Names In The News: Addison, Kinsley, and Savannah, Identical Triplets

In the news recently, I heard of a rare set of identical triplets born in Houston, TX. This is a rare phenomenon where the egg splits not once, but twice! On December 1st, 2015, Brad and Stephanie Harris welcomed three baby girls into this world! Names of multiples have always fascinated me so I thought I'd talk about these baby girls' names.

I don't know what order the girls were born in so we'll just discuss them in alphabetical order. 

Addison is a unisex name that's currently #24 for girls in the U.S and has dropped of the charts for boys. Addison means "son of Adam" and is one of the more common ways to get to the popular adorable nickname Addie. Addison is a slightly less popular alternative to the mega-popular Madison (#9), but only slightly. Addison almost made the top ten itself at #11 in 2007 and 2010. However, both Addison and Madison are going down in popularity.

Kinsley is a name on the rise and it's currently #132 in popularity. Kinsley only entered the top 1000 in 2005 and I can even see it in the top 100 on the 2015 list. It's an English name meaning "king's meadow", which is a charming little meaning in my opinion. It's related to the more masculine sounding Kingsley, which is a favorite guilty pleasure name of mine. Like Addison, Kinsley hasn't always been a decidedly female name. I think Kinsley is a name that people are turning to as they search for alternatives to Mackenzie, Kenzie, etc.

Savannah is a lovely geography and place name that's currently at #39 in popularity. Savannah's popularity has stayed between #30 and #45 since 2000.  It means "flat grassand". Savannah also has a few different nicknames you could use. There's, of course, Vanna or Vannah. The nickname I like for Savannah is Savvy. That's my favorite thing about the name Savannah! Out of all three names, I like Savannah the best.

People tend to have strong opinions about what kinds of names they prefer for multiples. Some people like names that begin with the same letter like Emery, Evelyn, and Ella. Some people like names that are slightly different but end in the same sound like Lillian, Jocelyn, and Caroline. Some people like themed names like Faith, Hope, and Charity or Willow, Olive, and Rowan. One way of naming mutiplles that many people strongly dislike is rhyming names like Haylee, Kaylee, and Baylee. 

Some people believe that since multiples have to share so much already, their names shouldn't be alike at all. I don't know if that's the reason why Mr. and Mrs. Harris chose these names, but the people who hold to that point of view would certainly approve of these three names. None of them begin or end in the same sounds. I wasn't able to find out what the girls' middle names are to see if they chose similar names there. 

What these three names do have in common is they are all trendy and fairly popular but not the most popular. They also chose the most common, straightforward spellings for all three names. These names are all different but I think they all go well together as sister names.

I hope you'll all join me in wishing the Harris family many blessings and the best of luck in this new journey into parenthood.... times three! God bless you all and thanks for reading!

I'll leave you with a question:

Be sure to check out the story about another Texas baby girl: Coraline AnnMarie, a New Years baby!

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  1. Replies
    1. Gorgeous names! Similar, but not too matchy, perfect for triplets!

  2. Mine would be Emma, Indie and Aria. Don't really know why, just love them together or alone...


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