Name Crush Monday: Asher

My name crush this Monday is Asher. Asher is a fun-sounding Hebrew name that means "happy". Asher is a name on the rise! It's new to the top 100 and is currently at #93. It fits in so well with modern names that you might think it is one, but Asher is an ancient biblical name from the book of Genesis. Asher is one of the twelve sons of Jacob and each one has an interesting name story. You might recognize the names of some of the biblical Asher's brothers: Levi, Judah, Benjamin, Joseph, Reuben, Dan. With its -er ending, vowel beginning, happy meaning and the charming nickname Ash, it's no wonder that Asher is appealing to today's parents!


Asher David, Asher Caleb, Asher Samuel, Asher William, Asher Quinn, Asher Zane, Asher Eli, Asher Jonathan, Asher Brave, Asher James

Everett Asher, Felix Asher, Blake Asher, Henry Asher, Zachary Asher, Calix Asher, Elliot Asher, Quincy Asher, Leo Asher

My favorite combos for Asher are Asher Brave and Elliot Asher. 

What name would you pair with Asher? What names are you crushing on lately?

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  1. I have a friend who named her son William Asher. He is 9 or 10 now.
    Interesting study to let us know the meaning of these wonderful Biblical names.
    Visiting from "While I'm Waiting."
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

    1. William Asher is a very handsome name! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We named our son Asher Nathan. The meaning of Asher is happiness and blessings, Nathan meaning gift or given of God. So the combined meaning is happiness and blessings given by God. We love the name, but especially the meaning!!


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