5 Romantic U.S. Place Names

Hello friends and Happy Valentine's Day! There has been quite a lot of buzz about place names recently, especially ones that are a little different; so today for Valentine's Day I thought I'd share with you some U.S. place names that have a romantic vibe, both the cities and the names themselves. There are so many amazing romantic place names from Europe like Paris and Rome, but today we are sticking to the U.S., some on each coast and a couple in the middle.

#38 in 2016
Origin: Spanish
Meaning: "flat tropical grassland"

With its enchanting parks and antebellum architecture the southern escape Savannah, Georgia was deemed the most romantic city in the United States in several polls that I looked at. That could explain why at #38 it's by far the most popular name on this list, or perhaps it's so popular because of its similarity to another popular name: Samantha. Savannah reached its peak at #30 in 2007 and 2008, but I was surprised to learn that Savannah was also fairly popular in the very early 1900's as well, before dropping out of the top 1000 in 1932. One of my favorite aspects of Savannah are the the nickname possibilities: there's the alluring Vannah and my favorite, the spunky Savvy.

not ranked in 2016
Origin: French and English
Meaning: "Town of the free man" 
or "Town of Charles"

Originally called Charlestown, the charming waterfront city of Charleston, South Carolina  is rich in history. It founded about 100 years before the founding of the United States of America. It was named for King Charles II of England. While Charleston would be a handsome and distinguished boys name, it could also work for a girl. It would be a great way to honor someone named Charles. Charlie would be the most obvious nickname for either a boy or a girl, but there are some other possibilities as well. Char is a debonair choice for a boy and sweet Lessie would be lovely on a girl.

Ranked #361 in 2016 for girls
Origin: old English
Meaning: "tree"

Its glistening snow-covered mountains and upscale ski resort draw many to Aspen, Colorado every year. Of course, the aspen tree with its quaking leaves and distinctive white tree is very common in Colorado, making the name Aspen both a place name and a botanical name. I recently moved to Colorado and I find the aspen trees simply stunning in both their appearance and the rustling sound their leaves make in the wind. Aspen is derived for the English word for tree and I believe that it's its nature vibe that's carrying it to the towards the top of the popularity charts. At #361 in 2016 Aspen is not overly common right now, but it has been rising since entering the top 1000 list for girls in 1993, and I predict that it will continue to rise! Nameberry.com calls Aspen Colorado's quirky favorite girls name, meaning it's more common in Colorado than in any other state. Although it's only ever been in the top 1000 for girls, most nature and place names could easily work for either gender.

Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2016
Origin: possibly English
Meaning: "valley"

At the base of Vail Mountain, the town of Vail, Colorado was built as a base for the iconic ski resort, the second largest in the United States. Parts of Vail have a charming old-timey European feel, despite the fact that the town itself is only about 50 years old. There are so many things to love about the name Vail! It begins with the charming V sound, it's pretty much nickname proof, and it packs a romantic medieval feel all into one syllable. Vail would be stunning as either a first or middle name for either a boy or a girl.

Not ranked in 2016
Origin: Native American
Meaning: Valley of the Moon

The Sonoma Valley in California is known for its gorgeous vineyards and breath-taking scenery. The name Sonoma has a luxurious kind of enchantment about it. While it is not hard to pronounce or spell, it is a very rare name coming from a native American word meaning "the valley of the moon" or "many moons", giving it even more of a romantic feel. I think Sonoma would be a unique (but not strange or difficult) choice for a little girl today. Sonny (or Sunny) would be such a cute nickname!

Which of these romantic place names is your favorite? What cool combos can you come up with? Tell me in the comments!

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