Fantastic Flower Names In the Top 1000

Hello everyone! I've got a fun article for you today about flower names! I learned some surprising things with this article! There are only ten flower names in the top 1000! Be on the look out soon for some more flower names that are not in the top 1000!

Lily, #27

Lily is a lovely name that's been on the rise lately. Lilies come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, all of which are gorgeous. My wedding bouquet was mostly alstromeria, a type of lily. People are really liking the repeating l sound in girls names lately (Lillian, Layla, Lila, Lola). I think the Lily Potter reference is another reason this name has become so popular lately. Lily is actually on its way down but if you're looking for a less popular version of lily (besides its many, many spelling variations), Lilia is #183, Liliana at #119, and Lilia and Lilias aren't in the top 1000!

Violet, #67

Violet is a stunning name that has a lovely "fashionably old-fashioned" vibe. Violet has made quite the well-deserved comeback over the last decade and a half and is now more popular now than its ever been! I love this name, this flower, and this color! If you love Violet but you're worried about its popularity , the Italian form Violetta is not in the top 1000 and neither is the other lovely purple name Lavender!

Jasmine, #100

Jasmine is a cute name that's on a downturn in popularity after decades of fame. Jasmine has multiple spelling variations such as Jazmin, Yasmin, Jasmin, etc. I prefer the older version Jessamine because of the potential nickname Jessa. The jasmine flower is very pretty and has a lovely scent. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson named his daughter Jasmine in 2015.

Daisy, #180

Daisy is an absolutely adorable name and I'm glad it's making a comeback it's sweet and whimsical but ages well, in my opinion.  I see Daisy rising in the future, due in part to the actress Daisy Ridley who played protagonist  Rey in the most recent Star Wars movie. If you like Daisy but prefer a more formal name, Daisy has long been a nickname for Margaret and Margaret variations. 

Rose, #194

I can't think of a more classically stunning name than Rose. Currently, I believe Rose has replaced Marie as the quintessential girls middle name but I think Rose is very refreshing in the first name spot. There are many, many namesakes for the name Rose, both historical and fictional, but some of my favorites are Rose Wilder Lane (daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder) and Rose Weasley (daughter of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger). There are also many longer names with the "Rose" component, my favorites being Rosalind, Rosalie, and Primrose.

Iris, #245

Iris is a very old-fashioned sounding sounding name but I can see it's appeal. Iris is a flower name but it's also a Greek word meaning "rainbow". In Spanish, a rainbow is called an "arcoiris". I think Iris has a cool sound, feminine but outside the normal sound for a girls name. Iris makes an interesting, less trendy alternative to Isla.

Dahlia, #445

Dahlia is a flower name with a very sophisticated sound. The dahlia flower was named for the botanist Anders Dahl (meaning Dale). Dahlia is a cute way to get to the nickname Dolly/Dolley/Dahlie (a guilty pleasure of mine). Other possibly nicknames for Dahlia are Day (Dahlia is usually pronounced DAY-lee-uh in the UK) and Lia. 

Azalea, #527

Azalea is cool flower name with a spunky sound that still remains very feminine. Right now, Azalea is very tied to a couple of pop-culture music icons. Since that's not my type of music, Azalea doesn't feel usable for me personally right now but if you're a fan, I think Azalea is stunning in so many ways! Zay and Lea are cool nicknames.

Magnolia, #831

Magnolia is a cute, fanciful flower name that's recently come on the scene in 2013. Magnolia is dripping with southern charm. Maggie is a popular old-fashioned nickname and Magnolia is a cool, less common way to get to get to it. I really like the idea of Noli as a nickname for Magnolia. Whatever nickname you prefer, I think Magnolia will continue to rise for quite awhile. 

Heather, #837

Unlike Magnolia, Heather is on its way down in popularity after being super popular in the 70s and 80s. It was #3 in 1975. Heather feels more natural on an adult than a baby these days but I think it could still be a cool way to honor Scottish ties. 

So those are the flower names in the top 1000! I can't believe there's only ten! I know that a lot of people are looking for more options so more exotic flower names along the lines of Magnolia might be in the top 1000 in the near future. Which one of these ten is your favorite?

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