Uncomon Boys Names (That Aren't Too "Out-There")

Hello everyone! One of the requests I hear most often is for names that are not common, but also not too out there, so that's the type of list I've tried to put together for you today.

Names on this list should be:
1) Relatively easy to spell and pronounce
2) Not in the U.S. top 200 according to the most recent data (at this point that's data from 2016)
3) Not a variant spelling of a name in the top 200
4) In the top 1000 according to the most recent data (2016)

I decided to start with the boys names this time, but I hope to quickly follow this article up with some girls names.

"old, wise friend"

It's easy to say and spell, has a great meaning, and the attractive "-en" ending, Alden has a lot going for it!

"son of Owen (the young warrior)"

Bowen is a fun surname-turned-first-name with a lot of potential! It's not nearly as popular as its predecessor Owen (#23), and the nicknames Bo and Bowie make Bowen especially cool!

"son of the brown haired one"

Bronson is a surname-turned-first-name that makes me think of boldness and strength. Bronson also has some interesting history behind it, being the name of author Louisa May Alcott's father, teacher and reformed Bronson Alcott. It's a very accessible name that remains calmly under the radar, and would be a great alternative to Brayden (#64) or Brandon (#99).


Callum has only been in the United States top 1000 since 2009, but it has been much more popular across the pond for decades. I love Callum's sweet sound and wonderful meaning.


Clark has always been solidly in the top 1000, but it's never made the top 200. It's a name that everyone recognizes but not too many people have. Clark is a strong choice for someone searching for a one-syllable name, and the Superman reference could be seen as a big plus!


Corbin is spunky little name that first appeared in top 1000 in 1970, but hasn't stayed on the list consistently and it's never made the top 200. It's comes from the Latin word for "raven", denoting someone with dark hair. 

"son of the red haired one"

Flynn first appeared in the top 1000 in 2011, and has now risen to #675. It's a great alternative to Finn, which has reached #175, and there's no need to find a longer name that Flynn can be nickname for. Flynn stands perfectly on its own. Flynn has been chosen by a few different celebrities for their kids,

"hedged area"

Hayes spent some time on the top 1000 list in the first part of the twentieth century before dropping off the list for decades. It returned in 2009 and has been rising since, but it is nowhere near a common name. Hayes has an attractive gentle sound and works perfectly for a little or a grown man. Hayes is a presidential surname, as well as the perfect alternative to Hayden (#169).

"son of Jens (God's grace)"

Jensen is a variation of Jenson, meaning "son of Jens", which is a Scandinavian variation of John. Jensen is a great alternative to Jackson, which is the most popular name in the United States, if you add up all the different spellings. This is also a great way to honor a mom or aunt named Jen. Jensen has only been in the top 1000 consistently since 2008.

"little dark one"

Kieran has been popular for a long time in Ireland (where the original spelling Ciaran could also be used), but it's only been in the United States top 500 one time. Kieran is an important Irish saint's name. Kieran would be a nice alternative to Kayden (#101) or Kevin (#89).


Knox is a handsome little name that packs a punch with it's 'x' ending! Knox is has a history in religion (Scottish religious reformer John Knox), United States military history (Henry Knox for whom Fort Knox is named), and in Hollywood (most notably the son of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie). 

"son of Lawrence (laurel)"

Lawson is a strong feel, in my opinion. It would be a great way to honor a Lawrence/Laurence or Laura. Lawson would be a great alternative to Logan (#18) or Liam (#2).

"meadow land"

Leland was in the top 1000 from 1900 until 1998, and then it dropped off until 2005. It has now regained its position in the top 500, but its still not a name you hear every day. I like Leland's free-spirited sound and the meaning "meadow land".


Lucian is a handsome name with a classical feel. It's familiar, but not common. Lucian makes a cool alternative to Luke (#29) or Lucas (#14). 

"boundary" or "light of the heavens"

Orion is a Greek mythology name and a name from astronomy. Orion also occurs often in fantasy liturature and is even the name of Mark Twain's brother. Orion is another great alternative to Owen (#23), and Ryan (#40).

English from Greek

Pierce is a strong, little one-syllable name. It's a name that everyone knows, but it's unlikely to be repeated in the classroom. Pierce is a presidential surname, as well as the first name of James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan.

"roof thatcher"

Like Taylor and Tyler before it, Thatcher fits in with the vocational name theme. It's sound is a very attractive one! It first entered the top 1000 in 2013. 

"God is gracious"

Zane has had a solid presence in American naming since 1921, but it has never been in the top 200. It would be a nice way to honor a John, Sean, or Shane. The Arabic name Zayn has a different root. It is also in the top 1000, along with the spelling Zayne. Zane is a very handsome name, that packs a bold sound all into one syllable.

Well, friends I hope this list has inspired you! There are plenty of great names that are a little bit beyond the usual, but not too "out there"!

What is your favorite name on this list? What cool combos can you make?

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