Names of the Week: Clio and Pax

It's time for names of the week again! As always, I'm really excited about these names! These are both very uncommon names, not in the top 1000, that I think people should use more often. One of them is particularly special to and you'll see why.

Not in the top 1000 in 2014

Clio is an adorable little Greek name that comes from the Greek word that means "glory" or "to make famous". (I've also seen where it can mean "to shut".) Cleo might make you think Cleopatra but Clio is perfect all by itself!  I love the spunk 'o' ending on girls names! I think Clio might make a great alternative to the very popular Chloe. Clio (Kleio) was one of the nine muses in Greek mythology. In particular, she was the muse of history. I personally wouldn't choose a name of a deity from a religion that I don't ascribe to  (unless it was a namesake situation) so that's a drawback for Clio for me. I know other people have different perspectives on that. It is also just a word in Greek too so it isn't solely connected to the myth. Overall, I think Clio is an adorable little name that's both modern-sounding and ancient and would work well on a girl of any age. I'd love to meet a little Clio!

Possible middle names for Clio: Clio Evelyn, Clio Brianne, Clio Josephine, Clio Damaris, Clio Adeline, Clio Matilda, Clio Joelle

Clio as a middle name: Alyson Clio, Johannah Clio, Natalie Clio, Olivia Clio, Priscilla Clio, Vivienne Clio, Elizabeth Clio

Possible Siblings for Clio: Cara, Willow, Margo, Grace, Zoe, Sparrow, Oliver, Pax, Zane, Arrow, Lyall, Kai

Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Pax is similar to Clio in a lot of ways. They are both short little names, with modern sounds, that come from ancient languages. Pax is a celebrity baby name and was chosen as the name of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's second son (brothers Maddox and Knox, they have an x theme for their boys). What I love most about Pax is the meaning 'peace'. In fact I loved this name so much that I chose it for our puppy that we got a few months ago! Don't let that put you off, though. I totally think this name is usable on a human (and so do Brangelina) but I thought it clashed a little too much with my last name to use on a human child. With the popularity of Max (#112) and Paxton (#260), I'm surprised that Pax isn't more popular, especially since Pax is legitimately a name on its own. With a great meaning, history, and cool sound, I think Pax would make a great choice, especially if you want an uncommon name! (Btw, if you were wondering, my puppy's name is Pax Midnight Donatello. I don't have kids so I elaborately name pets.)

Possible middle names for Pax: Pax Benjamin, Pax Isaiah, Pax Elliot, Pax Daniel, Pax Oliver, Pax Jasper, Pax Liam

Pax as a middle name: Levi Pax, Liam Pax, Oliver Pax, Henry Pax, Everett Pax, Eric Pax, Coulson Pax, Xavier Pax

Possible siblings for Pax: Elliot, Felix, Xavier, Zane, Everett, Asher, Callum, Quade, Oliver, Quinn, Olivet, Clio, Luna, Zoe, Willow, Zara, Jade, Ivy, Zuri

So, those are my names of the week! Be sure to check out Name Crush Monday too! God bless and thanks so for reading!

And since I know you're all just dying to see him, here's my Pax! If you want to read more about me, Pax, and the rest of our family, go check out Beloved Blog!

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What do you think of Clio and Pax? What combos would you make for them and what do you think would make good siblings names? Do you know anyone with these names? Let me know in the comments!

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