Names of the Week: Promise and Pax

Hello everyone and Happy New Year! This week's names of the week are hopeful names fitting at year's beginning, but still great choices at any time of year.

Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Promise is one of my favorite spiritual word names. It has a similar meaning to Hope yet it feels fresher. Promise makes a great name for a baby born at the start of a new year because each new year is filled with promise! It would also make a very appropriate name for a long-awaited baby girl. I like this name because it's a reminder of God's promises. If Missy is your style, Missy could work as a nickname for Promise. Promise also makes a lovely choice for a middle name. I like it best as a middle name for Selah.


Promise Evangeline  Promise Adele  Promise Isobel  Promise Adeline  Promise Yvaine            Promise Olivia  Promise Julienne  Promise Wilhelmina

Selah Promise  Norah Promise  Elizabeth Promise  Olivia Promise  Amelie Promise  Calista Promise
Eulalie Promise  Alison Promise  Evangeline Promise  Arabella Promise  Priscilla Promise

Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Pax is a name that I've featured before but what can I say? I have a soft spot for it. Pax is one of my favorite guilty pleasure names. Pax is hopeful name meaning peace that is fitting for the beginning of the new year. Pax is actually the Latin word for peace. Many people will associate Pax with the "pax Romana", a period in history, around the time of Jesus, when vast regions were at peace under Roman rule. I recently learned that Pax was a Roman goddess, the personification of peace and the equivalent of the Greek goddess Irene. Despite its feminine beginnings, its similarity to Max, Dax, and Jax makes Pax sound masculine in modern times. The Spanish version Paz sounds much more feminine. Pax is a celebrity baby name, the second son of the Jolie-Pitts. The names of most of their other children (Maddox, Shiloh, Knox, Vivienne) have risen quite a bit in popularity but Zahara and Pax have yet to make it into the top 1000. Surprisingly, longer version Paxton is much more popular at #260 and rising quickly. I think Pax s very cute. It's fresher than Max and packs a punch despite being only one syllable. Overall, it's an excellent choice that I'd love to see more people use.


Pax David, Pax Elliot, Pax Andreas, Pax Oliver, Pax Timothy, Pax Daniel, Pax William, Pax Bennett

Henry Pax, Elijah Pax, Nathanael Pax, Theodore Pax, Asher Pax, Oliver Pax, Joseph Pax, Reilly Pax

I mentioned before that Pax is one of my guilty pleasure names. Unfortunately it clashes with my last name so I didn't want to use it for a human baby. Last March I got the puppy I waited for for a long time. I knew I wanted the puppy's name to mean friend, peace, or comfort and even before I picked him out, I settled on the name Pax. When I met him, I knew it fit. My puppy Pax is 11 months old and just celebrated his first Christmas! Though I used the name Pax on a pet, I think it is completely usable on a human being!

Pax's 1st Christmas
You can read more about Pax and the rest of our family on my other blog: Beloved Heart and Home.

Those are my names of the week this week and the first names featured in 2016! Happy New Year everyone! 

Tell me what you think of Promise and Pax in the comments and tell me what you would name a New Years baby!

God bless you and thanks for reading!

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