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Hello everyone! A few weeks ago, I discussed some beloved flower names, the ten flower names found in the 2014 top ten. Today, I wanted talk about some more unique flower names! These names are so beautiful and so fun! It's hard to believe some of these aren't more popular!

Let's get started!

Amaryllis so very fun and versatile! There are copious nickname options, from Ama to Mary, to Rilla and more! Because they are often given as gifts during the holiday season, Amaryllis makes an especially good flower name choice for a winter baby. Amaryllis means "to sparkle" in Greek.

Aster definitely has a different sound than many of the other names on this list. If you're looking for a truly unique name that unlikely to shoot up in popularity, Aster might be for you. Aster also makes a interesting alternative to Esther (currently at #203), given their similar sound and the fact that they both mean "star".

Bryony is an intriguing botanical name, a climbing vine with green flowers. Bryony means "to sprout", a very positive meaning with connotations of growth. With all the well-loved Bri names for girls (Brianna, Brielle, Brittany), I think Bryony definitely has potential!

Calla is very simple, easy to say and spell, but it's also incredibly stunning! I can't believe it hasn't caught on! Multiple spellings of Callie are in the top 1000 but Calla is still very rare. One of my favorite things about Calla is that it means "beautiful" in Greek. If you love the beauty of Lily but you're looking for something more distinctive, Calla might be for you! 

Camellia is lovely as a name and as a flower! Camellia rhymes with the popular, classic Amelia, and would make a great alternative. Some great nickname options that I love are Cami, Mel, and Lia.

Daffoldil is a quirky choice but I think it could be a cool one for the right family!

Gardenia is a frilly, sophisticated sounding name. I think it would make a memorable choice for the right family or a very distinctive character name in a novel. 

Hyacinth is in the same sophisticated, up-scale vein as Gardenia, but in my opinion, more usable. I like it's very unique sound. Cindy could make a cute nickname. I don't see Hyacinth rising much in popularity, but it's a name I'd love to see used!

I adore Lavender as a name, as a plant, and as a color. Lavender has a lot of medicinal uses and is used for calming in aroma therapy, so the name has connotations of tranquility and healing. As a name, Lavender has a lot of potential and I especially love that you can get the nickname Endi from it.

Lilac has so much potential! It's a color name, it's a flower name and it's very similar to other very popular names like Lily, Lila and Violet. If you love any one of those names, Lilac would make a very fun and gorgeous alternative that really stands out!

Linnea is a fun and unexpected flower name that think is 100% ready to be in the spotlight. Lin/Lyn/Lynn names are all very popular right now but you usually find that sound at the end. Linnea has that much-loved sound at the beginning. Linnea is an intriguing name that corresponds with an equally intriguing flower, the twin flower, named Linnea after botanist Carl Linneaus.  It would be a cute, subtle twin name, as well as a great way to honor anyone with Lin/Lyn/Lynn in their name.

Lotus has a rich, bold sound but still manages to conjure ethereal images in my mind. It has been used by a couple different celebrities, and I definitely think it's usable for someone looking for an exotic flower name. Lotus could be used to honor Indian or Vietnamese heritage, because it's the national flower for both of those countries. I'd also love to see Lotus as a fun and spunky alternative to the classic flower name Rose, especially in the middle name spot!

Marigold is delightfully whimsical name! It has a fun charm but it's totally usable and it comes with some awesome nicknames: Mari and Goldie. You could even get Maggie from Marigold. Marigold's magical sound has made it a popular name for children's novels but I'd love to see it in real life. 

Orchids are a stunning flower, and as a name Orchid has a very intriguing sound. If you're looking for a rare nickname-proof flower name, Orchid could be for you!

I'll be honest, I'm sure that Pansy is a usable name in real life at this time, but it makes a memorable character name. J.K. Rowling thought so. 

Petunia is another rare flower name that J.K. Rowling used as a character name, and for me it's still tied to the very enigmatic Petunia Dursley. Unfortunately, there aren't any great nicknames for Petunia...

Poppy is a charming, zippy little name that's so full of life! It's rare in the United States (possibly because of it's assocition with grandfathers) but has really shot up the charts in the U.K. Poppy has been used quite a bit in pop culture and is a favorite for celebrities.

Primrose is a stunning take on the classic Rose! Primrose is another Young Adult literary icon, the beloved sister Prim from the Hunger Games. I think Primrose is totally usable and a great alternative to Rose!

Tulip is snappy, fun and charmingly quirky. I love it's different sound! Tulie (rhymes with Julie) and Tutu are cute nicknames. I really think Tulip might work for a family looking for something cute and different. It would be adorable in the middle name spot!

Zinnia is an exciting name with a lot of zip and flair! Z names are always distinctive, just like the zinnia flower, which add a beautiful pop of color to any garden. Zizi would make an adorably peppy nickname!

So, there are 20 unique flower names, all outside the top 1000! My favorites are definitely Calla, Lavender, and Primrose.

Which ones are your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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