Names In the News: Alaska New Years Babies

Hello everyone! It's not too late to share some more names of New Years Babies, right? This time we're going all the way to Alaska to find some names. I think these are some that you'll like! You can read the original article here.

The first Alaskan New Years baby in the article was a little boy named Carter born less than an hour after midnight in Juneau. Carter's parents say they were expecting a Christmas baby but were perfectly happy to have a New Years baby too! Unfortunately, the article didn't list little Carter's middle name so I can't share with you the cool combo his parent's came up with. 

Carter is a name that I've been hearing a lot lately! It's very on-trend. Surnames as first names is something we've been seeing in baby name trends for awhile. It's an English occupational name that means "transporter of goods by cart".  In 2014, Carter ranked #27 and it's been gaining steadily for some time. It even entered the top 1000 for girls in 2013 and is already at #785. Karter with a K is also doing pretty well at #194 for boys and #968 for girls. Carter is definitely a name to watch! 

A baby girl named Everleigh was born in Anchorage at almost 1 AM. Her mom was also a New Years baby in 1982. 

Everleigh is another up and coming name. With the Everleigh spelling, it's ranked #716. The most common spelling is Everly and it's ranked #178. Everly/Everleigh is of English origin and means "wild boar in woodland clearing". Everly has risen exponentially in the last few years. It only entered the top 1000 in 2012. I imagine it'll be in the top 100 on the 2015 list and Everleigh will continue to rise too. Everly's popularity has been greatly affected by Channing Tatum, who named his daughter Everly.

Another baby girl was born in Anchorage just before 2 AM and her name was Lily Ann Jin Yu Fielding. I'm not quite sure if Lily Ann is a first and middle combo or a double-barrel first name.

Lily is a very popular flower name at #27. Similar Lillian is slightly more popular at #25 and Lilian is #506. Lilly is #124 and Lillie #512. Liliana, Lilliana, Lilianna, and Lillianna are all in the top 1000 as well. Lily Ann has a very on trend sound! Ann is a popular middle name and a popular choice to be a part of a double-barreled first name.

This year these Alaskan New Years babies had names following some very popular trends, names that lots of people are loving these days. What I like about these names is that even though they are very trendy, they're all established names with history and meaning. 

What about you? What do you think of these three names? Do you prefer names that are common or uncommon?  What makes a name special for you?

God bless and thanks for reading!

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