My Dogs' Names

Hello everyone! Happy National Dog Day! I wanted to talk to you about my dogs names and the reasons behind them to today in honor of national dog day!

My 9 year old husky/shepherd mix is named "Dallas Dakota", which when made into a name sentence means "gentle friend" or "gentle ally". Dallas was the name that the animal shelter gave him before I adopted him when he was 8 weeks old but I had already decided to name him Dakota. I chose Dakota because in baby name books, the name meaning is always listed as "friend", and that's what I wanted in a dog. I've since read that it means more along the lines of "ally", but he's been that to me too. I kept Dallas ("gentle") as his first name because it flowed better but he's always been called Kota. The gentleness took time but he's always been an amazing friend.

Pax is my 7.5 month old husky/lab mix. I chose Pax because it's the Latin word for peace and it was my sincere hope that Pax would offer me some peace and comfort when Kota passes on (but hopefully not for several years). I also wanted to have part of his name mean "gift of God" and I decided on Donatello, because other names that mean that (Nathanael, Theodore, Jonathan) are ones I'd possibly consider for a human child. Read "A Puppy and a Prayer" to find out how Pax became a part of our pack. Midnight is a name that Michael suggested because of his jet-black fur. I really like what Midnight adds to the name sentence. "Peace at night is a gift from God" is a profound spiritual truth---and also the meaning of  my dog's name!

You can read more about my sweet puppies at Check out these articles:

God bless and thanks or reading!

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