Name Crush Monday: Eulalie

Hello everyone! Today's name crush is a name that I would love to use (if I could get my husband to agree to it). I hope you love it too!

French from Greek
"sweetly speaking"
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Eulalie is a very sweet french version of the equally lovely name Eulalia, which has Greek roots. The Greek root word "eu" means well or good and the Greek word "lalia" means chattering or manner of speech. That's where the generally accepted meanings of "sweetly speaking" or "well-spoken" come from. Pronunciation can get tricky for both Eulalia and Eulalie. There seems to be very little agreement on how these names should be pronounced. The debate for Eulalia seems to be between "yoo-LAH-lee-uh" and "yoo-LAY-lee-uh". My guess is that "yoo-LAH-lee-uh" might be closer to the original Greek but I still prefer the sound of the "yoo-LAY-lee-uh" pronunciation. Add in the French influence for Eulalie and it can get even trickier. In French it's pronounced something like "oo-LAH-lee", though I've also read that the emphasis could be placed on the final syllable. Some prefer Eulalie to be pronounced closest to the Greek version of Eulalia:"yoo-LAH-lee". Many English speakers, though, choose the pronunciation "yoo-LAY-lee", which is the pronunciation that I prefer. Appellation Mountain featured Eulalie at one point. The article was very good and the discussion about pronunciation in the comments was very interesting as well. It helped show the variety of different perspectives people could have on pronouncing Eulalie. As you can see, pronunciation could definitely be an issue with this name, but I think it's so beautiful that it's still worth using despite pronunciation quibbles. 

Some nicknames for Eulalie include: Eula, Eulie (rhymes with Julie), Lolly, Laylie, or maybe just Lee.

Eulalie has a lot of what I look for in a name: Greek roots, great meaning, pretty sound, and I could even use this name to honor family. My grandfather is named Eugene, which has the same Greek root "eu" (meaning "well" or "good") as Eulalie. Also, both my husband and my grandfather are preachers, which ties in to Eulalie's meaning. I'm really crushing on Eulalie right now and I could see us maybe using it one day, if my husband agrees to it.

While Eulalie is very rare in everyday life, there are more historical and literary references to Eulalie than you might think. Some that are of note are Eulalie Spence, a Harlem Renaissance playwright, Eulalie Banks, a children's book illustrator, and Eulalie Morin, a French portrait painter. Eulalie is the title of a poem by Edgar Alan Poe and a the name of a character in The Music Man, a play with many great names! Name blogger Elisabeth of named her baby girl Eulalie in 2009. So lovely!

Now for some combos:

Eulalie Belle, Eulalie Willow, Eulalie Jane, Eulalie Olive, Eulalie Zara, Eulalie Opal, Eulalie Grace, Eulalie Hannah, Eulalie Faith, Eulalie Violet, Eulalie Kate

Rosalind Eulalie, Norah Eulalie, Jocelyn Eulalie, Priscilla Eulalie, Maria Eulalie, Coraline Eulalie, Ginger Eulalie, Emma Eulalie, Caitlin Eulalie. Calla Eulalie

What middle name would you pair with Eulalie?

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