Name Crush Monday: Nova

Hello everyone! It's Monday which means it's time to share a name crush, the first one of 2016! Today's name crush is my favorite New Years name for a girl!

Nova is a spunky-sounding girls name that has risen quite a bit in popularity recently. It's currently in #287. Nova sounds very modern, futuristic even, but its actually quite ancient and this isn't the first time since its ancient roots that it's gained widespread attention. Nova enjoyed some popularity at the turn of the last century, thanks in part due to actress Nova Pilbeam. Nova is a Latin word meaning new, which is why I chose it for my first name crush of the new year. I love the idea of Nova on a New Years baby or any baby born in January. Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra of Teen Mom named their 2015 New Years baby Novalee, a variant of Nova. Nova would also make a very cute and accessible nickname for November, one of my personal favorite month names that's lovely but virtually unused.

In addition to being a Latin word for new, word nova is used in English as an astronomy term, which is defined like this:

  1. a star showing a sudden large increase in brightness and then slowly returning to its original state over a few months.

NOVA is also a science show on PBS, making this name great for lovers of science and the stars. I also think Nova makes a great sister name for Aurora. They have similar sounds, come from ancient languages, and refer to heavenly light phenomena.

Ancient Greek and Latin names are certainly in style right now so it's no wonder that Nova is getting so much attention! Overall, I think Nova is a lovely choice any time of year, but especially at the New Year or the beginning of a new season in life.


Nova Joy, Nova Mercy, Nova Brielle, Nova Lucy, Nova Harmony, Nova Cassandra, Nova Louise, Nova Caroline, Nova Felicity, Nova Rose, Nova Kathleen, Nova Penelope

Abigail Nova, Zoe Nova, Felicity Nova, Esther Nova, Avery Nova, Isobel Nova, Emery Nova, Everley Nova, Coralie Nova, Elizabeth Nova, Lucy Nova, Eleanor Nova

I think my favorite combos for Nova are Nova Mercy or Felicity Nova. 

What do you think of Nova? What names are you crushing on lately?

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