Names of the Week: Anastasia and Pascal

Hello everyone! It's almost Easter so I wanted to share these Easter related Names of the Week with you! Easter is a beautiful time of year and spring itself speaks of resurrection and new life! These names have great meanings and I think they're really cool names in general! I hope you like them as much as I do!

Ranked #240 in 2014

Anastasia is a gorgeous Greek name meaning "resurrection". It's grand and frilly, fitting in perfectly with the Isabellas and Sophias on the playground. Anastasis is the Greek word resurrection. A common Easter greeting in Greece is "Christos Anesti!", meaning "Christ is risen!". Of course, the most famous Anastasia is the tragically fated Russian princess Anastsia that Disney made a movie about. Sadly, the true story does not include a happy ending. Even with the tragic association, Anastasia remains a stunning name. The first "name tuber" I ever watched is a woman named Stephanie and her chanel is called Anastasia Ruby. Ana would be an adorable nickname! Stacy and Stasia are nicknames for Anastasia as well. Overall, Anastasia is a lovely, classy, meaningful name that's familar but uncommon enough that it's unlikely to be repeated in the classroom.

Combos for Anastasia:

Anastasia  Hope, Anastasia Joy, Anastasia Vivienne, Anastasia Lily, Anastasia Claire, Anastasia Callie, Anastasia Grace, Anastasia Promise, Anastasia Charis, Anastasia Lillian, Anastasia Pearl, Anastasia Opal, Anastasia Joelle, Anastasia Evangeline

Amelie Anastasia, Callisto Anastasia, Esther Anastasia, Harper Anastasia, Chloe Anastasia, Charlotte Anastasia, Ivy Anastasia, Evangeline Anastasia, Belle Anastasia, Opal Anastasia, Esme Anastasia, Elizabeth Anastasia, Beatrice Anastasia

"born around Easter time"
Not in the top 1000 in 2014

Pascal is a unique name originally used in France for boys born around Easter time. It comes from the Latin word for Easter: :"pascha". The Latin word comes from the Hebrew word "pesach", the word for Passover, which means "to skip over". You could gather from that and the story the connotation "to have mercy on". The Passover in the Old Testament is what's called a "type" of the sacrificial death of Christ, like a shadow. They're very connected throughout Scripture. Passover and what we now call Easter used to coincide on the calendar but the date of Easter has been a subject of controversy for quite some time. The most famous Pascal is probably Blaise Pascal, a French scientist and Christian philosopher. There is a computer programming language named Pascal after him. Another Pascal you might recognize is Pascal the chameleon from Disney's Tangled. All in all, Pascal is a distinctive and meaningful name. I'm kind of crushing on it at the moment. Paz and Pax could be nicknames for Pascal (you know how I love the name Pax!). There's also the very charming nickname Cal. I'd love to meet a little Pascal one day!

Combos for Pascal:

Pascal Joseph, Pascal Benjamin, Pascal Isaac, Pascal Everett, Pascal Felix, Pascal Johannes, Pascal Declan, Pascal Judah, Pascal Ferdinand, Pascal Nikolai

Christopher Pascal, Alexander Pascal, Conrad Pascal, Eli Pascal, Kingsley Pascal, Nathan Pascal, Henry Pascal, Jonathan Pascal, Liam Pascal, Truett Pascal, Declan Pascal

I hope you like these names and I pray you have a wonderful Easter! God bless and thanks for reading!

What combos would you use for Anastasia and Pascal? What would you name a sibling to Anastasia and Pascal?

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