15 Biblical Boys Names on the Rise

Hello everyone! Awhile ago, I shared with you 15 biblical girls names on the rise and today I want to share with you which boys names are going up in popularity. It's not hard at all to find excellent biblical boys names so these are just 15 of many names I could have chosen. Maybe I'll do a part two to this article sometime. I'd like to mention from the outset that the best source I've ever found for biblical names is abarim-publications.com and I relied heavily on their excellent research to find accurate meanings for these names. I hope you enjoy these 15 amazing biblical boys names!

*All rankings based on the 2014 United States top 1000 list.

"son of my right hand"
Ranked #12 in 2014

Benjamin is a handsome biblical name that's hovering just outside the top ten. In fact, it's my prediction that Benjamin will be in the top ten when the 2015 numbers come out. That's no surprise since people are loving Ben names these days and Benjamin is the most prominent choice.  In the Bible, Benjamin is the youngest son of Jacob and was given the name meaning "son of my right hand"(symbolic of authority, blessing, honor, etc) by his father.

"one who cuts down"
Ranked #349

Gideon is a strong Old Testament name with a really fun sound. Gideon's most direct meaning is  "feller", or "one who cuts down". It comes from a verb which means "cut down" or "sawed off".  Because of that translation, the meaning of Gideon is sometimes given as "one with a stump for a hand". It's also sometimes translated as "woodcutter", though the wood part is implied. Some people ascribe to Gideon the meaning "mighty warrior" because that's how the angel of the Lord addresses Gideon in Judges 6. While that's a derived meaning, it might not too far off. Gideon's name could imply "one who cuts down the enemy". 

"God is my help"
Ranked #874

Eliezer is a spectacular biblical name meaning "God is my help".  Eliezer was one of 2014's fastest rising names, coming back onto the top 1000 with a bang after several years off. Eliezer has made occasional appearances in the top 1000 before, the last one being from 2002-2010 in the 900s range. In the Bible, there were at least 11 Eliezers, most notably would be Eliezer the younger son of Moses. A more modern Eliezer would be author, activist, and holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.  Eleazer is another biblical name with only subtle differences. It's not in the top 1000. I predict that Eliezer will continue to rise and possibly Eleazar along with it.

Genesis 4:2
Ranked #164 

Abel is a short but oh-so-sweet name that's right on trend. Abel's pretty much always been in the top 1000 boys names but it's more popular now than its ever been. It's been rising steadily and I predict that will continue. It's hard to say which name will take the #1 spot away from Noah down the road, but I imagine it will be something like Abel. In the Bible, Abel is one of Adam and Eve's sons. He was a righteous man tragically murdered by his brother Cain. Abel is pronounced a little differently in Spanish than in English but Abel is a name that crosses cultures very well.

"strengthened by God"
Ezekiel 1
Ranked #181

Though thought of a distinguished classic with no shortage of namesakes, from 1900 until the late 70s, Ezekiel tended to hover around the very bottom of the top 1000, sometimes even dropping off of it. It got a big boost in 1976 and has been rising steadily since then, consistently since 1986. In the Bible, Ezekiel is an important prophet and a prominent book of the Bible is named for him. Whether you like Zeke, EZ, or Ezekiel in full, this is a handsome name with a great meaning. Though it's dropping in popularity, Spanish version Ezequiel is at #569.

"fire of the Lord"
Ranked #64

Josiah is an incredibly lovely name and a great alternative to another biblical classic, Joseph (#20). Josiah was one of Judah's few good kings in the Bible even though he began his name as a young boy. Josiah has such an attractive sound, beginning with the letter J and ending in "iah", both popular trends these days. In addition to having a great sound, Josiah has an amazing meaning. Josiah was more popular in 2014 than it's ever been. It's still rising, though somewhat slowly now. It might begin to drop soon along with names like Elijah and Isaiah. Josiah also comes with great nicknames--- "Joss" and "Si".

Ranked #119

Ezra is a amazing little name that's poised to enter the top 100 in 2015. I said before that maybe a name like Abel will take the top spot one day but maybe it will be a name like Ezra instead. Like Noah, Ezra has been helped along be media exposure lately and has been rising in leaps and bounds. In the Bible, Ezra is a scribe and a priest who helped lead the Jewish people in rebuilding the temple after exile. I personally know two baby Ezras born in the last year alone. This is definitely a name that people are loving!

English from Greek and Hebrew
"grasps at the heel", "deceiver"
Ranked #9

The handsome classic James just reentered the top ten after 20 years off of it.  The name James was the name of several men in the Bible, including two apostles and the brother of Jesus. There's even a book of James. From 1993 until 2013 was the only stint of time that James spent off of the top 10 and from 1940-1952, James was even #1. Despite its mega-popularity over the centuries, James is a name that I'm never disappointed by and never get tired of. Whenever I hear of a baby named James, I swoon. A side note about James, since its meaning is pretty negative,  I like to see it balanced with a name that means something more positive. I particularly like it paired with names that mean salvation (Joshua, Isaiah, Hosea).

Ranked #522

Asa is such an amazing name! I love its sound and its meaning. In the Bible, Asa was a king of Judah that followed God faithfully for most of his life, though his end was negative. Asa would make a great alternative to Ezra, if you're concerned that it's becoming too popular. Asa is rising and had a pretty big boost between 2013 in 2014 but I don't see it coming into the top 100 anytime soon. If you're looking for a name that's familiar but not too popular, Asa's in the perfect spot for that. Asa's also easy to spell, easy to say, and comes with the cute nickname Ace.

Ranked #47

Levi is a cool Old Testament name that's become associated with the Old West and blue jeans. Levi, like several of the names on this list is a son of Jacob and tribe of Israel in the Bible. While Levi himself might not have been the best association, the tribe of Levi was the tribe of Moses and the eventually the priestly tribe, so that's a pretty positive association. Levi has a very appealing sound and I find the meaning "attached" or "joined" intriguing. I can see why this name is taking off! Levi has been rising steadily for quite some time and made the top 50 for the first time in 2014.

"carried by God" or "burden bearer"
Ranked #693

Amos is the incredibly handsome name of an Old Testament prophet, the one for whom the book of Amos is named. It was very popular at the early 1900s but slowly fell from favor, to the point where just a few years ago it slipped in and out of the top 1000. Amos is recovering from old negative associations, though, and is being looked on as the strong biblical classic that it is. A big plus for Amos is its amazing meaning. A downside (for me ) is its lack of nicknames.

Ranked #93

Asher is such a fun name with a wonderful meaning! It fits right in with modern naming trends, especially with its -er ending. I think the attractive nature-sounding nickname Ash also makes Asher appealing to modern parents. Asher has a lot of things going for it and I expect we'll see it continue to rise. Amazingly, Asher dropped off the top 1000 for about a century. It made a few appearances in the top 1000 in the 1980s but it entered the top 1000 for good in 1992. Asher's rise has been exponential since then! It's just made the top 100 in 2014. In the Bible, Asher is another son of Jacob and tribe of Israel. 

Ranked #243

Judah is a strong name that's of great biblical importance. Judah was another son of Jacob who lived a very interesting life. The story of redemption seen in Judah's life is one of the most powerful stories in the Bible, in my opinion, though it is kind of a strange and confusing story. Like the rest of Jacob's sons, Judah's descendants became one of the tribes of Israel. From David on, Israel's kings were from the tribe of the tribe of Judah. After Israel split into two kingdoms, the southern kingdom was called Judah. The most significant thing about Judah in the Bible, though, is that it's the tribe that Jesus is descended from. In Revelation 5:5, Jesus is called the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The name Judah doesn't appear on the top 1000 list from 1900-1996. It appears at #1000 in 1997 and has risen almost every year since then, including 20 spots from 2013-2014. Shorter form Jude (which appears as a name on its own in the Bible) has been more well-used historically (though not as much as you might think) and is currently more popular at #162.

Ranked #380

Solomon is a handsome classic that's always been in the top 1000 but never in the top 200. It's lowest point was at #711 in 1963 and it's highest point was in 1911 at #221. Interestingly enough, because of changes in population, there were many more babies born named Solomon in 2014 with Solomon at #380 than in 1911 when it was #211 (meaning there were just many more babies born in 2014 than in 1911). Solomon is a very important man in the Bible. He was Israel's third king, a son of David. Several books of the Bible are also attributed to him: Song of Solomon (Song of Songs), Ecclesiastes, most of Proverbs, and a few Psalms. One of my favorite movies is based on the writings of Solomon. It's called The Song, and if you haven't seen it, you should. Sadly, Solomon didn't serve God all his life, but he served him in the beginning and at the end. Solomon has a great meaning and the nickname Sol is wonderful. No wonder Solomon rose nearly 40 spots between 2013 and 2014!

"titan" or "title of honor"
Titus 1
Ranked #285

Titus is a robust name of Latin origins. It's an important biblical name as well as important name in Roman history. In the Bible, Titus was a protege of Paul and Paul writes him a letter which we now called the book of Titus in the Bible. Titus's popularity in the United States has been pretty up and down and it's fallen off the top 1000 list more than once in different decades. For this current upswing, it's been rising mostly consistently since 1994. Titus really has a lot going for it including a popular style (biblical , ancient Roman) and a cool nickname (Ty). I think Titus will continue to rise. 

Those are just 15 of the many fresh biblical boys names that are making a comeback! I could easily do a part two to this! I hope you enjoyed reading about them! Biblical names are some of my favorites to talk about!

Which of these names is your favorite? What combos and sib sets can you make with these names?

God bless and thanks for reading!

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