My Predictions About the 2015 Top Ten

Hello everyone and Happy New Year once again! Now that every 2015 baby has had a chance to be born, I wanted to make a few quick predictions about what I think the top names of 2015 will be.

I'm almost 100% certain that Noah and Olivia will be the new #1 names in 2015. Boys names tend to stay on top for years of not decades. This will be Noah's third year in the #1 spot and I think it will stay for several more years. Emma has only been in the #1 spot for one year but girls name are much more transient. I think once Olivia is in the #1 spot, it will stay for a few years.

It might be a little ambitious, but I think that both Benjamin and Harper could make appearances in the top ten for 2015. They've both been rising fast.

Of course, Charlotte will continue rise. It made the top ten last year before it was the name of the new English princess. Now, it's hard to predict how many spots it will rise.

Elijah is currently #11 so it seems natural that it would be the next name to enter the top ten. However, Elijah is actually going down in popularity. Even though Elijah is going down in popularity, it could still enter the top ten if one of the top 10 names drops significantly enough and Benjamin doesn't rise as quickly as I predicted.

Evelyn is another girls name that's rising fast. Time will tell if the 2015 release of Harper Lee's new book will positively or negatively affect the name Harper. There's a chance that Evelyn could be in the top ten instead. Even if 2015 isn't Evelyn's year, I think Evelyn will be in the top ten within the next few years.

While the Social Security Administration tracks baby names overall, other put together a "playground list" where popularity is calculated with all the different spellings of a particular name combined. Last year, Jackson overtook Aiden as the playground #1. I think that will be the same in 2015. However, I think Caden as the playground #1 is also a distinct possibility. Sophia was the playground #1 in 2014 and I think that will stay the same for 2015.

Those were just a few general predictions. Here are the top ten predictions I came up with for 2015:

I also made some predictions last year about what I thought the 2014 Top Ten list would look like. Check it out here to see how my guesses measured up. If you want to hear my thoughts on the 2014 top ten, and discover some less common alternatives, check out this article.

In May, we'll find out how my current predictions match up to the real list! I can't wait! What names do you think were popular in 2015?

God bless and thanks for reading!

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