Name Crush Monday: Isabeau

Hello everyone! It's time for another name crush and today I'm featuring one of my top guilty pleasure names! 

Isabeau is a rare, distinct and spunky French variation of Isabelle/Isabella, which in turn are variations of Elizabeth. Elizabeth is a Hebrew name meaning "devoted to God" that has been perinially popular ancient times. Isabella was #1 on the charts just a few years ago. Right now it's #4. Isabelle is #96 and Isabel is #144. Isabeau's sister names are very prevalent in today's naming culture, making Isabeau a familiar sounding but unexpected choice. I absolutely adore Isabeau's different, spunky sound! There are also a lot of great nicknames that you could use with Isabeau: Izzy, Isa, Beau, or Zibby!

As for historical reference, Isabeau of Bavaria was the wife of King Charles Vi of France, though it may have only been a nickname for Elizabeth.

If Isabeau is not quite your style but you're still looking for a less popular Isabella alternative, the Scottish variation Isobel is also not in the top 1000.

Combos for Isabeau:

Isabeau Sasha, Isabeau Louise , Isabeau Danielle, Isabeau Evelyn, Isabeau Caroline, Isabeau Joanna, Isabeau Vivienne, Isabeau Hannah, Isabeau Penelope, Isabeau Mercy, Isabeau Daisy, Isabeau Verity, Isabeau Jessamine, Isabeau Clover

Rosalie Isabeau, Tallulah Isabeau, Lilia Isabeau, Verity Isabeau, Annika Isabeau, Natalie Isabeau, Harper Isabeau, Ottilie Isabeau, Lavender Isabeau

My favorite combos for Isabeau are Isabeau Verity and Lavender Isabeau.

What names are you crushing on lately? Let me know in the comments!

God bless and thanks for reading!

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