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Hello friends! What is more romantic than a rose? As Valentine's Day is coming up, I decided I make you a list of rose names. There are rose names that begin with Rose, Rosa, Rosi or Roz, rose names that mean rose or contain rose, and double-barrel rose names. Of course, roses and rose names are lovely at any time of year, but a rose on Valentine's Day seems especially sweet!

From the simple Rose, to the grand Rosalind, to the melodic Rosalia, there are so many beautiful names that begin with Rose! Of this list, my personal favorites are Rosalind (Latin, meaning "beautiful rose"), Roza (Ukrainian for "rose" and also "pink"), and the sweet, straightforward Rose. Rose seems to be a very popular middle name these days, but it makes a very distinguished first name as well. It's not as popular as you might think, not even making the top 100 in 2016. Neither Rosalind nor Roza make the top 1000 at all. 

This list is a little more exotic and rare, and in some cases less obvious. There's the Hebrew Raisa and Raisel, the botanical Primrose, Greek (and Biblical) Rhoda, Croatian/Serbian Ruza, Irish Roisin, and even the ancient Germanic Rothaid. My personal favorites are Primrose, Roisin, and Rothaid.

Many people find the idea of a double-barreled name appealing, and Rose is often a go to choice for such names. While there are certainly many more names you could pair with rose, I put together a list of some names that I thought sounded good together. I thought two syllable names that end in -a or -e/-ie/y sounded best with Rose. My favorites from this list are Ella-Rose, Thea-Rose, Callie-Rose, and Jessa-Rose. The final two names are celebrity baby names. Lily-Rose is the daughter of Johnny Depp and Briar Rose is the daughter of Hayden Christensen, as well as the name of Sleeping Beauty in the tale by the Brothers Grimm.

So tell me, what are your favorite Rose related names? Which names are your favorite names from each list? Share some awesome rose name combos in the comments!

If roses aren't your style, check out this article about other flower names, or this one about rare flower names, or this one about names that mean love!

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