Name Crush Monday: Amaris

Hello everybody! It's time for another name crush! This is a fun, exotic-sounding name with a cool meaning so I hope you like it as much as I do!

"promised by God"
"given by God"
Not ranked in the top 1000

While the origin and meaning can be somewhat disputed, the most accepted origin is Hebrew and the most accepted meaning are "promised by God" or "given by God". I think this name makes a great choice around the holidays Christmas and Easter, since both represent promises of God (Jesus's birth and resurrection). Amaris's meaning also makes it a wonderful choice for a long-awaited child. Something I really like about Amaris is its stunning sound. It's bold but still soft and feminine. Though it's origins are likely different, because it also begins in Am, Amaris could honor an Amy or an Amanda. It could also honor a Mary, Marie, Maria, Marilyn, etc. All in all, this is an absolutely gorgeous name that's very meaningful. I'd love to see it on a little girl!


Amaris Maeve, Amaris Hope, Amaris Joelle, Amaris Noelle, Amaris Lilia, Amaris Evangeline, Amaris Verity, Amaris Vivia, Amaris Priscilla, Amaris Thalia, Amaris Eulalie, Amaris Rosalind, Amaris Chloe, Amaris Felicity, Amaris Jessamine, Amaris Olivia, Amaris Anastasia

Zoe Amaris, Felicity Amaris, Abigail Amaris, Chloe Amaris, Evelyn Amaris, Rosalind Amaris, Verity Amaris, Willow Amaris, Opal Amaris, Lucy Amaris, Rachel Amaris, Callisto Amaris, Phoebe Amaris, Violet Amaris, Callie Amaris

What name would you pair with Amaris?

God bless you and thanks for reading!

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