Spring Names for Girls

Hello everyone! Spring is here! It's time for flowers and green and baby animals! Spring is such a lovely time of year and there are some wonderful spring-themed names, especially for girls. Of course any flower name would be fitting as well as names with animal meanings. For this article I focused on names that mean spring, names with flower meanings (as opposed to flower word names), names that mean life, a few nature word names, and some specific names with animal meanings. I hope you enjoy these vibrant names!

*Rankings based on the 2014 top 100 list

Not ranked in the top 1000

Aviva is a gorgeous, underused Hebrew (though not biblical) name meaning "spring". Aviva is a very direct way to name your baby after springtime and it is so lively and fun to say! Ava, Avi, Viv, Vivi, and Viva can all be nicknames for Aviva.

Not ranked in the top 1000

Blossom is a really fun English word name! It might not be for everyone but I think it would be really cool for the right family, or maybe even a bold middle name for a more conventional first name.

Not ranked in the top 1000 

With Aurelia on the rise, you might want to consider similar-sounding Latin name Cerelia. It sounds very princessy to me. Pronunciation could be an issue with this name, though. I have found no agreement between diffeent sources on how to pronounce it. Another possible downside, it comes from the same root as the English word cereal. I guess that could be an upside if you like cereal, though.

"boar meadow"
Ranked #178

Everly is a super hot name right now! Channing Tatum named his daughter Everly in 2013 and it has shot up from the 900 range all the way up to #178 in 2014! I'm fairly confident that it will be in the top 100 in 2015. This is a true testament to how celebrities affect naming culture! The meadow part of the meaning is cute, the boar part, not so much.

Not ranked in the top 1000

Jessamine is a lovely, older spelling of the botanical name jasmine. Jasmine has been mega-popular for decades so Jessamine feels like a fresh alternative. Jess, Jessie, and Jessa are all great nicknames for Jessamine, as is Mina. There is a famous Quaker author with this name, though she spells it Jessamyn (West). Jessamine would be a great way to honor a mom/aunt/cousin/best friend named Jessica or Jasmine, and there are plenty of those!

"young green shoot"
Ranked #18

Chloe is by far the most popular name on this list. It's meaning "young green shoot" makes it perfect for spring! Chloe is on a bit of a downturn in popularity. It held a top ten spot from 2008-2010. Something you may not know about Chloe is it's a New Testament name, mentioned briefly in 1 Corinthians.

Not ranked in the top 1000

You know a name is rare when it's not even listed on Nameberry! Eilir is an intriguing Welsh name with a very pretty meaning of "butterfly". Pronunciation could be an issue but nickname Eilie (pn. like Aylee) would be cute!

Not ranked in the top 1000

Flora is so adorable! I don't know why it hasn't made a comeback like Nora and Cora. Choosing it would make you ahead of the curve!

Ranked #245

I was surprised to see how popular Iris is and it's rising! I included this name not because it's the name of a flower (though it is), but because it means "rainbow", something often seen after those spring showers!

Ranked #916

Zahra has a few different origins and it means something different in each language. It can be a variation of the Hebrew Sarah (princess). In Arabic it means "bright" or "brilliant". The reason it's on this list is because it means "flower" in Kiswahili, the language of the Swahili people of southeast Africa. I think this name has a lot o potential! Zara with this spelling is in the top 500, but the Zahra spelling helps clarify pronunciation. Angelina Jolie chose the variant Zahara for her daughter.

Not Ranked in the top 1000

Laverna is a Latin name meaning "springlike". In 2016, Laverna definitely has a dated feel, but maybe sometime soon it could be fashionably old-fashioned.

Not ranked in the top 1000

If Blue could be usable so could Bloom. It's a different choice for sure, but a really cute one! It could also make a really adorable middle name.

Ranked #738

Leona is a lovely name that means "lioness". It would be very cute on a girl born in March, especially the beginning of March. "In like a lion, out like a lamb." Leonie is a less common variant.

Ranked #168

Margaret is a fashionably old-fashioned name that's on this list because of its connection with daisies. Even though Margaret means pearl, Daisy is often a nickname for Margaret. In Spanish, the word for daisy is Margarita, a variant of Margaret. The French name for daisy is Marguerite, another variant. The nicknames Meg, Maggie, and even Ret make Margaret very appealing!

"heather meadow"
Ranked #99

Hadley is one of many -ley names that have been popular for decades. Hadley has made a consistent rise since 2000 from obscurity to the top 100! Heather meadow conjures a lovely, vivid image and Haddie is a cute nickname!

Not ranked in the top 1000

Oona is a variation of the Gaelic Oonagh, meaning "lamb". Oona would be very sweet on a springtime baby, especially one born at the end o March. "In like a lion, out like a lamb". For simplicity's sake, this name can also be spelled Una.

Not ranked in the top 1000

Primavera is actually the Spanish word for spring. Maybe it's a bit much, but shortened to Prima or Vera it might be more usable.

"cherry blossom"
Not ranked in the top 1000

Sakura is such a stunning Japanese word for cherry blossom! I personally find cherry blossoms absolutely gorgeous but Sakura is another name where pronunciation can be tricky.

Not ranked in the top 1000

Shoshana is a vibrant variant of Susannah, meaning "lily".  Susannah itself is rare but Shoshana is even more distinctive! Shana and Shoshie make fun nicknames!

Ranked #454

Viviana is another vivacious spring name that means "life". It's just inside the top 500.  Viviana is a variant of Vivian, which is #98. Viv and Vivi are cute nicknames!

Not ranked in the top 1000

Wildflower might be better suited as a guilty pleasure name but I can't help but think it's really cute! A bold middle name choice maybe?

"butterfly" or "born at dawn"
Not ranked in the top 1000

Cho is a lovely and distinctive Japanese name meaning "butterfly" or "born at dawn". Fans of the Harry Potter series will associate this name with the Ravenclaw Cho Chang. Cho would also make a really cool middle name!

"town by the meadow"
Ranked #540 

Leighton is a very cute unisex name and much less popular than rhyming name Payton. "Town by the meadow" is a very sweet meaning! Though the spelling can make it complicated, I love the way Leighton looks. Actress Leighton Meester makes this name familiar enough in American pop culture.

Ranked #701

Hadassah is a super attractive biblical name, the Hebrew name of Queen Esther. Myrtle, Hadassah's meaning, might sound hopelessly old-fashioned, but Hadassah sounds fresh and sweet! Haddie is absolutely adorable!

Ranked #757

Meadow is such a sweet little nature name! Can't you just picture a lovely spring Meadow filled with wildflowers? I'm partial to it because my husband and I got married in Meadow, TX. I also think girls names that end in the "oh" sound are very cool. 

Not ranked in the top 1000

Anthea is a charming Greek name meaning "flowery". It has a classical and distinguished sound and it's not in the top 1000. Annie and Thea are lovely nicknames!

"meadow of quivering aspens"
Not ranked in the top 1000

Waverly has a very appealing sound and its meaning, "meadow of quivering aspens", paints a beautiful pcture. I'm a little surprised it's not more well-used.

"little flower"
Not ranked in the top 1000

Fiorella is such a fun Italian name meaning "little flower"! It's not too unfamiliar but it's not at all well used. Fi/Fee, Ella, and Ellie are all very cute nicknames!

Not ranked in the top 1000

Fiorenza is a name that I've recently come across. It's sound is bold and lyrical. It reminds me of the Cornish name Kerenza. Fi/Fee, Ren, Renzi, and Renza are all adorable nicknames!

Not ranked in the top 1000

Jesenia (alternatively spelled Yesenia), is a unique Arabic name that means "flower". Jesenia is another fun and distictive way to get to the nickname Jess or honor a Jessica.

"to blossom"
Ranked #741

Thalia is such an enchanting Greek name meaning "to blossom". The only problem with this name is the pronunciation issues it could cause. There are several suggested pronunciations out there. Whether you pronounce the "th" sound or not, Tally would make a cute nickname. If the pronunciation you like rhymes with Aaliyah, you might consider the similar Hebrew name Talia (meaning "dew from heaven"), to avoid confusion.

Not ranked in the top 1000

Zipporah is a delightful Hebrew name with a disputed meaning but most sources say its "bird". In the Bible, Zipporah is the wife of Moses. Zippy as a nickname is not to everyone's taste, but I happen to like it. If it's not your style, there's also Zia or just Z. Tziporah is another spelling and Sephora is a lovely French variation!

There you have it! I really enjoyed making this list of spring names for girls! There are a lot of very beautiful ones that fit in to this category, in my opinion, and many of them are lovely rare choices. I hope you enjoyed these!

Which one of these is your favorite? What name combos can you make using these names?

God bless and thanks for reading!

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