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Hi! I'm Alyssa Marie Thys and I am captivated by baby names! This obsession began when I was 9 or 10 years old and needed to pick names for the characters in the stories I love to write. (I bet I was the only kid at my elementary school with a baby name book!)

I am a child of God, a worker in his kingdom. I married my beloved husband Michael in 2012 and I assist him in his job as a family and youth minister. We also have in our home two wonderful, furry children, two huskies named Kota and Pax. There's never a dull moment with my three boys!

I still love to write and my writing takes many forms these days. Of course, i write about baby names here on I write about life and faith over at  I still love to write stories and still sincerely hope that a published novel is in my future.

I've done a fair amount of travel in my life and I enjoy it a great deal. I lived in central Mexico for several months and have ventured to many different parts of the world. On a name related note, Michael and I traveled to Lesotho (a country in southern Africa) in 2013 and the church there blessed us with Sesotho names, according to their culture. To Michael they gave the name "T'sepo" meaning, "hope" and to me they gave the name "Matebello" meaning, "mother of great expectation". Michael and I would love to do foreign mission work in the future.

Michael and I are in the process of adopting from foster care and you can read more about our adoption journey and our family at

If I had to describe my style of names in one word, it would be meaningful. I choose names that I like based on meaning, not just individual meaning but the overall meaning when paired with another name. I would say that I definitely lean towards biblical names, especially more under-used Old Testament names (there are so many good ones) and the second category that most of my favorite names fall into is Greek names. I also love word names but most English word names clash with my last name. As long as a name has a great meaning and a great history, I'm likely to fall in love with it.

In Lesotho in front of our Sesotho names

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