Names in the News: Colorado New Years Babies 2019

As the first month of 2019 comes to a close, I wanted to highlight the names of some of the first babies born this year in my current state of Colorado. These seven little ones were all born January 1st, 2019.

Lathan William-  Lathan is an English surname that possibly means "barn" or "farm by the water". It may sound like a variation on the more popular Nathan, but its roots are completely different. Lathan is a rare name, not ranked in the top 1000, and it's paired nicely with the enduring William. You can read more about Lathan William's birth here.

Joaquin Ethan- Joaquin is a name that's neither popular nor unheard of. It fits perfectly in the middle at #361 in 2017. Joaquin is a Spanish variation of the Hebrew name Joachim, meaning "the Lord will raise up". Ethan is another Hebrew name meaning "steadfast". All in all, a very handsome combination. You can read more about Joaquin Ethan's birth here.

Joseangel Zacarias- Joseangel is a combination of the names Jose (Spanish form of Hebrew Joseph, "may the Lord increase") and Angel (Spanish/English word name). By itself, Jose is ranked #81 and Angel #71. Put them together, though and it's not ranked in the top 1000. Joseangel's middle name Zacarias, is a Spanish variation of the Hebrew name Zechariah, a predecessor of the popular Zachary. It means "the Lord has remembered". You can read more about Joseangel's birth here.

Isabelle- Isabelle (no middle name given) is the only baby girl on this list. Isabelle is a French variation of the Hebrew name Elizabeth meaning, "devoted to God" or "God is my oath". Isabelle with the French spelling was  ranked #91 in 2017. The Spanish version Isabel is ranked #145 and the rare Scottish version Isobel is not ranked. The most popular version of this name is Isabella, ranked #4. The original Elizabeth is ranked #13. You can read more about Isabelle's birth here.

Dutch- Dutch (no middle name given) is a geographical baby name that is not ranked in the U.S. top 1000. It's a cool, snappy, one-syllable name that both fits in and stands out. In English, Dutch is what we call people from the Netherlands, even though they call themselves Nederlanders. If you're confused, you can read about it here. You can read more about baby Dutch's birth here.

Taylor- Baby Taylor (no middle name given) was named after the Taylor River in Colorado, where his parents were married.  Taylor, an English occupational name ("tailor"), was ranked #506 for boys in 2017 and #112 for girls. I'm thrilled to see a baby boy named Taylor. I think it's super handsome on a boy, but maybe a little tired on a girl. You can read more about Taylor's birth here.

Sebastian- Sebastian (no middle name given) is a Latin name that means "from the ancient city of Sebasta". Sebastian has been steadily rising in popularity for years and reached #22 in 2017. Sebastian is also popular in many European countries. Seb, Bas, Baz, and Bash are all fun nicknames for Sebastian. You can read more about Sebastian's birth here.

Which of these names is your favorite? What would you name a New Years Baby? Let me know in the comments!

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