cross (Matt 27:56) and at the empty tomb (Matt 28:1; John 20). There are plenty of false assumptions and flat-out unflattering fiction that people have made up concerning Mary Magdalene but if you really like this name, don't let that bother you. The meaning of "ancient" or "tower" is an interesting one. I really appreciate its power and strength. Another thing that I like about Magdalena are the nickname options. There's Maggie, Dally, Lena, Maddy and Meg. My favorite nickname for Magdalena is Meg. It's simple, sweet, and oh-so-cute! 

Overall, Magdalena has a beautiful sound, is full of meaning and history, and comes with several lovely nicknames. It really has everything going for it! It's no wonder why it's on the rise again!

Thanks so much for reading and God bless!

What names are you loving lately?

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  1. What a beautiful name, thank you for sharing this with us at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings


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