7 “Val” Names for Valentine’s Day

Expecting a baby around Valentine's Day and looking for some inspiration? Or maybe you're looking to honor a Val in your family. Either way, today's list is 7 valiant Val names! I'll admit to you, it's a tough, limited category, but it does include some pretty cool names.

"strength, health"
#94 for girls in 2017

Valentina is the most obvious Valentine's Day name on this list, and the most popular. It's elaborate, spunky, and nickname-rich. Valentina could go by Val, Vale (VA-lay), Leni, or Tina. Valentina would make an excellent choice any time of year!

"strength, health"
#156 for girls in 2017

Valeria is the only other name on this list is ranked in the top 1000, and I was surprised to find that it has been ranked since at least 1900. Sister name Valerie was ranked in the top 100 from 1951 until 1987. More elaborate Valeria feels just a little bit fresher.

"strength, health"
not ranked in 2017

Valeska is another variation on Valerie, this time from a Slavic background. The -eska ending has a particularly attractive sound. Valeska really isn't on the radar, but's relitively easy to say and spell. It strikes me as a name that's easily understood, but it's still going to stand out in a good way.

"strength, health"
not ranked in 2017

Valerian has the appeal of being a nature name, which is certainly on-trend these days. Unfortunately, it might be too tied to the herbal sleep remedy for some to consider it. I think Valerian has a bold, rhythmic sound and a lot of appeal. It's usually listed as a male name, but considering that it's a nature name, you could make the argument that it's unisex.

"from Wales"
not ranked in the 2017

Vallis is certainly an out-of-the box choice. It's a French name denoting Welsh heritage, a variation of Wallace. It reminds me of Ellis, which is popular right now for both boys and girls. Wallace has also been used historically for both boys and girls, meaning Vallis could possibly be used for both as well.

English word name
not ranked in 2017

Valor is a strong, handsome virtue that would make an excellent choice for a first name or a middle name. If I were naming a baby boy around Valentine's day, I think I would be likely to use Valor in the middle name spot. Because it's a word name, Valor could also be used for girls.

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English word name
not ranked in 2017

Vale is a cool, unisex geographical nature name, an old-fashioned way to say "valley". Vale is a celebrity baby name for a baby girl, but it would make a wonderful choice for a boy or a girl. Vale has a couple of variant spellings. First is Vail, a Colorado place name that still means "valley". The other is Veil, another English word name. 

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Do any of these names appeal to you? What would you name a Valentine's Day baby?

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