Names of the Week: Abigail and Eliab

Hi everyone! I ttok last week off from names of the week so I could spend some time setting up my new blog arrangement (go check out for all non-baby name articles) but I'm happy to share two new names of the week with you this week! These are both names that I love oh-so-much and you'll notice that what they have in common (besides both coming from the Bible and the Hebrew language) is that they both have "father" in the meaning. I chose these names one, because I love them, and because father's day is coming up.

"My father's joy"
Ranked #8 in 2014

Abigail is my favorite woman in the Bible (1 Samuel 25) and you could say it's my favorite name. However, it's too popular for my personal taste so I moved it to a middle name spot. Other than the stunning Biblical namesake (seriously, go read her story!), what I love about this name is the meaning. I think it is so sweet and a great nod to dad using a completely unrelated name. Of course, there's also the aspect of God being our heavenly father, which makes Abigail even more lovely. I like to pair Abigail with names that are virtue names or have virtue meanings such as Abigail Mercy or Abigail Vivienne (life). Kerenza Abigail is one of my top combos right now and it's combined meaning would be something like, "My father's joy is love".

Possible middle names for Abigail: Abigail Johannah, Abigail Eve, Abigail Zara, Abigail Cate, Abigail Charlotte, Abigail Jubilee, Abigail Honor, Abigail Verity

Abigail as a middle name: Kerenza Abigail, Johannah Abigail, Verity Abigail, Ximena Abigail, Evangeline Abigail, Grace Abigail

Possible siblings for Abigail: Rachel, Priscilla, Liesel, Emmeline, Laurel, Gabriel, Oliver, Daniel, Alexander, Eliab

"God is my father"
Not in the top 1000 in the 2014

I'm in love with the name Eliab! I think it's a great alternative to the very popular Jacob and Caleb. Eliab is not really on many people's radar these days but it has many familiar components so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Eli is a cute and familiar nickname, too. Eliab's rich meaning that points to an intimate relationship with God makes it a very attractive choice. It doesn't really refer to one's earthly father, though. There are a few different Eliab's in the Bible. One reference is Numbers 1:9. I would have this name as one of my top names if I didn't have another Eli name that I love even more. I do go back and forth sometimes, though, because I think Eliab is a little more accessible and easier to understand.Check out My Favorite Biblical Boys Names to read more about Eliab!

Possible Middle names for Eliab: Eliab Raphael, Eliab Hananiah, Eliab Gabriel, Eliab Oliver, Eliab Asher, Eliab Alexander

Eliab as a middle name: Felix Eliab, Nathan Eliab, Carson Eliab, Xavier Eliab, Everett Eliab

Possible siblings for Eliab: Caleb, Jacob, Oliver, Raphael, Asher, Abigail, Laurel, Olivia, Elizabeth

So those are my names of the week this week! I hope you enjoyed them and have a happy Father's Day! God bless and thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on Eliab and Abigail? Do you prefer popular names like Abigail, more obscure names like Eliab, or a combination of both?

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  1. What cute names. I have always loved Abigail. My personal favorite is Abigail Grace. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from I Choose Joy.


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