Ways to Get to Evie

Hello everyone! It's time for another article in the nickname series we've been doing here on Beloved Baby Names and this time we're looking at the darling nickname Evie that many parents are favoring these days. Let's jump right in with soe of the popular ways to get to Evie, and some of my personal favorites!

Ranked #501

I was somewhat surprised to see Evie ranked on its own.  Although it is one of my favorite nicknames, it seems more like a nickname to me. Obviously other people feel differently as it is almost in the top 500.

Ranked #460 in 2014

I think Eve is probably the most obvious way to get to the nickname Evie.  In the Bible, the first man, Adam, blesses his wife with the name Eve, because she will become the mother of all the living. In my opinion, Eve is a really underrated name. It will always be classy and retain an air of mystery. 

English from French "Aveline"
"hazelnut tree"
Ranked #16 in 2014

Evelyn is the full name I hear most often for the nickname Evie and the most popular name on this list at #16. Evelyn, too, is a very classy old-fashioned name that has made a resurgence. Fun fact: Evelyn originated as a man's name but is now exclusively for girls. Despite Evelyn's current popularity, it's a name that you really can't go wrong with.

"bringer of good news"
Ranked #276 in 2014

Evangeline is a gorgeous, classy name (I keep saying that about Evie names, don't I? It's just the truth). It's more popular than I expected it to be and it's on the rise. I really love the meaning of this name. The English word we translate as "gospel" comes from a similar Greek word ("evangelion"), so Evangeline definitely has religious significance. I have Evangeline on my list as a middle name option. For those who want something even more flowing, there's the longer version Evangelina.

"evening star"
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

If you're really looking for something under the radar, try Yvaine. I adore this name! I heard it for the first time on the movie Stardust, which was based on a novel by Neil Gailman. Yvaine could be related to the male's name Yvain, who was one of the knights of the round table, in Arthurian legend.  You could possibly spell Evie Yvie in this case, but I might just stick with Evie.

English from French
"tribe woman"
Ranked #210 in 2014

Genevieve is a simply stunning name that's overflowing with class and charm. Genevieve was also more popular than I expected it to be but it makes since, given that it fits in well with he "princessy" names (Isabella, Sophia, etc) that parents are favoring these days. Genevieve is well used but still a refreshing alternative to some of the mega-popular "princessy" names.

Irish, phonetic spelling of Caoimhe
"beautiful, gentle, precious"
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Keeva is my other top contender for my favorite on this list. The authentic Irish spelling Caoimhe has been in the top 20 in Ireland but if you're using this name outside of the U.K., I'd recommend this spelling to avoid confusion. While some authentically spelled Irish names such as Siobahn are more familiar and usable in the U.S., I think Caoimhe would be a hassle (I'm speaking from the experience of growing up with a very confusing Irish maiden name). Keeva, however, is lovely and easily accessable in North America. I especially love the meaning! Keeva is also a great way to honor a dad, uncle, cousin, etc. named Kevin, as Keeva is the feminine form of Kevin (which is authenically spelled Caoimhin).

Those are some of the most common and some of my favorites but there are plenty more! Here's the long list:


What's your favorite way to get to Evie? Are there any that I missed? Let me know in the comments!

God bless you and that's for reading!

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