Baby Names Q&A: A Brother For Ramona

Hello all! I had a couple recent comments on my Instagram account that I wanted to respond to here on the blog. I love answering your questions so if you have any, please leave them in the comments below or under the Ask a Question tab.

Not too long ago I shared my 300th Instagram post where I featured the names Eloise and Edgar, both currently #300 in the U.S.

Instagram user rooyorkcity commented:

Edgar is the middle name we have chosen if our next baby is a boy. Struggling to find a first name that goes well with Edgar but isn't too popular and compliments our daughter's name, Ramona. Any suggestions? ☺️ thanks x


I adore your taste and names and I'm delighted to answer your question. So we're looking for a name for Ramona's little brother with the middle name Edgar. I saw from your profile that you were from Wales so I looked up the top 1000 lists for England and Wales. I knew Ramona didn't rank in the U.S. top 1000 but I didn't know how uncommon it was where you're from. It did not rank in the top 1000 in England and Wales either. So I came up with some suggestions for you that compliment Ramona, flows well with the middle name Edgar, and didn't rank in the top 1000 for England and Wales in 2014.

Ramona is such a lovely name! I don't know why it's not more widely used. It's a vintage name but it doesn't have an old-lady kind of feel the way some other old-fashioned names do. Ramona has more of an romantic feel to me so I looked for other names that had a similar style.


Ferdinand is a romantic German name meaning "bold voyager". Ferdinand and Ramona sound lovely together and Ferdinand Edgar is a handsome combo. 


Julius is an ancient name of Latin origin that means "youthful". Julius isn't in the top 1000 in England and Wales but it's fairly popular in the U.S.  Julius and Ramona sound great together and Julius Edgar is very strong-sounding name. Julius also comes with the wonderful nickname Jules, which you could also use on its own.


Franco is an Italian version of Francis meaning "free man". Franco sounds good with Ramona because they both come from romantic languages. Franco Edgar has a spunky sort of charm. 


August comes from Latin and means "majestic". It's pretty popular in the United States but not as popular in the U.K. Ramona and August sound so wonderful together and August Edgar is very handsome! Longer versions Augustus and Augustine are also not in the top 1000.


Jameson, meaning "son of James", isn't in the top 1000 even though James is in the top 10. Jameson and Ramona sound wonderfully matched and Jameson Edgar is a very attractive combo.


Pierce is an English version of the Greek name Peter, meaning "rock". I was surprised to find that neither Pierce nor alternate spelling Piers were in the top 1000. Pierce and Ramona sound lovely together and Pierce Edgar is a cool combo.


Dashiell is of uncertain meaning but it could possibly mean "from the page". Dashiell is very striking and distinguished and compliments Ramona so nicely. Dashiell Edgar is a wonderful combo.


Donovan is of Irish origin and means "dark". I was surprised that Donovan wasn't in the top 1000 in England and Wales. It's in the top 300 here in the U.S.  Donovan  has the same strong and romantic sound as Ramona and Donovan Edgar is a very handsome name.


Octavian is of Latin origin and means "eighth". Octavian has a very unique and bold sound. It think it compliments Ramona well and Octavian Edgar flows very nicely. Octavius is even rarer. 

I really hope you like one of these or at least I hope it sparks an idea. If you'd like me to suggest some more, I'd be happy to! Happy naming!

I also recently shared this preview of my upcoming Irish names article and received this comment from be_kind_live that I'd  like to share some thoughts on:

My husband and I just fell for this name but it might be too similar to Rylan our daughter's name to use. We also LOVE Ronan.

Dear be_kind_live:

Some people don't want to repeat an initial with siblings names but unless that bothers you, I don't think that Rylan and Rory are too similar. Ronan is even more similar to Rylan because not only does it begin with the same sound, it also ends with the same sound. Even that, though, doesn't have to be a problem. It just depends on your personal taste and preferences. My name is Alyssa and my sister's name is Angela (both beginning and ending with the same sound) but it never posed a problem growing up. If you like Rory, Ronan, and Rylan, you will definitely like my Irish names article! Best of luck and happy naming!

Those are the responses I have for today. I really appreciate your questions! If you have a question, please leave it in the comments or under the Ask a Question tab. I love helping people find names they can fall in love with !

God bless and thanks for reading!

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