10 Romantic European Place Names

I have spent some time in Europe, though never for a romantic getaway. If I ever do, though, you can bet that several of these cities will be on my must-see list! I hope you enjoy this list of romantic European place names!

not ranked in 2017

Andorra is a micro-nation between France and Spain that's known for its skiing. With similar sounds to Andrea and Theodora, I think Andorra has a lot of appeal as a name. 

#980 for girls in 2017

After a long absence, Florence made it back on the top 1000 charts in 2017. In the early 1900s, Florence was a top 10 name, making it ripe for revival now. Florence is the English name of the Italian city Firenze. It's the most populous city in the Italian region of Tuscany and known as the cradle of the Renaissance.

#151 for girls and #819 for boys in 2017

London is by far the most popular name on this list for girls and for boys. In fact it's the only name on this list that even ranked for boys, even though it is much more popular for girls. London is the capital city of England and home to such famous sites as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace.

#303 for girls in 2017

Paris, the city of love, is easily the first city that comes to mind when you think of romantic destinations. Home to the iconic Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, Paris is consistently the most visited city every year. The name Paris has ranked in the U.S. top 1000 since 1985, being most popular in 2005 at #205. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that celebrity socialite Paris Hilton is responsible for giving this name a huge boost in the U.S. Also, Paris is found in Greek literature as a man's name (the lover of Helen of Troy), long before its use as a girls name, making this name solidly unisex.

not ranked in 2017

Rome is a city packed with history, significance, and romance. In fact, the very root of the word "romantic" comes from Rome, meaning "in the roman manner". Rome is not ranked for either boys or girls in the U.S. However, related name Roman ranks in the top 100 at #91. If you're looking for something a little more feminine-sounding for a girl, you might consider Roma or Romy.

not ranked in 2017

Santorini is a beautiful, popular vacation spot on the coast of Greece. It's known for its stunning beaches lined with volcanic black sand, as well as white or red sand with pebbles. Santorini might sound like a stretch to use as a first name, but I think it would make a great alternative to Santiago, which has moved up the ranks to #93 in 2017. Santi, Santo, Santos, or maybe even Toro could be nicknames for Santorini. In classical Greek, Santorini was known as Thera, which would also be a name worth considering.

#648 in 2017

It's been said that Siena is Italy's most charming medieval city, but its history goes back even farther than that. According to legend, it was founded by the son of Remus, one of the brothers who founded Rome. Its sites and culture make Siena a highly recommended destination for anyone visiting Italy's Tuscany region. The town in Italy is spelled Siena, but the spelling Sienna is much more popular in the U.S. at #222.

not ranked in 2017

Sevilla is the name of a Spanish city home to stunning architecture and culture. In English, we call this city Seville, which would also be worth considering.

not ranked in 2017

Valencia is the name of Spain's third largest city, though it might be more associated with an Instagram filter. That aside, Valencia is a gorgeous name, both frilly and strong. In fact, it means "brave" or "strong". Valencia is not ranked currently, but it has been ranked as high as #633 in 1969 and 1970.

not ranked in 2017

Verona is best known as the Italian city where Shakespeare set his famous play about "star-crossed lovers", Romeo and Juliet. The name Verona certainly has a romantic sound to it! Vera or Vero would make fun nicknames!

Would you consider using any of these names? Are there any other place names you would add to this list?

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