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I read a very interesting article the other day from a local news station. Bryan, Texas is my hometown. Bryan and College Station are known to as "twin cities" because, well, they're basically the same place. The "Leaving College Station" sign is the "Entering Bryan" sign.

 There is an increase in twins both nation wide and in the twin cities, which was the topic of the article I read. The article and video featured a mom and her fraternal twins: Colton Drake and Whitney Jo. 

Colton is a pretty popular boys name, coming in at #65 in 2014. Colton entered the top 1000 in the eighties and was propelled forward by pop culture. The first thing I would assume about someone named Colton is that they're from the south (and in this Colton's case, it's true). Colton definitely sounds like a southern or midwestern cowboy name. The nickname Colt makes you think horses but Colton means "coal town". Colton has been at #65 for the past three years and it's the more popular than it's ever been, which kind of surprises me. I remember Colton being kind of a trendy, attractive name when I was little, 15+ years ago. Interestingly, I checked the most popular names for mine and Colton's home state of Texas and Colton was only #97 here in 2014. I went back a few years in the listings and I think the reason Colton is currently less popular here in Texas than it is nationally is because it was fairly popular here in the 90s as well. In 1995 it was #69 in Texas and in 1991 (my birth year) it was #98.

Drake is a cool, spunky middle name choice. As a first name it's ranked #348 nationally. Drake is of English origin and can either mean "dragon" or "male duck". 

Colton Drake reminds me of a spunky Texas cowboy and I like the way it sounds!

If you like the name Colton but it's too popular for you, I'd recommend Colter or maybe just Colt on its own.

Whitney Jo sounds like the perfect sister name to Colton Drake. Whitney is a name of English origin that means "white island". Whitney is currently #616 in the United States and not in the top 100 in Texas. Whitney was most popular in 1986 and 1987 at #32. Whitney's fast rise to fame was also heavily influenced by pop culture. In Texas in 1986, Whitney was #28, slightly more popular than it was nationally. I also checked some other states' top 100 lists for Whitney in 1986, the year it was most popular nationally. In Massechustes, Whitney was #73, significanly lower than it was nationally. In Washington state it was #31, just one ranking above where it was nationally. In Vermont, it was #49, lower than it was nationally. In Oregon, it was #24, more popular than it was nationally. In Utah, it was #6, way more popular than it was nationally! In Oklahoma it was #12, also much more popular than it was nationally. In Georgia it was #16, still much more popular than it was nationally. The state by state results were very interesting to me. It seems like everywhere but the northeast was into the name Whitney in 1986.

I absolutely adore Jo in both the first and middle name spot. It reminds me of Jo March from Little Women. I prefer Jo as a nickname for Joelle, Johannah or Josephine but it's cute all by itself too. I'd love to use it but sadly, my husband doesn't care for it.

If you're looking for an alternative to Whitney, you could try Whitley.

Overall, I think Colton Drake and Whitney Jo are well-matched twin names. They both have a southern kind of feel in my opinion.  I especially liked the middle names Drake and Jo. Colton and Whitney sound like a little cowboy and a little cowgirl ready to win the mutton-bustin' at the rodeo. This is a popular naming style in this part of the country. 

Go read the article and watch the video that these names are from! Colton Drake and Whitney Jo are absolutely adorable!

All this, of course, begs the question: what would you name a set of twins with one boy and one girl?

I would name twins Evander Brave and Aurora Mercy. Evander and Aurora both have Greek roots (just like Colton and Whitney both had English origins) and begin with a vowel. Mercy and Brave are both word names. They have connections but they're not too matchy. What would you choose?

To read more about names of multiples in the news, check out this article about the Harris triplets!

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  1. I am a twin girl my name is Jamie Michelle and my twin brother's name is Michael James (I was named after my twin brother, reverse and feminized) my son who was born on our birthday is Jameson (Jamie's son)


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