Name Crush Monday: Elias

Hello! I haven't done a name crush for the past few weeks so this week I'd like t get back at it and share with you a name that I've totally been loving lately.


Greek from the Hebrew Elijah
"God is the Lord"
Ranked #103

Elias is a handsome Greek alternative to the very popular Hebrew name Elijah. Elijah was at #11 in 2014 however, while Elijah is falling in popularity, Elias is steadily rising, jumping 10 spots between 2013 and 2014. Elias can be pronounced two ways "ee-LYE-us" and "eh-LEE-us" (I hope I'm communicating that correctly). I tend to prefer the "ee-LYE-us" pronunciation. One cool thing about the name Elias is that it transitions really well between English and Spanish (and possibly a few other languages). In Spanish translations of the Bible the name that we find in English versions rendered as Elijah, will be rendered as Elias. In Spanish, though, the pronunciation is only "eh-LEE-us" and the final syllable will sound more like "as" than "us" with a Spanish accent. Elias is one of the first names I suggest when someone is looking for a name that Spanish-speaking family and friends as well as English-speaking family and friends can understand and easily pronounce, and that's a request you see pretty frequently in the naming community. 

Walt Disney's full name is Walter Elias Disney (Elias is his's dad's first name) so Elias could be a nice subtle tribute for Disney fanatics. Another cool Elias namesake is a young actor that I've recently discovered thanks to the show Fuller House: Elias Harger. Elias Harger plays middle child Max and is quite the little scene-stealer! Max has already become my favorite character!

Now for some combos for Elias:

Elias Nathanael, Elias David, Elias Gabriel, Elias Asher, Elias Mateo, Elias Levi, Elias Coulson, Elias William, Elias Oscar, Elias Dominic, Elias Everett, Elias John, Elias Reuben, Elias Daniel, Elias Benjamin, Elias Grey, Elias Cole, Elias Dane

William Elias, Xavier Elias, Isaac Elias, Arthur Elias, Jackson Elias, Parker Elias, Victor Elias, Oliver Elias, Justin Elias, Barrett Elias, Ezra Elias, Greyson Elias, Quentin Elias, Zane Elias, Alexander Elias, Jonathan Elias

What do you think of Elias and which name would you pair it with? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. eh-LEE-us is the standard Greek pronunciation. EE-LYE-us would be embarrassingly incorrect in Greek circles. Rather like saying EYE-tally for Italy.

    1. While that may be a valid point, ee-LYE-us is a very common pronunciation in the United States. It's not uncommon for original pronunciations of names to be altered as they move from place to another. There are numerous names that we pronounce differently than they would have been pronounced in their original language.

  2. I've always loved Elias (ee-LYE-us) and more so when Elijah started climbing the ranks.

    We almost used it one of the middle names for our first (August) but decided to save it if we had another son.

    From my own list something like Elias Octavian, Evander Elias, Wesley Elias & Flynn Elias

    1. Great combos! I love Elias Octavian and Evander Elias so much!


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