12 Spiritual Word Names

Hello! I'm so excited to share with you some lovely names from one of my favorite categories: spiritual word names. They have a similar feel to virtue names but aren't technically considered virtues, just meaningful spiritual concepts (though there is often overlap with virtue names). I also like the idea of spiritual word names and virtue names in other languages, but today we're just going to talk about spiritual word names from the English language. I also didn't separate these names by gender because whether a word name is masculine or feminine is more perception than anything. I'll say here at the beginning that I am coming from my experience as Christian with this article. If you are of another religion, you might not relate to all of these words or you might have other words that are meaningful to you. 

Let's get started!

Blessing is a name that I've heard more than once in the middle name spot, and once as a part of a longer first name. I've only ever heard it on girls and it does strike me as feminine, but like I said before, it's a matter of perception. Every child is a blessing from God so this name is never out of place!

Joy was covered in my virtue names article but I felt Bliss fit better here. Bliss does make a nice alternative to Joy that is much less common! Bliss has such a sweet sound and really captures a parent's feeling of happiness or the joy of the Lord!

Journey is a sweet, meaningful modern-sounding name that has gained some popularity in the United States for girls (#274 in 2015). It's not nearly as popular for boys, but some a notable example of a boy named Journey is the son of Jaime "Taboo" Gomez of the Black Eyed Peas. I love the idea of all that this name could symbolize in a family's story and the journey of our walk with God!

There are many names on this list that I love, but Promise is one of my favorites! It reminds me of all the promises God has made to his people. I have heard Promise as a first name and as a middle name, and I've heard it on a boy and a girl. I love it's strong yet soft sound! If I were to use it, I'd use it on a girl. 

Prosper is an intriguing, unique choice that of course fits in with the current word name trend, but also with the "-er" ending trend. Prosper has kind of a vintage chic that I really love! It might remind you of the much loved verse Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Remember is another name with the popular "-er" ending, that is by no means popular. I can see a lot of potential in the name Remember, though, especially with its many charming nicknames. Remy, Emmy, Mem, and Ember are all so cute and on-trend! You might recall that there is a Dear America book where the main character is Remember Patience Whipple, who went by the nickname Mem. There are may calls in the Bible for God's people to remember what he has done for them, as well as may prayers for God to remember and help his people, giving this name much spiritual significance.

Revere is another name on this list that I love, and one that I love on a boy! It's not at all a common name and it's sharp sound even adds to it's uniqueness. Of course, many verses in the Bible call on God's people to revere the Lord, giving this name its spiritual significance. It has historical significance as well, as it is the surname of prominent American revolutionary Paul Revere.

You might recognize Saint as a name chosen by more than one celebrity couple, most notably of course, the son of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Biblically speaking, a saint is one who is holy, or set apart, and it is something that all believers are called to. Some denominations, such as Catholicism, have more specific qualifications and a long process for being recognized a saint according to their teachings. You might also think of Christian missionary and martyr Nate Saint, whose life, and those of his comrades, are the focus of the book and movie The End of the Spear.

While Serenity is in the top 100 for girls, and Serena in the top 500, Serene is not in the top 1000. If you like Serenity but want something less popular (or shorter), Serene would make a lovely choice. Serene, of course, means "tranquil" or "calm" and even the sound of this name gives off relaxing vibes. You can find Serene's spiritual connection in the peace that you experience when you put your hope in God. 

True is a wonderful little name that's one of the most versatile on this list. It would make a great first name or middle name for a boy or a girl. There are longer versions of True, from Truett, to Truman, to Truly, but True does just fine on its own as well. The Bible has a lot to say about truth, and true is an adjective often applied to God and his word. 

I really love spiritual word names, and these twelve are some of my favorites! I could easily write a part two to this, so if these match your style, be on the look out for that! Which name on this list is your favorite and do you like it for a boy or a girl?

God bless and happy naming!

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  1. One name that I came across yesterday for a girl was Rejoice, and I love it! I also like Promise and Serenity on your list. Honor is another one that could work. :)

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