Names In the News: Pride Quadruplets

Hello everyone! Since Texas Independence Day was earlier this week, I'm going to share with you today some name that say Texas to me. The Pride Family, who are from my home town, welcomed quadruples in September of last year. They already had a daughter named Parker, and they stuck with their unisex surname and initial P theme, along with a Texas place name. I hope you enjoy reading about this family as much as I did!

Parker is the big sister of the Pride family. Parker is a very popular English surname used as a first name. In 2014 for boys it was #73 and for girls it was #235. It's rise for boys is slowing down but it's still rising very quickly for girls. Parker means "park keeper".

Payton is the only girl of the quadruplets. Payton is another English surname meaning "fighting man's estate". Peyton is the more popular spelling for both sexes but Payton was #644 for boys and #134 for girls. It appears to be falling in popularity for both sexes but surprisingly, Peyton/Payton is more popular for girls.

Porter is another surname, this time from Latin or French origins, and it means "carrier". It was #368 for boys in 2014. Porter has been rising pretty significantly every year since 1999 but it was also fairly popular from the 1900s to the 1920s as well. This Porter is a boy but I wanted to mention that Porter is not in the top 1000 for girls, though I hear it discussed for girls on name forums. 

Powers is a very interesting surname choice! Of course, power is an English word name. This name brings with it a connotation of strength. I'd be curious to know if this is a family name of some sort.

Now Pecos really says Texas to me! Pecos is the name of a river and a town in west Texas (far from where the Pride family is currently living). It's in the Chihuahuan desert and definitely has a cowboy feel to it (you might think Pecos Bill). Pecos also claims to be the home of the world's first rodeo. The meaning is disputed but Pecos could refer to a head of cattle. Pecos is a very unique choice for a first name, but like  said, Pecos says Texas to me.

Signpost in Pecos, image from Wikipedia

So what do you think of the Pride family's names? They were  lot of fun to read and write about! Some names that go along with their style could be Presley, Palmer, Paxton, and for another Texas geography name, Pasadena (though people might be more familiar with Pasadena, California). If you want to read more about the Pride Family, check out their blog The Pride Tribe.

What other names do you think match their style?

God bless and thanks for reading!

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