Monday, June 29, 2015

Name Crush Monday: Magdalena

Hi everyone! It's time for Name Crush Monday again! Since I shared with you a boys name last week, I want to share with you a very lovely girls name. I hope you enjoy!

Origin: Greek
Meaning: "ancient" or "tower"
Ranked #976 in 2014

I've recently fallen in love with the name Magdalena again. Sometimes there are similar M names that I think I like better but in the end I think I like Magdalena the best. Magdalena is a gorgeous, flowing biblical place name that found its way back on to the top 1000 list in 2014 after six years off. The name Magdalena is found in Spanish (and possibly other) translations of the Bible. In English it is usualy translated Magdalene. Magdalena/Magdalene is in reference to Mary Magdalene who was from the city of Magdala, a place that scripture records that Jesus visited once (Matthew 15:39, KJV). Mary Magdalene is first mentioned in Luke 8:2, as one of Jesus's female disciples. She was also at the cross (Matt 27:56) and at the empty tomb (Matt 28:1; John 20). There are plenty of false assumptions and flat-out unflattering fiction that people have made up concerning Mary Magdalene but if you really like this name, don't let that bother you. The meaning of "ancient" or "tower" is an interesting one. I really appreciate its power and strength. Another thing that I like about Magdalena are the nickname options. There's Maggie, Dally, Lena, Maddy and Meg. My favorite nickname for Magdalena is Meg. It's simple, sweet, and oh-so-cute! 

Overall, Magdalena has a beautiful sound, is full of meaning and history, and comes with several lovely nicknames. It really has everything going for it! It's no wonder why it's on the rise again!

Thanks so much for reading and God bless!

What names are you loving lately?

Friday, June 26, 2015

How to Get to Liv

Hello everyone! I've done two installments of a series about nicknames so far, one about Ellie and one about Theo. Today I'm going to share with you some ways to get to the super adorable and classy nickname Liv! When I think of the nickname Liv, I think both cute and sophisticated. They seem like very different ascociations but it's really the best of both worlds. Of course, Liv is actually a stand alone name (and we'll talk about that too) but if you're looking for a longer name for Liv, I've got some options for you. I'll also point out that any name you can get Liv from, you can get Livi/Livy from as well. This isn't a long list but I hope it's helpful.

Origin: Norse
Meaning: life
Ranked #7

Liv is not just a nickname. It is a legitamate Norse meaning "life",  name all on its own. You could pronounce this name like "live" like Liv Tyler or "live long and prosper" but in Norse, it would be pronounced more like "leave". 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: olive tree
Ranked #2 in 2014

Olivia is definitely the most popular name to get the nickname Liv from at #2. In fact, I think Olivia will be #1 next year. I think Liv and Livi/Livy are the most common nicknames for Olivia in our culture. I've heard Oli (OH-lee) in Mexico, though. The meaning "olive tree" is significant in that the olive branch has been 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: olive tree

Olivet is such a cute biblical place name! It's similar to Olivia but with a cool ending and the weight of a biblical history. This is my favorite name on this list and it's on my own list of favorite names. 

Origin: Latin
Meaning: blue

Livia is another name that sounds like it sound be a nickname but it has legitimacy as a name on its own. Livid comes from an ancient Roman clan name. I was surprised to read that it meant blue. I think Livia is a familiar yet distinctive choice if you're looking for the nickname Liv. 

Origin: English
Meaning: lively, full of life

Lively is a super cute English word name that describes just about any kid! Lively with the nickname Liv would be simply adorable. There might be some concern about it aging well but I think it will.

Now for the long list:


Those are my suggestions for the nickname Liv! God bless and thanks for reading! 

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Be on the look out for another article about nicknames coming soon! It'll be a boys name, possibly Ben or Max.

What is your favorite longer name for Liv? Do you have any other suggestions? What other nicknames would you like to see in this series? Let me know in the comments!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Names of the Week: Clio and Pax

It's time for names of the week again! As always, I'm really excited about these names! These are both very uncommon names, not in the top 1000, that I think people should use more often. One of them is particularly special to and you'll see why.

Not in the top 1000 in 2014

Clio is an adorable little Greek name that comes from the Greek word that means "glory" or "to make famous". (I've also seen where it can mean "to shut".) Cleo might make you think Cleopatra but Clio is perfect all by itself!  I love the spunk 'o' ending on girls names! I think Clio might make a great alternative to the very popular Chloe. Clio (Kleio) was one of the nine muses in Greek mythology. In particular, she was the muse of history. I personally wouldn't choose a name of a deity from a religion that I don't ascribe to  (unless it was a namesake situation) so that's a drawback for Clio for me. I know other people have different perspectives on that. It is also just a word in Greek too so it isn't solely connected to the myth. Overall, I think Clio is an adorable little name that's both modern-sounding and ancient and would work well on a girl of any age. I'd love to meet a little Clio!

Possible middle names for Clio: Clio Evelyn, Clio Brianne, Clio Josephine, Clio Damaris, Clio Adeline, Clio Matilda, Clio Joelle

Clio as a middle name: Alyson Clio, Johannah Clio, Natalie Clio, Olivia Clio, Priscilla Clio, Vivienne Clio, Elizabeth Clio

Possible Siblings for Clio: Cara, Willow, Margo, Grace, Zoe, Sparrow, Oliver, Pax, Zane, Arrow, Lyall, Kai

Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Pax is similar to Clio in a lot of ways. They are both short little names, with modern sounds, that come from ancient languages. Pax is a celebrity baby name and was chosen as the name of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's second son (brothers Maddox and Knox, they have an x theme for their boys). What I love most about Pax is the meaning 'peace'. In fact I loved this name so much that I chose it for our puppy that we got a few months ago! Don't let that put you off, though. I totally think this name is usable on a human (and so do Brangelina) but I thought it clashed a little too much with my last name to use on a human child. With the popularity of Max (#112) and Paxton (#260), I'm surprised that Pax isn't more popular, especially since Pax is legitimately a name on its own. With a great meaning, history, and cool sound, I think Pax would make a great choice, especially if you want an uncommon name! (Btw, if you were wondering, my puppy's name is Pax Midnight Donatello. I don't have kids so I elaborately name pets.)

Possible middle names for Pax: Pax Benjamin, Pax Isaiah, Pax Elliot, Pax Daniel, Pax Oliver, Pax Jasper, Pax Liam

Pax as a middle name: Levi Pax, Liam Pax, Oliver Pax, Henry Pax, Everett Pax, Eric Pax, Coulson Pax, Xavier Pax

Possible siblings for Pax: Elliot, Felix, Xavier, Zane, Everett, Asher, Callum, Quade, Oliver, Quinn, Olivet, Clio, Luna, Zoe, Willow, Zara, Jade, Ivy, Zuri

So, those are my names of the week! Be sure to check out Name Crush Monday too! God bless and thanks so for reading!

And since I know you're all just dying to see him, here's my Pax! If you want to read more about me, Pax, and the rest of our family, go check out Beloved Blog!

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What do you think of Clio and Pax? What combos would you make for them and what do you think would make good siblings names? Do you know anyone with these names? Let me know in the comments!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

My favorite Biblical Girls Names

Hello everyone! Last week I shared with you some of my favorite biblical boys names so this week I wanted to share with you some of my favorite biblical girls names. Like the boys names, I like many popular biblical names for girls, as well as may that are not at all well used. For a few of these names, I chose a Spanish version of a name or a different spelling because I preferred them. I hope you enjoy!

Here we go in alphabetical order:

1 Samuel 25
"my father's joy"
Ranked #8 in 2014

Abigail is an amazing biblical namesake and the name has a beautiful meaning! I can see why it's so popular! One thing that I don't like so much about Abigail is there are only a few nicknames. Abby is by far the most popular one and it's cute but when the name is already popular and there aren't more nickname options to help differientiate between all the little Abigails, it makes things hard. I can't really see Gail on a little girl these days (at least not my little girl). Abba might be another option but it's still close to Abby. Other than the lack of nickname options, Abigail is one of my all-time favorite names.

2 Samuel 3:2
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Ahinoam is a has a great meaning and a fun sound! Noa or Hinny would be cute nicknames!

Acts 17:34
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Damaris is rare in the US but is popular in other places. It's meaning is disputed but it's sound is amazing! Mari is a cute nickname!

Luke 2:5
"devoted to God"
Ranked #14 in 2014

Elizabeth is an elegant classic for a reason. She is definitely a woman to look up to! One of my favorite things about Elizabeth is the abundance of nickname possibilities. My favorites at the moment are Libby, Betsy, and Zibby. Unlike with Abigail, you could have six little girls named Elizabeth in the same class and they could all go by something different (Ellie, Zibby, Betsy, Libby, Lizzie, and Eliza, for instance.)

Genesis 3:20
Ranked #460 in 2014

Eve is a short but sweet name that is at a favorable place in popularity. I love the meaning and the nickname Evie. Another cool thing about Eve is that it's a palindrome.

Luke 1:26
Ranked #771 in 2014

Galilea is the Spanish version of the biblical place name Galilee.  Galilea's sound is so lovely and lyrical! I was kind of surprised to see it on the top 1000 list!  Gally, Lily, Lea, and Lil are all very cute nicknames.

Esther 2:7
"myrtle tree"
Ranked #701 in 2014

Hadassah is Esther's Hebrew name and it has a lot of potential. Haddie and Dassie are cool nicknames!

Numbers 26:59
"the glory of the Lord"
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Jochebed has an interesting sound and a great meaning. She is one of the mothers in the Bible that I admire the most. The nickname Jo makes this name really appealing!

Luke 8:3
"the grace of the Lord"
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Johannah is another version/spelling of the biblical name Joanna. The meaning and sound of Johannah are wonderful. Again, I love the nickname Jo.

Acts 16:14
"from the almond tree"
Ranked #84 in 2014

I searched long and hard to find a meaning for Lydia beyond "from Lydia" and I found one at Lydia is really getting popular! I love the nickname Lyddie/Liddy.

Luke 8:2
"elegant" or "tower"
Ranked #976 in 2014

Magdalena is another Spanish version of an English biblical place name, Magdalene. I love the meaning and nickname possibilities, especially Meg. The biblical story of Mary Magdalene is one that begins in sadness but ultimately it is one of redemption.

1 Samuel 18:19
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Merab is a fun-sounding name with a great meaning. I like the cool b ending for a girls name. Merab does has have a bit of a sad story in the Bible.

Exodus 15:20
Ranked #305 in 2014

Miriam is a lovely name and a great biblical namesake. Miriam was a strong woman, though she struggled at times. I used to not care for the meaning but what I read from was very insightful! I really like the nicknames Miri, Mira, and Mim.

Genesis 22:2
"the Lord provides"
Ranked #977 in 2014

Moriah is a beautiful biblical place name with an amazing meaning. The Mariah spelling is way more popular at #136. I prefer the Moriah spelling found in the Bible. 

Ruth 1:2
Ranked #80 in 2014

Naomi is a charming Old Testament name that's pretty popular these days! I love the sound and meaning!

Numbers 27:1
Ranked #941 in 2014

Yes, Noa is a legitamate girls name from the Bible! Most English translations have the name with the h at the end but in the Hebrew, it is different than the boys name Noah (I double checked in my interlinear), so I think Noa is acceptable to differientiate it. Noa is also the spelling that's popular for girls in places like Israel and Spain. I think it might be difficult for a girl to have what it is currently the top name for boys but Noa's doesn't sound overly masculine (For the record, I don't think it sounds overly feminine, either. I think it can work for both.)

Luke 21:37 (ESV)
"olive tree"
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

I adore Olivet! It's an underused biblical place name of great significance. Olivet has a familiar sound as Olivia and Oliver are both very popular right now. I think Olivet would fit in well. Ollie and Vette are really cute nicknames.

Romans 16:3
Ranked #484 in 2014

Priscilla is a sweet, classy biblical name. Priscilla is a wonderful woman in the New Testament. I admire her and her husband Aquila so much. They were workers for the gospel, sometimes alongside Paul and Something I love about them is that they're always mentioned together. Prissy could be considered a drawback to this name but Cilla is a really cute alternative. 

Acts 12:23
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Rhoda is a lovely New Testament name that I would probably put on my list if I didn't hate the way it sounded with my last name. I also like Rhodes for a boy but it's not mentioned in the Bible. 

Ruth 1:16
Ranked #315 in 2014

Ruth is a beautiful Old Testament name. It's one of only two books of the Bible that are named for women and Ruth is certainly a worthy woman. It's a family name for us and I love the nicknames Ruthie and Rue but the th at the end totally clashes with the th at the beginning of our last name.

Psalm 3:3
"pause and reflect"
Ranked #545 in 2014

Selah is a lovely musical term found in the Bible, mostly in the book of Psalms. I didn't used to care for this name but it's really grown on me lately.

Luke 8:3
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Susannah is a gorgeous old-fashioned name that is tragically underused. Susanna is usually the spelling found in the Bible but I prefer it with the h at the end. Susie is the obvious nickname but I'm not sure it's my style. Sanna/Zanna would be another option and I've also toyed with the idea of Sadie as a nickname for Susannah even though it is typically a nickname for Sarah.

Acts 9:36
Ranked #919 in 2014

Tabitha is a name that just carries a lot of depth for me when I hear it. Tabitha in the Bible is an amazing woman. Tabby is cute but maybe too kitty cat for some. Tab is another nickname option as well as Bit or Bitty.

Numbers 26:33
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Tirzah is a wonderful name with a joyful meaning. I'd love to see it used more!

Exodus 2:21
Not ranked in the top 1000 in 2014

Zipporah is such a gorgeous Old Testament name! Zipporah was the wife of Moses, who didn't appear to much in the story for as important as Moses was. I think Zippy is a really adorable nickname but some don't like it (and I wouldn't use it with our last name). Z and Zia are cool options as well.

Well, those are 25 of my favorite biblical girls names! I hope you enjoyed hearing about them! If you did, be sure and check out these other articles about biblical names:

Thanks so much for reading! God bless you!

What are some of your favorite girls names from the Bible? Let me know in the comments!

Name Crush Monday: Hananiah

Hello everybody! I decided to do a new weekly feature called "Name Crush Monday". In Name Crush Monday, I'm going to tell you just a little bit about a name that I've really been loving or "crushing" on lately. I hope you enjoy this series!

Let's get started!

"grace of the Lord"

Hananiah is the name of a key figure in a very famous account from the Bible. but you probably know him as Shadrach. He and his two friends Mishael and Azariah (also known as Meshach and Abednego) stood up boldly for their faith in the one true God when King Nebuchadnezzar demanded that they bow doen to an idol he had made. When they refused to comply, the king attempted to have them killed in a fiery furnace but they were miraculously unharmed by the fire. You can read the whole story in Daniel 3 and I encourage you to because it is a fascinating story and one of great courage and faith. In the article I wrote about My Favorite Biblical Boys Names, I discussed why I think it's important that we know the Hebrew names of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah honor the God that these men courageously served whereas Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego refer to gods that they refused to serve. 

As you can see Hananiah is a name that  I am passionate about. I've always liked it but I didn't think it was usable up until recently. I thought that Hananiah was too close to the popular girls name Hannah and it didn't have any usable nicknames. As I was considering the name and story of Hananiah recently, it occured to me that Hank would make a great nickname for Hananiah (and it makes more sense as a nickname  for Hananiah than for Henry). Hank is a spunky retro hipster nickname and a great way to make this fantastic name more accessible in today's world.

So Hananiah is my current name crush! Could I see myself using it? I think so, if I have enough children. I hope you enjoyed these thoughts on the amazing uncommon name Hananiah. Thanks for reading and God bless!

What names are you loving lately? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Names of the Week: Abigail and Eliab

Hi everyone! I ttok last week off from names of the week so I could spend some time setting up my new blog arrangement (go check out for all non-baby name articles) but I'm happy to share two new names of the week with you this week! These are both names that I love oh-so-much and you'll notice that what they have in common (besides both coming from the Bible and the Hebrew language) is that they both have "father" in the meaning. I chose these names one, because I love them, and because father's day is coming up.

"My father's joy"
Ranked #8 in 2014

Abigail is my favorite woman in the Bible (1 Samuel 25) and you could say it's my favorite name. However, it's too popular for my personal taste so I moved it to a middle name spot. Other than the stunning Biblical namesake (seriously, go read her story!), what I love about this name is the meaning. I think it is so sweet and a great nod to dad using a completely unrelated name. Of course, there's also the aspect of God being our heavenly father, which makes Abigail even more lovely. I like to pair Abigail with names that are virtue names or have virtue meanings such as Abigail Mercy or Abigail Vivienne (life). Kerenza Abigail is one of my top combos right now and it's combined meaning would be something like, "My father's joy is love".

Possible middle names for Abigail: Abigail Johannah, Abigail Eve, Abigail Zara, Abigail Cate, Abigail Charlotte, Abigail Jubilee, Abigail Honor, Abigail Verity

Abigail as a middle name: Kerenza Abigail, Johannah Abigail, Verity Abigail, Ximena Abigail, Evangeline Abigail, Grace Abigail

Possible siblings for Abigail: Rachel, Priscilla, Liesel, Emmeline, Laurel, Gabriel, Oliver, Daniel, Alexander, Eliab

"God is my father"
Not in the top 1000 in the 2014

I'm in love with the name Eliab! I think it's a great alternative to the very popular Jacob and Caleb. Eliab is not really on many people's radar these days but it has many familiar components so it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. Eli is a cute and familiar nickname, too. Eliab's rich meaning that points to an intimate relationship with God makes it a very attractive choice. It doesn't really refer to one's earthly father, though. There are a few different Eliab's in the Bible. One reference is Numbers 1:9. I would have this name as one of my top names if I didn't have another Eli name that I love even more. I do go back and forth sometimes, though, because I think Eliab is a little more accessible and easier to understand.Check out My Favorite Biblical Boys Names to read more about Eliab!

Possible Middle names for Eliab: Eliab Raphael, Eliab Hananiah, Eliab Gabriel, Eliab Oliver, Eliab Asher, Eliab Alexander

Eliab as a middle name: Felix Eliab, Nathan Eliab, Carson Eliab, Xavier Eliab, Everett Eliab

Possible siblings for Eliab: Caleb, Jacob, Oliver, Raphael, Asher, Abigail, Laurel, Olivia, Elizabeth

So those are my names of the week this week! I hope you enjoyed them and have a happy Father's Day! God bless and thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts on Eliab and Abigail? Do you prefer popular names like Abigail, more obscure names like Eliab, or a combination of both?