Name Crush Monday: Clover

Hello everyone! Today's name crush is a charming botanical name that has become the symbol of a nation. In honor of Ireland and St. Patrick's day, we have Clover.

Clover is a sweet and unexpected botanical name. Although you often hear them called shamrocks instead of clovers, these are a symbol for Ireland and a symbol for good luck when they have four leaves. Clover is not in the the top 1000 currently and I think it will remain a rare but refreshing choice. Clover fits in well with current trends even though people haven't caught on to it yet. Clover is a nature name, ends in  -er, contains the attractive letter v, and sounds similar to Chloe, a name that's been popular for awhile. Clover would make a great alternative to Chloe or to the mega-popular Harper. Clo even makes a cute nickname! Something to keep in mind, though, is that Clover is often used as a name for both male and female non-human characters on TV and in books. Some might consider that a drawback but I don't think it shoudl stop you from using the name!

Cool combos for Clover:

Clover Kathleen, Clover Breanne, Clover Siobahn, Clover Fiona, Clover Niamh, Clover Evelyn, Clover Sarah, Clover Abigail, Clover Elinor, Clover Hannah, Clover Emily

Alana Clover, Caitlin Clover, Fiona Clover, Ella Clover, Emily Clover, Teagan Clover, Mabel Clover, Hannah Clover, Elinor Clover, Beatrix Clover, Madeleine Clover

Siblings for Clover:

Emerald, Ivy, Roisin, Quinn, Fiona, Cora, Niamh, Caitlin, Demi, Olive, Juniper, May, Harper, Hannah, Beatrix, Alice, Willow, Delaney, Ireland, Violet

Finn, Declan, Patrick, Oliver, Felix, Braden, Evander, Henry, Liam, Rory, Brennan, Lorcan, Aidan, Sean, Cormac

If you like Clover, be sure and check this list of Incredible Irish Baby Names!

What name would you pair with Clover and what would you name her siblings?

God bless you and thanks for reading!

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  1. The name Clover makes me think of the "What Katy Did" books. ^_^

    Clover Maree, Clover Chantelle, Clover Elise, Clover Elizabeth, Clover Laurina... I could just keep going here! XD


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