Name Crush Monday: Valor

Hello everyone! It's been awhile since I've done a name crush Monday, but I have one for you today just in time for Valentine's Day. Valor is a very attractive virtue name that means "bravery" or "courage". Valor is not in the US top 1000. The word itself it rare, so that gives Valor the advantage of sounding more like a name. Unisex names aren't typically my style but most virtue and word names could go either way. I could see Valor on either a boy or a girl. Since it begins with Val, Valor would be a nice subtle non towards Valentine's Day for a baby born in February, but it's also lovely at any time of year.

What cool combos can you make with Valor?

For a boy, I'd do Andreas Valor.

For a girl I'd do Zara Valor.

If you like Valor, check out these articles about virtue names for boys and virtue names for girls.

Do you prefer Valor or Brave?

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