Throwback Names: Names From Irish Emigration Lists

Hello everyone and Happy St. Patrick's Day! In honor of the holiday, I decieded to feature some names from Irish emigration lists to North America in 1815-1816, 200 years ago. These lists were originally published in a newspaper called The Shamrock. I was able to view an alphabetized list on If you'd like to see the full list, you can view it there too. The names I chose to feature were just some that stood our to me, though I did try to include the most common ones. 

We'll start with some girls names:

My favorite name on this list is Susannah, which occurred on the emigration list a few times. There are some great classics on this list like Elizabeth, Jane, Alice, Rose, Grace, Catherine and Margaret. Eliza and Maria are recent name crushes of mine, and I've always kind of liked Bridget. Unity is a super cool virtue name! Winifred is not a name I would personally consider, but I like its sound and the nickname Winnie. I could see it making a comeback!

Now for some boys names:

My favorite name on this list is Bartholomew (I love the nickname Bard!). There are a lot of great classics on this list, as well and also some that feel more modern. Archibald, Constantine, Murtoch, Mathan, and Fortescue particularly intrigued me. Many of the names on this list are popular today and some are in need of a well-deserved revival!

There were plenty of cool surnames on the list that could be used as first names, and many of them are already being used as first names. 

My favorite names on this list are Elliot and Bennett. Bradford, Knox, Quinn, Adair, Crosby, Rowan, Pierce, Travers, Jordain, and Hawthorn appeal to me too. I'm not sure that Quigley is entirely usable on a human (though I think it would be very distinguished on a dog), but I love its quirky sound!

Also on this list were people variants of my maiden name. There were several Dohertys and Doughertys. The Dohertys were Anne, Michael, Anthony, Bryan, Catherine,Charles, David, Daniel, Hugh, John, Maria, Mary, Philip and William. The Doughertys were Bridget, James, John and William. I'm not sure, but I don't think I'm directly decended from any of them. I think my direct ancestor came to America a couple decades before 1816. I did learn a lot about my family's heritage looking into this article, though. I learned that I come from a really, really big family and that we used to be royalty in Ireland. I also learned that my ancestors come from what is now Northern Ireland, instead of the Republic of Ireland. I found this really cool video about the O'Doherty clan. They do the histories behind lots of surnames so if you're curious, look to see if they have a video about your name! 

Where do your ancestors come from? Do you know what your surname means?

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I learned a lot writing this! God bless you and thanks for reading!

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